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They entered the lift. With them there was a couple too inside.. they went out when it nxt stopped.

Now maaneet left alone.




Geet- vaise maan, u really watch cartoons???

Maan nodded.

Geet didn’t say anythg. There was complete silence.

Then there was sudden jerk in the lift n it stopped, as it was not expected, geet lost her balance n was abt to fall

She thought she gonna touch the floor hard n will get hurt bt nothing of tht sort happen as two stron arms engulf her petty waist protectively

Geet slowly open her eyes to meet with the deep ocean like eyes.


Maan- I knw u not gonna thank me as alwz

This bring geet out of trance n then she stood on her feet properly.

Lift was stopped. Now the lights too strted blinking.

Maan pressed the buttons bt nthg happened n dn the blinking lights got off

There was darkness only

Geet got scared.

She called maan name

Maan jst said hmmm

Geet- u thre na?

Maan- uff geet is ther any way??? Or m a angel tht I’ll get disappear with my powers

Geet cursed him under her breath why to ask him, he alwz give him unusual answers.

Not angel bt pure devil.. grhhh!!!

Maan- did u say smthg??

Geet- when lift will get start

Maan- geet m not a mechanic yr, n yaa repeat of my dlg, m not angel ohh actually m an angel. U see m sooo handsome

He said in melo dramatic tone

Geet- ohh plzzz.

Maan smiled.

Geet’s phone buzz.. she received the call it was sweety

Sweety- where r u both???

Geet- aree we r stuck.. hloo

Oppss!!! How come there r signals in lift so call got disconnected

Geet tried calling her bt in vain

She slammed the phone on her palm “dam it”

Maan- chill sherni. Show some pity on poor phone. It hav feelings u knw

She gave bewildered look

Maan- now dnt give me tht looks okay. I cant see ur m-gonna-eat- u-alive look. Spare me yr.

She murmured n cursed him again- vts need to buy tht shirt,dumboo

Maan took his phone n turned to geet’s side. Maan was now seeing geet’s face in tht only phone’s light. It was glowing. There was shine in her eyes. Tht makes her look beautiful.

Geet was starled when she saw light n dn maan’s face caught her attention

In tht mere light geet saw maan’s face, his sharp features. His cut to cut perfect face.

Maan- geet stop cursing me, hav some patience.

Maan turned n then he strted playing candy crush in his phone.

Geet- maan its sound is so irritating,,

Maan- bt its fun. U wanna try.

Geet nodded to no.

Bt geet couldn’t take the sound so she warned him to low the volume by showing her index finger pointing it to his face.

Tht exact moment lift opened.

They were in pose like geet ready to kill him.

Ppl around were staring them.

Then geet straighten herself.. both came out of the lift.


They moved to parking n maan took keys of rohan’s byke from security as per told by rohan.

Geet sat on it

Maan- geet hold me

Geet- no m fine.

Maan- as u wish. Dnt say me afterwards.

Geet gave whatever look


They moved out of the mall. When geet got sweety’s call.

She told tht they were stuck in lift now they r on their way.

Sweety said tht they r in ABC restaurant.

They hung up.

Maan speed up the byke n as usual geet hav to hold maan form his shoulder. Maan smiled.


(stinna- kya planning maan babu??)


They reached the restaurant. Orders hav been arrived n they were abt to strt eating.

Maan- akele akele khaoo bhukadooo

Sweety- if u both can shop alone why not we can eat

They both took seat

Rosy- vaise why u both stopped?

Geet- voo..

All were staring her like she got 2 big thorns on her head

Geet- vt??

Maan- aree yr shopping kr rhe the. Now lets eat m starving.

They had their lunch talking abt trip. They gonna njoy a lot

Its their 1st outing together.

Make the best of it.

They returned to their respective homes bidding gud bye n promising to meet 2moro morning in clg. Their trip was schedule  for day after 2moro


Reaching home, geet’s mom was shocked seeing soo much shopping bags.’

Rano- aree r u both planning to flew far way for like a month

Sweety hugging her mother from behind. – Areee aisikismat kha meri.

Geet- aree mumma. Ye aise kuch nhi hai

Rano- itna kya shop krlia meri bachion ne

They both showed evrythg to rano excitedly.

Geet showed her purse tht she bought for her

Rabo- learn smthg from geet sweety. She nevr forgets to get smthg for me. N u.. she hit playfully on sweety’s head

Sweety paid no heed n went to her room saying she is super tired

Rano- geet u too take some rest

\she took all her bags n went to room.

Geet was placing the things in room. When sweety’s eyes caught on beautiful pair of footwears.

Sweety- oyee when did u get these?? She excitedly took it from geet. Then eher eyes caught the price tag

Geet- aree I was not taking it, bt maan..

Sweety- ooohhh… in a teasing tone.

Geet- now ur not tired.

Sweety- yaa yaa.. she gave a cheeky smile,


Nxt day in clg was like all were bunking again bt with geet the exceptional case.

She bunked 2 lectures on others insistence.

They chatted where they were to roam, which places to see.

They googled the visiting places.

All were excited for trip,

Rosy n prem used to steal glances in b/w. their love story was in progress

 N karan n kritika were fighting in b/w



All students were to reach there at sharp 5am, as it’s a long jourey, so they need to go early.

Early waking up.. ufff hell  difficult for maan.

Phones phone buzz with his alarm tone. “fevicoal see” he  snoozed it, it beeped again. He took the pillows n cover his ears.

Then he got continuous call from prem. He knows him tht he not gonna wakeup so soon. Thts friendship .

Geet’s mom prepared prathas for their trip. N both were ready. Brij dropped girls at clg.

Rosy kritika were carrying chips, cold drinks with them. Typical trip things.

All students were abt to go, as usual there were some late comers, who didn’t reached till now. Maan was 1 of them.

All seated in the bus its 5:10 am. The teacher gave warning to call their frnds or else they r leaving.

Kritika- bhai bhi na.. prem u didn’t wake him up??

Prem- I did yr.

They heard his sound. “m here guys” he climbed up in the bus..

He hugged prem “hy buddy”

Kritika- uff again late.

Maan- sorry.. prem mistake. Usne phle call nhi ki

Prem- oye jhoote.. 5 call k baad u picked ur dam phone.

Rohan- chlo leave. Lets get seated.

{ Rohan karan     kritika kriya

Maan prem         geet sweety kriya

Hope u get their seating plan}


Bus started n all students strted hooting loud.

N teacher gave them deadly glares. Like it gonna put any effect on them

They shouted again

When . suddenly sm1 came from behind n put his palms on maan’s eyes

Guess who??













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  1. Hey….. Hws u??
    Awesum editing……..Maan luking super cute😀😉😉
    Woow trip start ho gaya finally after sooo much shopping😀😀👠👕👗👖👛
    Ab yeh new entry kiski h????
    Maaza aayega😀😀
    Luvd d update…… update soon
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  2. Hlooo
    yoooo maan lookingg chooo cuteee in cartoon shirts :*
    luvd d Part
    lift boht Jldi start ho gyi :p
    poor geet kinna irritate krta h maan
    candy crush haha boht luv shuv h iss game se 😉
    perfectoo daughter Han
    trip trip
    looking forward k new entry ummm h kon 😮
    updateee shoooonn
    umaaaahh for thz1 :*

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