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Thi ek rani, tha ek raja,

Karte the pyaar, nibhana tha lifetime ka vaada.


Hua kuch aisa ke

 ho gae rani raje se juda.

Khoob roe ho ke vo juda

Puchti kyat hi khata

Pyaar krne ki yehi saza???


Khuda ne chlaya kuch aisa chakkar

Ke khula uski life ka purana chapter!!

Le aya usse vapis vahi galiaan,

Jha se suljhani thi kae guthian.


Hua aamna-samna, aae bahr baat dil ki,

Fir huye ek sath rani,raja aur pyaar.

Raaje ne chlaya dimmag

Ja pakda usse, jispe tha vishwaas.

Toot gae rani sach jaan ke,

Sambhala raje ne jhappi de ke.


Climax tha kahani ka very shocking,

But they were blessed with happy ending!!!!

New member entered in family,

Jannat got her bro for company!!!



typed it jst now. sorry for mistakes.


after the truth of NT came, geet was broken, bt she was happy though tht the true face of her frnd came out. N now she is with his maan, his love. She is happy having him back in her life.

NT was being punished for the sins she committed n sasha was also in prison for helping the wrong person n their wicked plans.

Geet is now happily living in KM, with his maan n jannat.

Maan is being very protective bt naughty too sometimes.

Maan used to sleep on geet’s grown baby bump, n talked to her lil princess. geet used to get annoyed of him being over protective n possessive.

Geet’s mood swings, ufff… she want to have golgappa’s chat at 3am in the morning. Bt he is also the maan singh khurana, he had arranged evrythg at home, n he lovingly made evrythg for his beautiful wiffy. Geet feels like she is falling more n more for maan.

He is jst a sweetheart

(stinna wonders evry1 shd hav hubby like maan, hayee dreamy)


Geet’s new childish wish. She wants to marry again. Maan was not being agreed to it. As she is abt 8 month pregnant now.

Bt geet being geet, she is adamant. She wants to marry n thts it.

Vt maan can do, her wish, his command.

(stinna- parmishty here goes ur wish of maaneet re-marriage)

Geet wants to have a church marriage. She wants tht white flowery gown.

Rk-madhu n rohan with other frnds were at KM from last 1 week n preparing for the wedding.

Jannat was so happy tht she will the only person who will get chance to see their parents marriage.

There was complete hustle n bustle at home.

Geet with maan n jannat went for shopping.

She entered the shop n said salesgirl to show her wedding gown. Salesgirl asked for whom. Geet immediately said for me

Salesgirl giggled like why she wants wedding gown??? She was amused

 Maan gave them stern look n salesgirl strting showing her some dresses

Jannat was excited with all this, she istantly said “papa mje v same mamma jaisa dress chahiye” she made a grumpy face

“baby aap ye kaise pehnoge???” geet asked in concern

“jaise aap pehnoge mamma” jannat giggled

“baby its long n heavy, u cant handle” geet said

“nhi mn bda baby hu papa ka. She turned to maan “mje bs aisa hi pehnna hai bs” she crossed her arms on her chest

“ditto copy” geet murmured

after spending full day n roaming all the shops, geet got her dress, she tried some of them, to being sure she don’t look fat with baby bump.

She chooses the dress in which maan drools the most.

Jannat too wants similar one, maan said to make another similar dress of jannat size.

They came home fully exhaust. Geet’s back ache was getting severe now, she snt say bt maan get to knw with her looks. Maan carried her in his arms n went upwards. Geet was being flushed with his action infront of all family n frdns. Bt maan care a dam.

“maan aise aap.”geet was stopped in between when maan placed his slick finger on geet’s lips. Awe thts being so romantic.

“shhh.. chup bilkul chup. First u have medicine n take care. Now complete bed rest” maan gace her tablets. Geet made yucky face with tablets. Maan gave stern look n geet gulped it 1 go with her eyes closed.

Maan made her lie on the bed n pull up the spread. “now sleep”

“ek shart pe. Maan gave a look like now vt she wants??

“kl hum fir shopping jayege, mje aur kuch bhi lena hai” geet said

“no ways geet. Look at u, ur face is getting pale. U r going nowhere.”

Geet made a pleading face.

“don’t try tht on me, m not gonna agree” maan said

Geet made more puppy face.

“okk tumhe jo chahiye vo ghr aa jayega. Fine” she was abt to complain like she wants to go outside

Maan got up “sochna bhi mat, varna  ghr bhi kuch nhi ayega, now rest” placed a small peck on her forehead n left from there.


2moro evrythg she wants was in KM, 1st footwear’s. geet said she wants to have heels, bt maan said no. only flat. She made grumpy face n selected flat on maan’s insistence.

Then jewelery time. They choose diamond necklace n studs with beautiful pair of 2 bangles.

