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wrote smthg in mob n wanna share it with u guys. not upto mark bt gotta share ittBig smileBig smileBig smile sorry for spell mistakes as typed in mob n didnt evn re chk. u knw lazyLOLLOLLOL
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here u go.
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Its early morning. Sunshine cmng from the window tht is in front of king sized bedroom of the love birds. Both were sleeping peaceful in each other arms. Her head is lyng on his heart. Ears can hear his heartbeat. His lips were above his head n fingers nuzzling in her silky hairs. She stirred in her sleep “hmmm”
he tried to opn his eye lashes to witness the mst beautiful sight in front of him. His lady love in his arms.
Jaan” he called fr her.
“Let me sleep” she said in her sleepy tone hardly audible bt he knew her jaan is sleepy.
He called fr her again. “Jaan”
Hearing again she hide her face in Crook of his neck.
“Hmm naughty” she blushed with his cmnt. Then moved her eye lashes a lil to see him. Her eyes caught his perfwctt luscious M shape lips uff thy r soo kissable. She jst had an urge to seal those with her pinky ones. Maan caught the naughty glimpse in his mishty eyes n with no sec there lips were sealed. After having short of breath they moved back. Maan crassed her cheeks with his thumb. She blushed. Cheeks turned to crimson clr.
“Maan” aweee his name sound like a melody from his mouth he wish to hear this long day.l evn dn not get bored.
” Hmmm mishty” he replied to her lukng into her eyes.
Geet moved her hands on his stubble filled cheeks.
Her expresion changed whn she moved her pa on her cheeks. She sat up.
It was bizarre situation fr maan. He didn’t get vt happem suddenly to her. He tried to ask bt she didn’t tell n went to washroom. He tried to ask her again bt she said she ia cmng out in min. Maan went to his daily workout. When he returned his princess was sitting in front of mirror drying her hairs. She moved her slick finger kn hairs. Awee he jst stood there seeing her. Few drops were moving from tip of flick n landed to her bare neck. Its so seductive. He strted moving towards her. His eyes full of desire. Her forehead too hav sm drops of water. She took a small stone bindi n applied it to middle of her forehead. Then she saw him standing rite beside him. She asked moving her eye brows. He leaned towards her. Strted moving his finger on her nape softly . She closed her eyes with the proximity to feel his touch. He bend n sat there. Slowly inching closer. Her arms moved around his neck fr support. Position like him hugging each other. Her shampoo’s scent hit to his nostrils sending shiver n his sweat smell to geet’s nostrils evoking the desire. In swift movement her hand moves to his cheek. Her eyes shot open though maan’s were closed n he was inching closer. She moved a lil back. Maan sensed tht she is nt near her anymore so je opened his eyes. Whn he saw geet was standing at sm distance. He cupped her face n asked “vt happen jaan”
“Same maan” maan was bewildered with her cmnt .
“Maan see na the way u cupped my face I too wanna do it na” geet said
“Arrr so kya?? U dnt understand na. Aapki daadi (stubble) maan. Chubti hai na. ” awe she said so sweetly tht maan had a sudden urge To pull her cheeks. N he did it. Geet got irritated n turned. “See I too wanna pull ur cheeks” dn she faced him. She moved his face to left n right “bt see aapki cheeks ho toh na, aise andar toh muh hai.. Huhh” she said making a pout.
Maan moved towards the mirror n saw his face.
“Dekhlo aapka face chupa ho gya hai” geet cmnted from back.
“Are nhi geet its fyn aur vaise bhi mje tumhare jaise gol gappa nahi banna”
Geet’s mouth turned to O shape. “Houu. U mean m fat? ? Btw its called healthy achha”
She pointed her finger towards him n took steps forward in reflex maan moved back. “Aur haan. Mje aapki ye stubble chubti hai so better u shaved or else nooo”
” vt? ?? Bt geet u knw I like this way” maan in a pleading tone
“Bt I dont”
“Dnt forget geet this makes me luk hotter n btw u too fall for my this look”
” ohh hello who told u?? Vo toh bs mera din khrab hoga tht I agree to marry u.”
“Achha g???”
“Maan m warning u shave it or I’ll nt cm near u. Huh” saying she turned n flew from there. Leaving confused maan.
Maan thought ” better u do smthg for this maan or else ye sherni tje apne paas aane v nhi degi”
Geet thought “ab kya kroge maan. Hmm aap mje stubble mei ache toh lgte ho par vo chubti v toh hai. I knw u not gonna shave it”
Tht day geet didn’t let maan once cm near her. She maintained a distance. Maan thought whn he will cm in evng all will b sorted out. Bt geet kept ignoring.
After 2 days geet was sleeping when maan called her. She tried to shoo him away bt
Maan was adamant to wake her up.
“Kya hai maan?” She stated rubbing her eyes with back of her hand. Her vission was blurred. She couldn’t see properly coz of sleepiness. Maan was sitting in front with his bright smile on his face tht was waiting for his wife’s reaction. Geet saw a chikna face.
(Stinna- Lolz actually shaved. Use word chikna as 1st I was to name OS as chikna maan)
She rubbed her eyes n opened to see same face again. Then her eyes were wide opn.
here m trying mu best to wake her up to surprise her n she is sleeping. Damm she is truly a kumbkarn.
Omg!! Vt reaction she gave me by seeing me. Is she shocked or happy?
I gave her a toothy smile. While she came close n checked by moving my face to left n right. Next set of words told me tht she was nt expecting this 

