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teacher said to sit quiet on their seats.

All were surrounded them. When teacher came all moved to their seats.  all were dispersed to different positions.

As a result maaneet were left sitting together.

Geet had done the dressing still she was concerned for maan’s wound. She asked him twice abt hows it n maan alwz replied politely tht he is fine, though there was some pain.

Geet took her handbag from sweety n took out a pain killer tablet from it n gave it to maan

Seeing the big tablet tht seems like a monster to maan he made a pleading n yucky face like how maan’s small mouth able to gulp tht big tablet.

Geet glared him with her big eyes. Her face was stern  n maan was left with no other option n gulped it down shutting his eyes tight,


Stinna wonders maan babu u r a big boy bt still afraid of tablets


Then geet srted reading her novel n put the glasses on her hazels

Maan was seeing her first time wearing glasses.

Maan- no wonder u r soo studious. .

Geet gave keep-quiet look n maan was like a child whose mother refuse to buy his fav lollypop.

Maan- y u sitting beside me, when u r not evn talking to me n making me hell bore.

Geet- m reading maan

Maan- ohh really!!! I thought u r digging the earth. Gave a sarcastic look.

Then a sound came from behind 2 seats, tht sound like a irritating sound to geet

“maan u r fyn na??” tanu asked loudly

“yaa tanu m okk, bs getting bore u knw” maan answered

“ohhh” tanu said in a low voice.

Next moment tanu was standing near geet with a wide smile

Geet(st) huhh teeth toh aise dikha rhi hai like giving add of colgate.

Tanu- u can talk to me maan, m too getting bore

Maan- its okk tanu. U shd sit, aise yha ??? n look towards geet who gave a stern look to maan

Like m-not-gonna-stand look.

Tanu was seeing geet like she wuld stood  up n she will sit beside maan n tht golden opportunity to be close to him

Bt geet was not liking it

Geet- tanu u shd let maan rest, u knw I gave him pain killer. N if u getting bore then I recommend u to play some game na.

Yoo geet gave answer with anger tone.

Maan too nodded as he dnt want to be with chipku.

A champu boy with whom tanu was seated, he was wearing big glasses n hair oiled  wearing check shirt.

“tanu m ready to play with u”

Tanu cursed him under her breath who is ruining her plan.

Alas she had to return to her seat as teacher didn’t allow to stand in bus as its not safe as they r heading towards mountains n roads r bumpy.


Stinna- guys I dnt knw how much time it wuld take for reaching manali from delhi, so m taking writers liberty n writing time as per my assumptions. I knw timings from my residence lolzz


Time passes n it was nearly 1pm. All were hungry n they stopped at near by dhaba on the way.. when all were going out geet saw maan who was sleeping peacefully lying his head on geet’s shoulder. Geet didn’t realize before as she was engrossed in reading.

Sweety n kritika winked seeing them n gave each other a hi5.

Prem- I think we shd wake him up.

Geet- bt I think we shd nt.

Prem gave startled look by picking his eye brows up .

Geet- I mean, actually its after effect of medicine, thts y he is feeling sleepy. Vaise m not hungry, u guys carry on.

Karan- no geet u shd hav smthg.

Kriya- u go, I’ll be with him

Kritika- bt kriya if geet wuld stand maan will wakeup na.

Geet- u goo, if I feel like havng smthg will give u a call. Fine

All agreed to it n went to hav smthg .


All had their lunch, geet messaged sweety to pack 2 pratha’s with pickle n she will have it later when she will feel like eating.


Bus started n their journey started again.

As they are heading to great height the weather was pleasant. Cool breeze, blue white clouds n green trees, the view was overwhelming.

It gave a peace of mind, geet closed her eyes n was enjoying the weather, the cool breeze n the smell of wet mountains hit her nostril. She liked the nature a lot. There was a content smile on her face.

Maan stirred in her sleep n he slowly opened his eyes to get a beautiful view infront of his eyes. Geet sleeping with a smiling face.

He admired her angelic face, awe her  nose is cute. Her cheeks r rosy, some hair strands were coming in her face n blocking his view to face, he made a face n moved it behind from her face.

