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In the evng

It was party of success of some project.

All well known personalities were present their.



Maaneet with their small family tht includes jannat entered the hall. All clapped for them.

Geet was wearing a black color anarkali suit tht reached to her ankles. The border was with beautiful sky blue n silver mixed embroidery, it was with net full sleeve, end of which was also with embroidery. Her forehead was adorned with a small bindi n sindoor. She left her hairs open n kept them in front

She was wearing ear rings matching to her dress. She was looking breath taking. No1 can say tht she was mother of child n going to be mom again, With 3 inches silver shimmering heels tht adored her feet. 

(stinna- hehehe long description of geet’s dress. Hope u liked it)

Maan was wearing a formal suit, with white shirt n black coat. He looks dam sexy. 

Maan then was talking some business delicates. Then he saw NT entering the hall.

He excused himself n went to receive her. He side hugged her.

NT was wearing a blue net saree, she kept her curly hairs open.

“looking beautiful” maan commented seeing her.

“hmmm sm1 is giving compliment to other lady” NT said moving forward

“u r not sm1, u r my frnd yr” maan said n moved with her

“vaise leave it, now maan plzz tell me vt u r planning, in morning u left without telling me” NT was looking very tensed

Then rohan came there n he hugged NT tight

“ohh hy gorgeous, boht acchii lg rahi hai yr.. clg mei toh tu champu types thi. Nw look hw breath taking u looking” rohan commented seeing her from top to bottom

“u nvr knw hw sm1 changes clor” rk too was their n he shook hand with NT.

NT didn’t understand rk’s word, then she shrugged off


They talked for sometime, then they were joined by geet n madhu.


Then suddenly lights went off.

A slow music started to echoed in the hall. It was relaxing  to ears. Then maan forwards his hand towards geet. Asking her wife to join n match to her beats like she alwz do.

Without wasting any sec she gave her hand to him. Their eyes hav immense love for eachother .

Then they came to centre, all other couples too joined them bt maaneet were centre of attraction. Madhu rk too came thre, rahul asked NT for dance.


(before ending this ss, I really want maaneet dance, so added.)



Kehte hain:
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein 
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
Har kisi ke liye
Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara 
Maano mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye 



Maan placed her palm on geet’s face, geet kisses her thre., maan gave her a content smile,

Then maan twirl her once.

Then they swayed on the slow beats of music, matching their footsteps holding eachother. Where maan’s hand were on geet’s waist n geet’s hand were resting on maan’s shoulder



Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta 
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kaise hum jaane, hume kya pata 
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Tu humsafar hai, phir kya fikar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yehi marna issi ke liye 
Kehte hain:
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein 
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
Har kisi ke liye

maan twirled geet 2-3 times n geet then landed to maan’s arm, maan then picked  her up n take 2 rounds while geet seeing up,

She slowly came downwards , while her hand massage maan’s cheek. Geet chance, maan placed  a peck there, geet blushed n her face clr was slowly turning to crimson hot red.

They were now in posture like geet’s back touching maan’s chest, their bodies were glued t o eachother. Maan slowly swaying his hand on geet’s arm, entwingled his fingers with hers n his grip to his waist git tighter.

N then he again picked her up, keeping the fragile  body of geet on maan’s strong chest
maan was njying this closeness, he was relishing evry moment as well as geet



hmm Meharbaani jaate-jaate mujh pe kar gaya
Guzarta saa lamha ek daaman bhar gaya
Tere nazaara mila, roshan sitaara mila
Taqdeer ki kashtiyon ko kinara mila
Sadiyon se tarse hai jaisi zindagi ke liye
Teri saubat mein duaayein hain ussi ke liye
Tere milna hai uss rab ka ishaara
Maano mujhko banaya tere hi jaise kisi ke liye
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta 
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta 
Kaise hum jaane hume kya pata 
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta

geet hugged maan n both remain in each other’s arm jst moving a lil acc to musi

they were lost in eachother , their eyes were closed

ppl were seeing such a divine n beautiful couple infront of their naked eyes,



Tu humsafar hai, phir kya fiqar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yehi marna issi ke liye 
Kehte hain:
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein 
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya

Har kisi ke liye
maaneet matched the beats with their footsteps while maan was holding geet’s right hand with his left hand, seeing in each other’s eyes.

Then maan pulled geet towards him firmly, they moved their hands towards front n then geet bent a lil n then back to her position.