“Maan m I dreaming or vt??”
“No baby its real” I replied to her
Her eyes were wide opn n were likw throwing daggers on me.
“Haw maan vt the hell u do it?” I was in bizarre. Vt did she jst say?? Hell?? She is the one who told me actually tortured me to do this, by no t cmng close n she is giving me vt the hell look? Oh god womens!!!!
I cupped her face “baby u said u want me to shave. See I did”
Geet made a pouty face n said “bt maan I was jst joking, I didn’t mean it seriously”
Omg!! Hw she can say she was not serious. Coz of her dam joke I actually shaved. I sacrificed my angry young look. I closed my eyes as reality hit hard on my chikna face.
“Bt geet why??” I asked “Elloo.. ab mje kya pta aap serious ho jaoge?”
Serious? ? She was not? Dn bt was not cmng close, near ban??
“Bt u dnt evn let me cm close fr 2 days”
“Vo toh bs ainviii”
Huhh this geet n her stupid antics with her idiot wishes. Soon I think I’ll b doing am more stupid things. Now how m supposed to go to office taking this shaved face?? No1 gonna get sacre. I sat on bed with sullen face
Geet came in front. “Vaise maan itne bure bhi nhi lg rhe” I shot an angry glare
“Boht hi cute lg rhe ho aap. Sachii” with tht she strted laughing.
Uff geet dont. This smile only makes me weak in front of u..


thts it he grabbed her n nxt momemt she was beneath him. ” bda mza aa rha tha na tumhe, ab btata hu”
Maan took her lips with his. Awe he was tasting her after long 2 days. How much he missed.
He broke the kiss with short of breath
“Coz of u I shaved, hw I’ll go out? Every1 gonna make fun of me”
He nuzzled into crook of his neck.
“Koi baat nhi ghr ki hi kheti hai vapis aa jaygi” she winked n kissed on his cheek
“Luv u maan. Coz of me u did this” her eyes hav so much love for him.
“Maan Singh khurana can do anythg for his wife”.
They hugged each other.



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9 thoughts on “AN EVENTFUL MORNING- OS

  1. its chooooooo cutieeeeeee vala os [=D>]
    geet toh bdi naughty h [;)]
    awww poor maan [:^(] [:D]
    luv k liye Kuch v krega [:$]
    lubblyyyy sweetuuuu lubd it [=D>] [:*:]

  2. Hey…….hw r u??
    Finally u r bck wth an awesum update😉😀
    Luvd d update a lot 😀😃
    Awwwww… u Maan § geet 😍
    So romantic § beautiful couple 😘😘
    Love d way u wrote it…..maza aa gaya 😀😀
    Luv d way Maan kisses her mishty…….☺️😀
    Update as soon as possible………..waiting…..
    Thnkq for beautiful update 😃😃😃😃

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