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                                           PART 31



I got irritated with continuous ring of my phone. I moved towards the side table where it was lying. It was no less then a devil to me rite now. A perfect opposite to cupid. Vt we call them??? Shitt leave tht.

I received the call n the set of news I got, shocked me.

Its like the ground slipped from under my feet. I couldn’t believe to my ears vt I heard.

Jst to re check I asked him again. They confirmed the news. It was same as before. My question didn’t change it.  I asked them “how u can be sure, u was supposed to give me info later, so why sooner???

I knw its childish to ask them abt giving info sooner, bt I couldn’t believe to what they were saying.

I ended the call. I turned to witness smiling geet. I didn’t felt to disclose the news I got to her, so I plaster a fake smile on my face. I knw she gonna catch me. But I hav to act,

Like she sensed me n asked me vt happen???

I jst shrugged her thoughts saying tht is call from client, the meeting is now. So i hav to leave.

I didn’t like lying to her, bt I hav to. I cant disclose to her the caller identity. N snatch her happiness which she got after long time.

I said I will come to pick them later for outing. Now I m going 4 meeting

I changed to my formals n left from mansion.

On my way I called to rohan  n rk to meet in my office.

I drove to office. I was confused n was thinking vt could be the reason of her doing this.

Soon I reached office.

On other side at home

Geet went to toy room where jannat was collecting her toys, actually was hitting he doremon n chotta bheam toy she have.


(stinna- lolzzz.. these r my csn’s fav cartoons. Bt mine is doremon. I too love it. How many of u watch it?? Or any other cartoon??)


“Vts my baby doing???” geet asked her cmng closer to her

“we r going out, toh doremon v jayga na” she blinked her eyes as she woke up early so she is sleepy

Geet picked her in her arms n came back to room

“yaa baby, u shd sleep a lil, fr hum ghumi ghumi k liye jayega” geet said

Jannat made a pouty face. She rubbed her eye with back of her small tiny palm.

“nhii.. mje neeni ni aae. Sachiii. See. She showed her eyes like glaring at geet

“no baby” geet made her lied in the bed n too came with her under duvet.

“okk I’ll tell u story. Aur abhi time hai ghumi k liye jane k liye. Utni der u can sleep. Fr aap beautiful princess lgogi. Snowhite jaise”

“dada toh tehte hai m mole pretty thn snowhite” she blinked her eye lashes thinking

Uff full on copy of maan. Ziddi.

“neeni kroge toh u will be prettier na, now princess going to sleep. Shut ur eyes. Yeee.. she placed her palm on her tiny winy eyes. She closed it

Geet hugged her tight near her heart.


In office

Maan was thinking over it when rk n rohan came in

Maan told them to hav a seat

Maan told them abt the culprit who is behind all this.

Rk n rohan both were confused

Rohan- so vt r u waiting for dued??? Jst ask her the reason

Rk- yaa maan. Iss se pehle kuch aur ho, we shd stop her

Maan- hmm bt m thinking smthg else, the reason of her doing so. I want to catch her red handed. N I hav a plan for this.

Maan told them his plan.

Trio gave hi5


(stinna- hehehe. Not disclosing anythg. Jst to wait to guys a lil more, kya kru, dil hai k manta nhi. Accounts mei suspense account bna k suspense hi story  mei la rhi hu)


Maan  called the dr, asked abt weather she called her or not??? N asked abt time again

He said she told to meet at 12.

Maan checked the time it was 10:30

Maan said him to reach thre. N jst made her involve in talks. He said to bring an envelope with him, only to confuse her tht he hav pics of her.

Dr- bt she will ask me why didn’t I told her abt this pics before then??

Maan- tell her tht u got the cctv footage of this by his frnd from hospital. N he got the pics arranged. He too asked for money. N told her the lump sum amnt u want from her

Dr nodded n ended the call.

Maan called NT on the way

“maan- hii. He received a hello from her side.

Maan- hws u doing???

NT- m gud. Vt happen?? U keeping well???? N geet???

“yaa m fine. I need to talk to u urgent. Its smthg imp. Can we meet???” maan said n asked her to come to caf.

NT agreed n said she will reach soon.

When maan ended the call he got 3 miss calls of geet.

He called back her to get bombard with lots of questions 4m his beautiful better half

“where r u??? with whom u talking 4m so long??? U said u will come back soon??? Koi bahana mat maarna. Aur jannat ko ghumne k liye keh k khud kha g???

Abhi how I’ll tackle her. She is too like u mr,khuarna. Baat nhi maan rhi. She wants u. abhi kuch bologe bhi???”


Maan kept the phone a lil aside while geet was speaking over phone. Like she hav fit speakers in her epiglottis.

“ohh hoo geet. Whn u will apply break then I’ll speak na”

Geet nodded “bt where r u??”

“m in the car”

“yaa gud joke. When cmng home??? N did u noticed the time. U don’t want to hav breakfast???”

“will come soon jaan. I’ll hav sandwich. Fine.”


“pakka baba.. abhi jldi se kaam khtm kr k aata hu. N give a kiss to my both princess”

“mr.khurana its one. Okk”

Geet cut the call, not wanting to strt the argument of girl or boy again.


Maan reached caf. When he saw NT cmng thre

He ordered coffee

NT asked vts the matter


precap- vt did he wanna talk???? any guess????


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7 thoughts on “PART 31

  1. good one can’t wait to find out whats happening in next . can u help me i was reading a story where maaneet had split up and geet came back to india on business and maaneet had to 2 kids which she kept from maan knowing about them and he had a daughter with him that she had left with him in last read maan had gone to us and met his kids but geet filed papers stopping him taking them out of the country just wanted to know what it was called and if it was by u thanks

  2. Hey h r u????
    D update was just mindblowing 😉😀
    Lovd it a lot💖
    I thought ki ab pata chalega dat whose d culprit bt suspnse khatam hi nai ho rha😜
    Ab Maan kya punishment dega culprit ko😜😀
    Love u Maan n Geet 💗
    Actually u write so gud ki we didnt see ki aapne koi mistake ki h ya nai😀😀😀
    Lovd ur updates😘😀

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