(hope u understand steps???? Smhow like kurbaan hua)

Then jannat came from nowhere n she was dancing flaunting her beautiful frok, giving toothy smile, while moving she collided with maan’s back, maan took her in his arms,

The family shared a big hug.


Song ended with the sounds of clapping echoed in the hall.

Geet was continuously blushing.

“geet why u behaving like a newly wed bride??” maan stated cmng closer to her ears, leaving Goosebumps to her with his closeness infront of all

After 10 mins.

The presentation started with khurana’s various achievements, how their hard work made it no1.

Then the project for which this party had been held. The venture was of new building tht is to constructed overseas, with huge investment.

(stinna- jst ainviii info kuch bhi related to project)

Presentation ended

All congratulate maan n geet for success.

Then smthg strted on projector screen.

It was video of sasha tht recorded by geet, of her talking to sm1,

Sasha when saw was left speechless. She was shocked, amused with sudden change of event.

Then pics came of NT giving lump sum money to lady.

No1 knws abt the lady except some persons.

(those who were asking abt the lady who came to meet doc, she is the same lady, NT had bribed her from strt to meet doc on her behalf, as she not tht fool to show him her real identity)

When maan got secret call, it was rk n rohan, who were also present in the caf, n were following NT, when maan goes from there, NT gave money to tht lady, ya not so fool,, she took her to some other place n then from there they took pics of them.

Maan’s whole plan of “pardafash of tara uff naintara)

“maan ye sab???” geet asked maan.  Who gestures geet to jst kept her eyes on the screen of projector.

Maan was watching NT’s expression throughout, who were changing after evry moment, she too shot some angry glares towards sasha.

She came to maan. Was abt to speak smthg when some recording played on projector Again

NT with tht lady

“vt the hell, he didn’t gave u any pics???? Bt why???” nt asked getting lil hyper

“he showed me an envelope bt  was not ready to give it to me” lady spoke

“okk btw thts nt my prob, I had nevr met him personally, all the way I was jst saving u”

“bt u promised tht nthg going to happen, I alwz do vt u said, now u leaving me??”

“I don’t hav enough money to pay, to save u, I think tht doc is jst fooling us” NT said

“bt vt if he hav the pics??? I cant take chance, now I don’t want to involve in any prob, if I came, then u too will get involved” the lady left from there saying this.

Recording of doc’s talk on phone too played.

All the guest in the party were also left in shocked, they had no clue of vts happening there.

Geet’s position was no less, evrythg showing was like sm1 speaking in Spanish n she nt getting anythg.

She was in need of translator who will translate her all the happening.

The lights became normal.

“vo mai maan, geet ye” geet tried to speak, she was sweating badly .

“kya tara???? Does anythg left now???” maan said to nt with immense hatred in his eyes

When geet interrupted in b/w “can any1 tell me vts all this???

Maan indicated adi n he took jannat from there.

Maan then went near a table n gave a file to geet.

Geet was shocked reading it. Her eyes became watery with vt she saw in the file,

She sa towards NT n handed over the file to her. NT was shocked seeing it

She made evry possible mean to suppress this fact, tried evry possible thing, bribed persons, so tht no1 get to knw abt her no.

“MSK’S power is much greater than urs NT, vt u think I’ll nvr get to knw abt no. n who is depositing money in sasha’s account”

When all this was happening, sasha took a chance n tried to escape from their, when rohan blocked her way n stopped her

“oh hooo where u going? Are khana kha k jana??? Ohh sachi ab toh vo jail mei hi milega. Poor u”

Then sasha folded her hand in front of geet n maan “m really sorry sorry for doing all this. Plzz don’t send me to jail, there was no intention of mine in hurting u, I only did vt she was telling me to do”

Then she got an angry glare from NT

“u was thinking tht all is going as per ur plan. Na na.. all was going on in my way, evn I was knwn to the fact too tht u was following geet n me from past some days, do u think m a fool tara???” maan mocked

NT bowled her eyes.

“now when evrythg is out, may u give some pain to ur lips to let them speak of doing this???”

Geet came towards NT n shook her body “is this all true??? U did all this to me??? Speak up dammit??”

