Hello guyss.. a big sorry for the delay in updte, actually my clg has been strted so was busy in this 1st week. 

bt vry much sad with such less responseCryCryCry

plzz readers suggest it to the frnds n cmnt too. may it be criticism. 






Bus started n all students strted hooting loud.

N teacher gave them deadly glares. Like it gonna put any effect on them

They shouted again

When . suddenly sm1 came from behind n put his palms on maan’s eyes

Guess who??

Maan was not getting who it could be. With the sudden person closing maan’s eyes all other too divert their attention to him.

Geet turned when maan was moving his fingers on the hand of the person n don’t knw why she didn’t like it


Stinna wonders ahaannn.. kuch jalne ki smell ni aa rhi???


Kritika fumed too seeing the person.

Uff here she came again.

Kriya- uff ye maan ka picha kyu nhi chodti??

Sweety pari n geet dnt knw abt her at all.


Maan first told kritika, the girl nodded no no.. “try harder”

Maan humed “okkk”

“is it u kriya”

“no dued, so it mnz u lose??”

“in ur dreams girl, maan nvr taste defeat”


Stinna wonders ishhh this attitude make girls gaga over him, no doubt. Wink


Now maan had said those words n he not even 1% know whose it?? Now he hav to think smthg or else his repo is on  stake.  Maan chided himself mentally “think dued think, smthg to trap her”


Then the girl screamed with the sudden pain she felt in her palm.

“u jerk”

Actually maan pinched her on the palm harder so tht she can remove her hand from his eyes, she  did remove 1 hand n in meantime prem hurridy whisper name in his ears.

Girl put her hand back on eyes.

“no cheating mr. accept ur defeat. Play fair” girl said

“no no.. I was jst playing dear.. jst making u desperate” he said with smirk on his face.


“okk tanu now stop n come” he decalred..

Tanu was starled how come he recognized her. She stomped her feet n remove her hands.

“u.. hw come u knw??” she happily asked him.

Maan stood n turned n sat on his seat “hw come I dnt??”

“so hows u here???”


Meanwhile on girls side.

Sweety tapped to kritika n she turned to give them a piece of mind.

Then she tell abt her to them

Rubina Dilaik – TV Serial Actress – Chhoti Bahu – Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

Tarunam kapoor uff tanu uff chipkuu uff chudail.. omg!! I soo hate her. She is maan bhai’s neighbor . she is 2 yr younger n she is head over heels behind maan. She make excuses to sneek to his house. They r also client of maan’s father so he nevr said anythg to her. Many times she came to her parties also n jst keep following him. She is crazy. She evn propose him twice. Bt evn after denial she is here.  Bt dnt knw how she is here in clg trip???

When she finished her biography of chipku, geet was shocked tht dnt knw how many grls r behind this cartoon.


Stinna “oh hello geet, weren’t u the 1 who was fuming a sec ago seeing the grl behind him, now calling cartoon, vry bad han.


“vaise maan u looking hot in this t-shirt..”

Geet’s ear automatically were now listening to their not-so-interesting convo.

Then actually geet saw the t-shirt, vt so special tht she is complimenting. It was a normal blue t-shirt he was wearing. 

Then she shrugged.


“thankuu. U too look gud”

Ohh she was flattered. His maan complimented herr. She gave him a dreamy look

“ohh r trying to woo me??? Btw no need as u knw m already. She winked.

Prem too stood on his seat folding his legs.

“achha come to point.. how u here in our clg trip” prem asked her

She shoot a glare to him

Then rohan came to her side

“oh ho prem u getting rude yr”

“so here comes the flirt. Cant spare any girl” sweety said under her breath.

Tanu smiled to rohan

“oh hoo.. actually not so difficult u knw, I got permission .i asked papa to arrange saying I hav project to study there n he talked with princi n here I am”

Prem- so actually u lied???

Tanu- aree nhii.. project toh hai, bt we hav 2 weeks. I thought to join u guys so earlier doing it, n I can do it through net though bt I told him tht personally I shd go through all this to get gud grades.


She winked to maan telling her story.

Maan turned her head getting irritated with this witch around her

 He whisper to prem “save me dued, she gonna spoil me trip”

He hav no choice so he gave a toothy smile,

Then both were back to their position.

