hello!!!. hws u all doing??

me here again to irritate u all again with small sa story of mine. 
its an OS bt its abt 2500 words 
so this time plzz show some pity on my hands tht typed it n give me sm big vala cmnts. plzz
its on mstly geet’s monologue 
njoy reading
sorry for grammar n spell mistakes, didnt chk before posting nor read it LOLLOL lazy me.Big smile

I still remember the day when he frst called me,

Then I was in I guess 6 or 7 class,  his voice was vry melodious to ears

I was standing outside  my class, actually was gonna enter n my frnd stopped me, then he came from behind. N called me give him a side.

Till then I actually nvr observed him tht he is in my class. Lolz quite funny. Bt m like this only, never bothered abt the classmates sry correction boys classmate in class.

4m tht day I used to observed him. Actually I really like him. My first crush. Ishh.. actually not first, it was hritik. Omg!! I used to copy all his steps n m crazy abt his dancing skills.

Now I m 10 class.. I really dnt get the guts till now to evn talked to him, to say a hi, to approach him. Such a fool I am. He is class topper n I, hy me too yr. though I came 2 or 3 in class n he alwz 1st. he was quite handsome , tall bady, gud muscles in this younger age, he was best in sports n really do buttering to all the teachers n I jst hate sports, I cant run, n teachers I dnt like to get marks by moving around them like bees revolve around honey. .. all grls I guess droll over him& he being such a brat openly enjoys their starring eyes on him.

I mostly ogled over his M shape lips, lolzz so cheap thinking. Babaji save me no.

I used to stare him n frankly many a times I copied him. I had a habit of biting nails bt mom made me get out of it by scolding a lot.. bt then once I saw him doing so,n here I was doing the same.. I saw him tapping his feet on bench n here I was doing same. 

I never told abt this to any1. Alwz kept in my chitu heart. Sometimes he used to call me. Hayee tht time I love my name.. like its melody song n he is singing for me.

From my grp of frnds one grl used to talk to him. N it made me lil jealous off course yr. I like him na.

Then once we hav free lecture n all grls n boys srted playing bollywood game on board. It was quite fun. Tht day I actually firstly talked to him. I was like blushing. My frnd asked me why m smiling bt dare I didn’t tell the reason behind my crimson cheeks.

Then we used to play games. Then I talked to him vry often. Jst like did u prepare for test, did u do homework.

All our grp n his we played many other games, as in “NAME PLACE, ETC”

(stinna- its 1 of my fav game, if any1 want to knw abt it can pm me)

Dum sharaz, dam dam dup, bingo, etc


Once we had a test in class. N being an obedient student as alwz i prepared for it. He came n sat on bench ahead of me, I was starled when I turned n saw him n he was smiling to me.

 I asked vts matter

He like scratched his head n with cute expression said “hy geet” I too greet him with smile “hy maan”

Yaaa his name is maan, hayee babaji when I call his name I can like butterflies running in my stomach n shiver ran down through my spine.

“vo actually I havnt prepared for test tody, n yaa I knw u did, so plz let me sit here n I will copy from u” n he winked

Omg!! He actually seeked help from me n winked to me. I was on cloud 9..

Bt was bit scared abt copying. M not in cheating n all. Like he guessed from my expression

“oh u dnt worry, u jst sit, rest I’ll do, st dnt let teacher cm to knw. Plzz

I jst nodded. How m supposed to say no to him, to my crush.

Then he copied from my notebook n I was sleeplessly smiling within only.

When he was giving the notebook to teacher he tuned to my side n winked me again.

After tht day he used to greet me when he saw me n I too respond to him with a smile, like a shy girl.

Few days passed like this. We bcm frnds like borrowing notes n asking for problems. I smtimes made his notes too though I hate this, bt for him I evn did tht.



After few days news spread like he was having an affair with girl of different section. I was shocked, surprised, angry at this. I knw he is like this only bt, this heart. Then I decided I shd control to my heart n talk to him less n distance myself.