Geet’s eyes were showing pain, NT had no answer

“now evn u want some proof geet??? Its all clear tht she did all this to u” rk said

“btaoo. M asking u smthg” geet continued to shake her, when NT’s power to hear n see maan’s stabbing eyes end n she pulled geet. “yes I did all this”

Geet stirred, she was losing balance when maan came to hold her , to protect her

“bt u knw why??? All coz of u geet.. yes u.. from childhood, we were frnds, bt u alwz get preference, n i. I alwz got neglect. Vts the fault of me in this tht m not sharp minded like u in studies, I don’t get gud grades, I don’t hav evn any frnd in sch n clg geet, did u knw tht???? Bt u. u hav group of frnds. I was jealous geet, bt then again vt happen??? Maan loved u

NT saw towards maan with loving n teary eyes

“u again snatched the thing I loved the most.” “look at me geet, m also pretty, I have money now, n dn vts in u???

This was the shocking truth tht came out tody


The sound came from back “heart.. she hav the prettiest heart tht u don’t have NT”

(stinna- I love this line )


Maan said starring geet.


 “I hate u geet, I hate u.. when I was abt to tell u abt maan. U came tht day n told ur feelings n said tht maan loves u. u snatched my happiness geet.  U was the only reason tht till now I don’t get maan’s love, thts why I planned all this. Bt then u came back again. Why???? She pulled geet with force. Geet was abt to feel bt maan again hold her.

Maan took his hand up n was abt to slap tht girl who tried to hurt his mishit when he was stopped by geet


“nahi maan, no need to make ur hands dirty by touching her, she is not worth it” geet said n maan bring his hand down.

“bt tara why u hav to do this??? I was ur bst frnd, we were together from childhood, then why stabbed on my back, jst bcz of maan” geet confronted NT

“bs bs yehi baat, yehi baat mje chubti hai geet… acc to u evrythg was fine, try to see thru my eyes geet then u will get to knw”

“itni nafrat bhar rakhi thi tumne mere bare mei ot um is had tak gir gae.. chiii” geet stated n moved her head to other side

“toh kya krti??? No optn was left to get my maan , to get him if I hav to kill u or evn ur daughter, then I wuld prefer to do tht also” NT blurred out evrythg

She got a tight slap from geet “don’t” geet’s eyes were now showing sheer anger

“don’t try to take my maan’s name n my daughter name from ur filthy mouth again, or I will snatch ur existence , u r not worth it for my frndship, how u will get maan’s love”

“kisi ko pyaar krne k liye dil mei pyaar hona chaiye tara, aur tumhare dil mei nafrat, dhoke k ilava kuch hai  hi nhi”

Till now police had been reached there

Maan instructed them to arrest NT for charge of threatening geet n doc too, charge of getting forged no.

“I nvr want to see ur face ever again in my life” geet stated  n turned to other side.

Police arrested NT n also took sasha with them for investigation, though she too was involved in it.


Maan hugged geet, she remain in his protective embrace, don’t want to get apart from him evr in her life

With his thumb maan cleaned all the dry tears from geet’s face.

“stop.. not gud for my princes.. evrythg is fyn now.”

Geet hugged him again with tight hold, tht evn air cant pass


 my poem for this ss.. hope u will like itSmileSmile

Thi ek rani, tha ek raja,

Karte the pyaar, nibhana tha lifetime ka vaada.


Hua kuch aisa ke

 ho gae rani raje se juda.

Khoob roe ho ke vo juda

Puchti kyat hi khata

Pyaar krne ki yehi saza???


Khuda ne chlaya kuch aisa chakkar

Ke khula uski life ka purana chapter!!

Le aya usse vapis vahi galiaan,

Jha se suljhani thi kae guthian.


Hua aamna-samna, aae bahr baat dil ki,

Fir huye ek sath rani,raja aur pyaar.

Raaje ne chlaya dimmag

Ja pakda usse, jispe tha vishwaas.

Toot gae rani sach jaan ke,

Sambhala raje ne jhappi de ke.


Climax tha kahani ka very shocking,

But they were blessed with happy ending!!!!

New member entered in family,

Jannat got her bro for company!!!


special thanx to
princessnikita, remya di, parmishty, ridhimma, mishty from blog, chavvi diSmile
n all others toooLOLLOLLOL


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  1. Hey……h r u??
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    Perfect tha😀
    dance steps💃💃 bhi beautiful the as u described….it was lyk we were watching dem on tv📺
    Told u in my last comment on 32updte dat d culprit was NT…..i was rght
    Luv u Maan kya mind chalya😜…….
    Poor NT goes to jail & sasha too😁
    Inke sath aissa hi hona
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