Then time for maan’s suit. Geet chooses a black sherwani type full suit for him. Saying he looks sexy in black. Maan blushed with her comment.

After 2 days it was mehandi ceremony at home, geet was not allowed to apply mehandi, she was again annoyed with all these restrictions.

Maan wrote his name in heart in geet’s hand n mae her happy. Then geet also wrote her name in heart on maan’s hand. her frnds were njoying  n having fun.

Next day it was ladies sangeet cum frnds party. All njoyed n hav fun

Jannat presents a special dance for his parents. She was looking like a princess in pink clr lehanga.

Maaneet too danced a lil.

Next marriage day.

Geet dressed in her wedding gown n maan in his black suit. Both were looking perfect n were complimenting eachother.

Maan admired her beauty by starring at her n it was interrupted by jannat who came running

“papa papa. See ye toh floor pe lag rha hai, aise toh ye ganda ho jayega” showing her dress

“thts why I was saying u nt to wear this” geet said while doing her lil makeup.

“baby it is like this, dnt worry. Aap na usko aise thoda sa upr utha kar chlo” maan said by collecting the dress.

Jannat gave a toothy smile to maan.

They reached the church. Holding hand in hand with jannat ahead holding flowers leading the way

The priest of church chant the matars

(stinna- I dnt knw anythg abt this wedding. Sorry for mistakes)

They exchanged the rings. Maan slipped the ring with heart n M written on it.

Geet made him wear ring with G engraved on it.

They were told “you may kiss the bride” geet was having butterflies in stomach with the words

(stinna too blushing with the moment)

Maan came closer to geet n kissed geet on her cheeks “love u wiffy”

Geet giggled n suddenly her expressions changed.

She urgently need to get into the hospital

“baby aap thoda wait krlete aane k liye” geet murmured holding her baby bump. N screamed loud.

Maan was getting tensed like vts happening.

Daadi ame forward n madhu helped her.

She was taken to hospital.

Maan was pacing to n fro outside the ICU waiting for doc to come out.

Rohan tapped maan’s shoulder making her relaxed. Jannat was with madhu .

The dr. came out n congratulate maan on becoming father.

  Geet was blessed with twins

Baby girl n baby boy, wishes of both fulfilled, maan ‘s to have a princess n geet to hav a prince charming

Maan came n kissed babies. His eyes were having tears of happiness. He came close to geet  n kissed on her forehead “thnku u” geet gave a smile to him n hugged him.

They named them karan khurana, aliya khurana.LOLLOL

(hows these names????)


After 5 yrs,

Jannat was being the elder used to order her lil sis n bro. sometimes she teams up with aliya n sometimes with karan

Bt sometimes aliya n karan  join hands n used to fight with jannat. Jannat would complain to maan .

They alwz had fight abt who is maan’s fav n he loves more.

This never happens in case of geet. They says they r all the same for geet. Bt when it come to their darling father. Jannat used to say. “he love me more more more more  n showed her tongue

“princess aap inse badi ho na, u shd not fight like this” maan said trying to resolve their fight.

She stamped her foot on floor n goes from their.

Maan followed her calling princess

“oh hoo.. I love u more my princess. happy now” maan said trying to made her agree, she turned her face.

Maan knew she wont agree so soon, maan gave her chocolate, still no effect , he gave another chocolate. Her eye twinkle with it. Then maan take out 1 more. Jannat hugged maan n kissed on her cheeks.

Geet came n jannat hide her chocolates behind

“ya yaa.. hide it, fine. I don’t care u only hav to go the doctor” geet said glaring at her

“aur aap,  usse kitna bigaad ke rakha hai, kitni chocolates doge” she said to maan

Maan hugged her from behind “its okk shone, itna mat socha karo” like she gonna melt with this

Maan nuzzled near his neck n she came out of hug n goes from there saying no more chocolates n jannat nodded .


its 10 b’day of their kids.

Maan was now lil more protective of his kids. He don’t allow any of them to go out alone, evrytime there were 4 bodyguards who wuld follow them.

There was party at home, only with the family n frnds.

They cut the cake together n danced.

Had a complete list of vt they want. Maan given all gifts to them. Jannat too got gifts as being favored by maan alwz.

They clicked a pic together of their complete cutest family.



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  1. Hey……h r u??
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    Loved der romance yr………seriously husband ho toh Maan jaisa ho☺️😍😀

    Ooh my God “twins” lovly😃both blessed wth a baby grl n baby boy😃

    Loved der names n der love fights😃

    Thnkq so much 4 an awesum update😃😘
    Wishing u a vry Happy Happy New year🎈🎉🎊🎈
    I wish dis year u cum wth new stories f maan n geet😉😃

    • thnkuuuuu
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      • hellooooo..
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      • Hi swty………..hru?
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      • hiiii…
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        hws u?>>
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