Result declared as usual he was 1st n 2nd.  Now its  11 standard he choosed science  n I was in commerce.

I like sort of relieved tht now we wont be in same class n will get rid of this kinda feelings, bt was wrong again. When he came to my class my heart did skip a beat..  n I nevr dare to enter to his class unless hav some work there.


In my exams vt a strange thing happened. He was sitting rite in my front. We used to wish luck to eachother.

Once I saw him sitting idle in his entire paper, he didn’t evn write a word. I was shocked. Being a topper he shuldnt do tht. I asked him, he said he is not in mood. Then I thought he has changed ,with sort of company of boys like tht..


In our school we hav houses- like on Saturday we hav to wear colorful shirts- red, yellow, green n blue. N we both were in same house thts red.

So evry week we hav duty of discipline n control n on same floor. I was totally frustrated. Like why he is not leaving  my dam way. So we hav to meet n yes he talk n I jst give a nod to him.


Its like we are going for sm competition in other school. I was doing some comp related thing n he was in presentation. N we were in same bus, dam cant this school arrange diffrnt things for students of different streams.

On our way back he sat with me too..  n was praying tht there should be no pits on road or any chance he shndt come in contact with me.


 After 2 yrs.

In our farewell party.

In whole this year.  I tried my best to ignore him. N tody as all other grls I was dressed to kill according to me n mum. I entered the hall n like in films winds blow n my hairs flowed in air. N first thing I saw after tucking my hairs back I saw him, he was the in charge n doing all preparations.

I jst drool him, he was wearing a black suit, gelled hairs, red tie.

N here was in red clr anarkali suit. Ishh matching

Babaji is not showing any kinda signs na???? 

He came towards me, my beats strt rosing n I kept my heart near it.

He greet me n “hy geet lukng pretty”

Omg!!! He complimented me. N being a fool I didn’t say anythg to him n strted walking n then realized I tuned n I called him

“maan.” He asked through his brows

“thnks n yaa u lukng gud

He smiled n said thanks to which I smiled n moved forwards

School announced the best student as school as MAAN & school as GEET.

Again signs babaji. Not fair haan. I knw we hav different paths n dn vts this?

We both shook hands with each other n then we both r made to walk on ramp together. I can hear all clapping n hooting from all corers to which I can only blush.

Now it’s all over. I cant see him anymore. Our schooling is completed.

I used to think abt him many a times.

Once I met him in my frnds brother marriage, he was lukng like a gentleman. Their we talked.


After few days I got a request on fb names “maan khurana” I thought for a while n then accepted it like vts big deal in it,

Then message appear on screen. He said hi.

I too reply with hi,

After normal convo, we chit chat wit each other

Actually its lil easy talking on chat than personally facing each other.

Tht way he cant see me smiling.



Though I pursue commerce bt then god has sm other plans n I joined tv industry. I jst love being here. Many ppl love me. They cry when I cry, laugh when I laugh.

Once I was to give a interview, tht day I was too tired n was in cranky mood. Then reported entered to my vanity. I jst shouted tht jst 15 mins nthg more.

He replied “sure mam”

It sounded a lil familiar.

Then I strted removing makeup n reported was setting his cameras, I saw in mirror.  One person left n other was sitting thre.

Then I settled n I came face to face with him. He asked me 2-3 ques n answered.

Then there was knock on door. A person entered I was facing the back. He asked reporter smthg n then he came infront.

I was like starled seeing him infront of me after so many yrs. 

He voiced out first “geet


oh my my!!!jst look at u. the shy geet is now the GEET, most lovable actress”

I smiled n then I made him sit there

 Out of curiosity I too asked him abt him being journalist. He said tht science was not of interest so joined this. Its quite fun in this line. We meet celebrities like you. He winked seeing me.

I blushed.

Omg!!!! After years he still had this effect on me.