 Tanu too seated there.


Sweety earing to geet- uff actually she is a chipku. Poor maan.

Pari- yeah!!!!

Geet didn’t say anythg. Like nthg is effecting her bt she is not having gud feelings.


Time was passing. All were chit chatting n rohan flirted with tanu too. He came n sat near her seat by exchanging it with other student,

Karan didn’t like this as he hav to sit with a grl. He was giving deadly glares to rohan. Then getting no choice he came back to his seat.

Then all thought to play antakshri with dancing too.

It was fun .

  Geet said she is not interested. She took out novel “I too had a lovestory” from her bag n strted reading it.

Maan came n snatched her book, her interest at tht moment.. geet jst fumed with this.

“geet dnt be a spoilsport n play yr”

“maan.. uu.. give it to me” geet angrily said to him trying to get back her novel.

She struggled to get it.. both stood up trying to snatch from eachother giving deadly glares no1 was giving up. They stood in centre space tht was in the bus.





Others placed their hand on their forehead “uf they strted again with their silly fight”

Geet greeted her teeth “maaannn”

“I knw my name.. n yaa u reading vt??? He hav a look on novel .. ohh so miss.geet reading n lovestory. Oh hooo

Other studnts strted hooting with this revelation

“give it me back, now” geet exclaimed.

Maan snatched it from her. Geet tried struggling. With thisthe driver suddenly applied break  both lost their balance n both fell in the middle space of bus. with geet underneath maan. Geet closed her eyes bt maan was encircling geet from her waist to stop her from getting hurt. Saving her maan’s hand hit the seat’s hard iron n he winced. She opend her eys n saw maan.

All were shocked to see them. Two girls fumed. As u knw none other than kriya n now new entry tanu too.

Sweety kritika gave eachother dreamy look.

Geet asked maan in concern “vt happen??”

Maan nodded noo. He tried to get up. N after getting up he stretched his arm fro geet. Geet stood up with his help. When her eyes saw some blood on his arm. Her eye balls became bigger n she took her arm in his soft palms n checked it was bleeding.

Prem too came close to them

“oh gosh!! U got hurt man” prem said.

They immedailtey get the first aid done, yes geet did it.

Her face was so tensed.. maan saw her getting restless. She blow air while applying the detol on his wound. Strange geet winced when maan didn’t, how come he can feel the pain when he was busy admiring her. Staring the strands tht were falling on her cheeks n touching her cheeks. He put them behind his ear when geet saw up n their eyes met. Maan saw pain in her eyes. Dnt knw why bt he liked the concern in her eyes.

then teacher said to sit quiet on their seats.

All were surrounded them. When teacher came all moved to their seats. Lolzz all were dispersed to different positions.

As a result maaneet were left sitting together.


PRECAP- Dnt knw folks.







6 thoughts on “PART 23

  1. Tanu ko toh geet dekh legi..hayee their fight is so interesting..geet ki bhi love story banne wali hai..n ravin ki jagah u will be the writer..;) ..ab maza aaga both together..plz update this one fast

  2. Hey….…hw r u??
    Oh wooooooow……awesum § beautiful update😀😀😀😀
    Maaza aa gaya seriously😉😀
    New entry s amazing…1 more grl who love geets Maan😉😊
    Ab Dono jalenge😉 kiya n Tanu 😜😜
    N d best part was geet § Maan ‘s fight 😀
    Ooh Maan gt injured😔 bt geet h na so no worries😊
    Nw dey hv feelings for each other…love shav start ho gaya…mahi maahi😍
    Awesum swty……thnkq swty for d lovly update😀
    Add Some more romantic fights 😉

    • thnkuuuu for bigg cmnt
      luvd it.
      hmm trip mei thoda romance to aa hi jayega n hopefully the lovestory proceed.

  3. wahooooo trip starts Han
    it gonnaa b supaaa fun to read 😀
    tanu full chipkuu maan k saath koi v hogi 😉
    geet J ya accept it na
    hehe maaneet full tom n jerry
    oopssss my bad maan gt injurd 😦
    bt nvr fear whn geet is thr :p
    yeah yeah maaneet together yipeeeeee
    waiting for nxt
    updateee soonnn..

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