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Geet- maybe sm1 outside

Maan- lukng sexxyy in red (maan peeped a lil by standing on bench to his side)

Her eyes got bigger with cmnt.

She asked whose it??? She called  sweety bt she went to check more dresses.


Geet- ye sweety kha gaee. Gadhi kahi ki

Maan- oh hoo, why u getting scared?? Believe me red suits u.

Maan was standing above n dn suddenly geet looked up n saw maan.

She saw him with her famous angry fumed eyes.

She too stand on stool in her room. She pointed her finger to him


Maan smiling- hmm mai. Kyu koi aur hona chahiye tha kya

Don’t knw how geet’s foot slipped n she was lose her balance n was abt to fall bt maan caught her hand from above n made her stand

Maan- dhyaan se moti, bechara stool.

She freed her hand

Maan- thnku toh bol dia kro kabhi.

Geet- kyu tum mere frnd ho na, so no thnku. Huhh

R u not ashamed haan??? Aise koi krta hai kya???

Maan- uff !! tum thi so I peeped.

Geet gave bewildered look

Maan- vaise u lukng osmm in this, le le

Geet- i.. I don’t like. Nhi lugi huhh

Maan- as u wish.

Sweety came thre n heard her murmuring. Ye pagl  khud se hi baat kr rhi hai kya

Geet, kya hua? Try this dress. Jldi khol yr.

Geet gave maan a i-will-not-spare-u look n then opn the door.

Maan came down n tried vt he took for him.

Sweety saw geet- hmm achi lg rhi ye dress. Try this now. N handed geet a black jump suit.

She locked try room n was abt to change

Geet- maan plzz dnt peep now, u knw its bad habbits

Maan- huh aauga kya krogi

Geet almost pleading- plzzz maan.

Maan- hmmm. Achha chl bta ye kaisa hai???

Geet- kya

Maan- are dumboo my shirt. Aa dekh na

Geet climed up on stool n saw him.

He was wearing white t-shirt with written “I M THE BEST”

Geet- hmm achhi hai bt the words written don’t suit u. n showed him tongue.

Achha ab don’t peep haan.

Geet changed to the dress n was checking it the mirror.

Till maan changed to another t-shirt.

Maan- m cmng sexy!!

N here he was on top again peeping .

Geet glaring- I told u not to come.

Maan- vaise this is really cool, why u dnt wear such type of clothes yr.

Geet- kyu abhi nhi pehni hui kya

Maan- nhi like daily

Geet- huhh..

Maan- achha hows this t-shirt?

Geet jumped on stool  n saw maan wearing t-shirt with a cartoon on it.

Geet- maan r u kid??? Seariously u gonna buy it kya??

Maan-vts  big deal yr. its cool n cuty bheem yr.

Geet- u watch them??? She was shocked.

Maan fumbled n here geet got another secret of maan

Geet- oh hoo.. clap clap, the grt maan, the hotty watch kid’s carton

Maan put his hand on geet mouth

Maan- chupp moti.. geet again glared him

She gestured him to take his hand off

Geet- maan dare u call me moti again, m not

Maan- achha abhi when u was falling I saved u na, I knw ur weight.

Geet- n I knw ur 2 secrets. Achha g

Maan- geet dare u tell this to any1, n I dnt watch cartoons.

Sweety then came- geet kitna time lgaogi yr. opn up n come out.

Geet opened the door n came out

Sweety- ahannn lukng hotty hotty. Lets buy it

From another door maan came out bt after changing into his t-shirt.

Achha toh itna time lg rha tha.

Geet- nthg sweety. Achha I’ll be back. Wait haan.

Geet zoomed back in try room.

Sweety gave maan a teasing look n maan too went from thre

Sweety came to kritika n whisper- kuch toh hua hai, kuch ho gya hai.

Kritika didn’t get tht. Sweety signaled through eye towards maan n dn geet came thre towards geet

Kritika mouthed- I told u. n winked

They went to other shops n bought some more dresses.

Geet was passing by a shop when she saw a black t-shirt, written U ROCK font was really eye ecatching.

She called maan n he turned. All were heading towards the exit. He said he will be cmng, u go ahead.

Geet didn’t knw why she called maan.

Geet said maan to try this t-shirt. Maan was confused tht she want him to try this, bt then didn’t concentrate on it further.

They went to shop n maan tried it

Actually it suits maan a lot.

They bought it.

Maan got a call from prem- hy dude where u both yr??

Maan- are nthg yr, jst cmng in few mins.

Prem- yr rohan rosy want smthg from the way n all r hungry lets do 1 thing, u both come on rohan’s byke n we r heading ahead. Ok??

Maan- yaa ok. No prob.

Prem- btw where u both???

(prem too sensed smthg cooking so he hooked both them up )

Maan- nthg yr geet saw a t-shirt n we were jst buying it.

They hung the call

Geet- vaise u knw its better then ur cartoon t-shirt.

Vaise whose call???

Maan- they r leaving us, chl ab jldi .

Geet didn’t get it as maan dragged her towards the lift as it was getting close, bt alas!!! It door got closed

Maan- oh hooo.. cant u run???

Now u got a chance of byke ride

Geet- vt??? Care to explain

Maan- ur all frnds r hungry so they left us, we hav to go on rohan’s byke

Geet nodded.

They waited outside for lift to come.

She was seeing here n there n when eyes caught on beautiful pair of footwears. Her eyes twinkled. 

So she went thre

Maan saw her going- unbelievable , grls n their shopping

She went to shop n tried tht pair. She asked maan abt it.


Maan shows thumbsup as dnt want to waste time.

Geet saw the rate n was expensive so she dropped the idea of buying it.

Maan- vt happen??? Achi toh hai

Geet- aree nhi its okk. Chlo otherwise we will be late

Maan- aree bt why u didn’t buy it, u liked it rite

Geet- hmm.. bt maan vo mne phle dresses le li hai. N its quite expensive. So.

Maan- so vt?? I’ll get it for u.

Geet instantly no noo. Its okk.

Maan- aree yr its okk.. I’ll get it. Wait.

Till geet can stop him maan went to shop n bought the pairs n got it gift wrapped.

Maan came n gave to geet

Now thts from my side, u can call it rishwat he whispered cmng close to her ears.

Keep my secret only to u. hmmm

Geet smile n nodded.

They entered the lift. With them there was a couple too inside.. they went out when it nxt stopped.


Now maaneet left alone. 






















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  1. Hey hr u??
    U didn’t rply to my comment on chap-20……u don’t lyk d comment?????
    Awesum update h yr😀😀
    Maaza aa gaya seriously😀😀
    Shopping shopping n shopping……..try room wala awesum part tha😉😀😀
    Love d noke jhok f Maan n geet 😀
    Woooooow bike ride luvd it
    Hawty Maan § sexy Geet 😍😍
    Luvd d way u write it😀😀
    Thnkq so much for a wonderful n lovly update😊😘😘

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