Hen he asked me abt being here, I told I love acting n dancing so here I am.

Then work come first he finished off the interview.

As its interview he came to knw abt my liking n my being here n yaa I told tht I do hav a crush on sm1. He was shocked hearing it.

Bt now I dnt mind telling tht I was head over heels in love with him.

Then he was abt to leave when we exchanged our numbers.


Now we meet quite often.  N again m falling for him.


MAAN’S verse

I was shocked to see her there. Geet, she actually was an actress. I cant imagine tht shy geet. She used to stutter evn when I talked with her. N here so fluently she was delivering the dialogues. N yaa she was lukng cute, beautiful n sexy too.. I nvr observed her in school. Tht she was wearing a skirt with shirt n her hairs alwz tied. N she was so studious. Hw cm I observe her. She changed a lot, she is the dhak dhak queen now.. After interview  I asked 4 her number.

Then I was having sleepless nights yr. she is soo dam beautiful. She is not leaving my mind evn 4 a sec. then I watched her all episodes of serial on utube n evn dwld it, her all interviews, her all dancing. When I was watching the romantic scenes I jst feel like punching tht guy hard on his nose. Omg!! M so much in love with her. Did I say love?? Oh yes. I guess love at first sight bt after year.

We met after tht encounter many times, n being curious I asked abt her crush in school. She didn’t tell me. I thought maybe she is not interested.  Then I nevr asked.


Geet’s verse

Now we r gud frnds. Maan is behaving wired from sm days. Dnt knw vt??? I was told by my one of co-actor tht he was starring at me. I didn’t pay any attention. Bt then I too saw him admiring me.

My co actor actually find him quite hot, yaa he is yr. n she vn told me too do smthg n hooked her with him.. I laughed on it n told maan abt it. We both laughed  n I saw in his eyes n was lost in tht deep ocean.

Maahhiii maahhhiii

Waiter came n we broke our eye lock, I was embraced n he, shamelessly glaring me. I hit on his arm.

Out of blue he asked

achha geet, u too find me hot??”

Tht day he  was wearing a see through black shirt with black jeans. Yaa he was lukng hot n tasty.

I stutter to rply n stood up to go.

bolo geet., n yaa I want truth.”

hmm yaa. U r gud looking. Happy

He smiled n we both headed towards his car. we came here as its his b’day n he want to celebrate it with me only.

Then we moved towards the beach. It was moonlight only cmng n making the atmosphere vry romantic. He sat on floor, the water waves were cmng  n sometimes touching r feet n the returned back.

He stood up n forward his hand, I didn’t understand n gave my hand.

its my birthday geet n I .. n as a birthday present I want a yes from you..” I was not getting aythg n my expression culd tell tht

“I want u by my side forver, will be mine???

I want to love u forever

I want to hold ur hand on all paths of life

I want to do tht romance with u n not tht ugly guy” I chuckle with this when he call maybe my co-actor ugly.

 Some tears strted to form in my eyes. His eyes were shinning n were showing tht I was seeing from some days.  “love”

“I want to be the reason of this smile n tears of urs. Then he kneeled down n

Geet.. I love you.

M in love with u the moment i saw u.

Then I smiled n lone tear escaped from my eye n I nodded.

He stood up n hugged me tight n then there was no floor under my feet, he lifted me up n twirled me.

Then he stopped n I was standing on his feet n my ams encircling his neck, I came close to his ears

“I love u too my first crush” n kissed on his cheek

I though now I shoud reveal abt my crush na?? so I told.

We remained there hugging eachother

N I too shared my first kiss under the moonlight,

He teased of getting the tomato red color,


Then we lived happily evr after





6 thoughts on “MY CRUSH

  1. so cute
    she had huge crush on him
    but she didnt tell him
    well what would she say right
    but then he fell for her
    and boy did that go right for them
    awww he finally confessed
    and she told him about her crush
    bless that was sweet
    cheers for pm

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