Her lips, awe soo luci.. he was abt to complete when reality hit him hard n he smacked his dirty mind. “uff maan wat r thinking dued, she is geet. Ur sherni. If she will come to knw abt ur thought she gonna eat u raw”


He then saw towards his watch it was showing time 4:30pm.. ohh dam he was sleeping from so long.

When his stomach made some sound.

Ohh he is starving. Maan texted prem “m hungry”

Prem replied back “u awake???? U kumbkarn kitna sota hai”

Maan “u shd wake me up yr”

Prem “vt to do, geet didn’t let us”

Maan “bt why??”

Prem thought why he is messaging him when he sitting jst on back seat. Prem stood on his seat.

“msg kyu kr rha hai mje??” prem asked

Then maan signaled to speak slow signaling to geet saying she is sleeping dnt disturb

Prem whispering “kabhi tu sota hai , kabhi vo”

Prem gave maan wrapped pratha’s n said him to eat it.

Maan grabbed it n when he opened he was happy seeing alloo pratha’s his fav. He strted eating it.

Maan’s cell beeped “bhukad there is geet’s share too, dnt eat full”

When he saw down he already had 1.5 paratha n only half is left.

Maan rolled it back n kept It for sherni.

Maan saw towards geet “u look soo innocent while sleeping, bt jaise hi bolti ho u become a wild tigress”

Geet slowly opened  her eyes yawning

Maan tuned his face to window side, fearing she didn’t hear it.

Geet sit properly on seat.


Time passes.. it was getting darker outside. Geet had the half parath left by maan cursing him tht it was her.

Kritika gave her chips tht she was carrying.

Soon the bus stopped infront of hotel, they reached the place named“mandi”

They went to their respective rooms after teacher telling them to be ready at 6am, so tht they can strt their journey again.

All had their dinner n went to sleep.


Next day.

They chit chatted in the bus, enjoying n playing games.

Their first destination was at religious place “mani karan sahib”

They reached there at 11am.


(stinna- I went to manali 2 yrs back,  so we went to gurudwara, so m taking this trip also their)


Mani karan sahib is located in near parvati valley. Gurudwara is near the parvati river, the speed of water is vry fast, when we crossed the bridge to reach in gurudwara the sound is tht high tht sound of our companion is hardly audible. Tourists r attracted to this pilgrimage bcoz of the hot water springs .


All students entered n then took the blessing by folding their hands infront of SHRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI. they prayed for their well being. 

rohan- hy babaji koi achi c ladki de do

geet- hy babaji plzz alwz keep evry1 happy n they shd keep smiling. take out all their stress from life. she smiled. 

maan was standing beside geet n praying. he opened his eyes to see geet still praying. he smiled too seeing her angelic face. 

maan- plzz god fulfil vt she is praying Smile

There is a separate place where where boiling water is there n ppl cooked rice in them. Then students vsited there. They proceed to to hav langar.

They enjoyed having the langar (food)


Then they explore the near by market n took rest for sometime.





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  1. Hi…hw r u??
    Plz plz plz don’t finish it too early……plz plz plz no
    I’m ok wth 1 update a week…😀
    Ur writing it beautifully n I’m loving it😀😀😍
    So don’t finish it in 6-7 parts……ok
    Wooow,…dey r sitting together nw😃
    It’s gud ki geet didn’t gt up frm der…😉😜
    Awwwww,…geet kitna take care kar rai h aapne Maan ka😊😊
    N Maan too tkc f her sherni…(Lv d way he forgts everythng wen he see geet on front f him)awwwww😀😙
    Ohh😱 geet ka share kha gaya n geet cursing him😜😜
    Grt ki Frst dey visited d religious place👍
    NYC n fab update…thnkq😊😊
    Nw do 1 thng geet n Maan agar ghum ho jaye toh it wll b grt😉😊 n add sum more romantic thngs…u knw better than me😉😊😀

    • aweee such a long cmnt..
      luvd it.. ummaaaaaahhh :*
      awee m nt ending it yr.. jst a bit busy now days with clg, so jst wondering.
      n likes r vry less 😦

      thnx fro cmnt n suggestion, was actually thinking ovr it too

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