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PART 20 


Maan- hy lets go to Amritsar. We’ll visit golden temple

Kritika- han han aapto vhi jaoge, vo jo hai vha

Geet, sweety rohan were bewildered like kon  “vooo”

Maan- aree nhi mn toh bs ainvii keh rha tha. Its all upto u guys

Rohan- vaise vo hot hai n winked

Kritika- aree Amritsar mei maan k relatives rehte hai n their neighbor really like maan. She is head over heels on him

Sweety- ooohhh!!!!

Geet didn’t say anythg.

Kriya- guys we shd go to manali na. mountains. Super fun. Vt say


All thought for sometime n dn it was decided tht they will be going to manali though geet don’t want to go thre

Maan came to geet side n teased her a lot like she is scared of going to mountains n geet frowned by his continuous teasing.

She stomped her foot n went from thre

All laughed by geet’s departure.

Sweety- vt maan,  why u alwz tease her. Dekho gussa ho gae vo

Maan- are yr its fun. Aur naarz hona uska roz ka kaam hai.

Chill I’ll be back


Maan followed geet to manofy her

Geet went to garden n sat on the bench in middle.

Geet murmured- huhh samjhta kya hai vo apne aap ko. Huhh

She took out earphone from her bag n plugged it to her mob n played song.

Maan came thre n heard her whisper. He was abt to tap her on shoulder when he heard his name n stopped in mid to listen vt she is saying.

Geet- mn koi nhi darti mountain se, huh, jaugi ab mai manali fr us maan ko btaugi. Grhh!!!

Maan(st) sara din bs meri burai krti rehti hai

Geet- are geet bt u knw na mountains r too high, she made a cute pout

Maan chuckle to it (st) aa gae line pe.

Geet- koi na, sweety prem sb honge vha, chill. Hmm

She hummed the song playing on her phone.


Galliyaan galliyan teri galliyan.. mujko bhave hai galliyan teri galliyan


Maan jumped from back to the bench which make geet startled


Maan took one side of ear phone n put to his ear,

Maan- are let me too hear which song u listening.

Geet- uff maan, is this way to come

Maan- so vt??? I toh do like this

Maan- waoo geet u too listening this song. Gud choice

Chlo kisi cheez mei we r same.

Geet gave whatever look to maan n dn snatched her ear phones from him ..

Geet- why u came here?

Maan- geet is this bench have copyright of ur name???

Geet nodded to no not understanding his question

Maan- toh mai jha mrzi baithu, tumhe kya

Geet got angry n stood up,

Maan hold her hand from back n made her stop in her track .

Maan- achha chl sorry. Vo teri sweety keh rhi thi tu naraz ho gae so I came

Geet-its okk

Geet was abt to go when maan pulled her backward n geet fell in maan’s arms. She got angry n shot her big eyes to maan

She struggled to let her free

Maan- chill darpok.sit na. why u alwz kept running??

Geet- she straighten herself n then her hairs.- thre’s nthg like tht

Maan- so all set to go??

Geet- hmmm..

Maan- aree yr, mza ayega believe me.

She nodded

Maan- chl lets sumbit the forms.

All headed to canteen together

Kritika came close to rosy n whispers- I told u thye look perfect .

N winked back to her

Kriya fumed seeing them together

Cant she leave maan alone. She thought .


Maan- lets get the forms fill guys

All strted filling it

Kritika- vaise maan bhai if u want toh we can go to Amritsar?

She said in teasing tone

Prem- han aur apni us se bhi mil lena

Maan- shut up guys.

Geet was curious to knw abt tht girl. She shrugged the thought behind’


All submit the forms n dn departed to their homes.


Geet informed at home abt trip,,

Brij was not agreeing to it bt dn saying it is compulsory they agreed.

Later on video chat

Sweety, rosy n kritika made plans to go for shopping bunking some lectures.

Geet heard it  n like It was one of the moon day night. She too agreed,

Sweety said she shd get sm dresses for trip.

All were super excited abt  it.

Next day

Geet n sweety informed to their mother abt their shopping as they wuld need the money so need to tell banker. Lolz


They attend 3 lectures n then came out of clg campus. Car was waiting for them. Geeet glared sweety realizing tht boys too are going to come

Sweety- are yr hume hi new things nhi chahiye, thy too want it yr

Grls came n sat to backseat, maan n prem were in front seat.

Rohan came there, he saw sweety goig out so he followed. When they were abt to go rohan came in front

He asked gesturing through his brows.

Maan took a sharp turn n showed him tongue n zoomed out from there

Sweety gave a hi5 to maan n prem with this.

Then geet’s phone rang

“aree we r going for shopping to XYZ mall. Ya yaa u too come.” she hung the phone after telling rohan abt it.

Sweety- ab vo chipku bhi ayega

Geet- akeli  tujhe new things nhi chahiye, he too want. She said copying her tone like she said a few mins before.

Kriya didn’t come to clg, she alone went for shop


(STINNA- chloo haddi khud raste se hat gae. Lolz)


They reached  mall n roamed in many shops

Geet was looking for sm dresses n maan was in men’s section.

Geet took dresses n went to changing room.

All were in same shop. Maan went to biys’s changing room

Both changing room’s r separated with only a wall.

Geet changed to a pink salwar suit, she liked it.

Dn she wore red tank tops with black capris suggested by sweety

dress fitted her cur-vicious body perfectly, she is looking breath taking in it. 

(assume the black top as red)



Geet- hmm achhi lag rhi hai.

Maan heard her voice n thought to tease her

Maan in different tone- hy gorgeous.

Geet heard n got lil scared. She saw here n there n found no1.

Geet- maybe sm1 outside

Maan- lukng sexxyy in red (maan peeped a lil by standing on bench to his side)

Her eyes got bigger with cmnt.


She asked whose it??? She called  sweety bt she went to check more dresses. 
























3 thoughts on “PART 20

  1. nycccc partttt
    geet ko Kuch Kuch J hoti h 😉
    galliyaan count me too in maan I too luv it :p
    maan luvs to tease geet Aayee Hayeee ^_^
    trip to manali vl b fun 🙂
    waiting for nxt parttt
    do cont soon :* ^_^

  2. Hey
    Yupieeeeee….…trip to Manali
    I want them to go to Manali 😃😃cool cool
    Plz after shopping movie ka bhi plan bano na………plz
    Maan too cute….olways tease her sherni…..mishty…..😀😀
    Tell geet to shop sum western nt suits as she wesar dem regularly 😜😜
    Luv d song galiyan……n dey too luv d same song 😍😀😀
    Thnkq swty for such a wonderful n amazing update……soon update d next part😀😀

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