Hello guyss.. hows u all..

wish u all a vry frndships day n yaa sisiters day. luv u allSmileSmile

plzz readers suggest it to the frnds n cmnt too. may it be criticism. 


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All students entered n then took the blessing,

There is a separate place where where boiling water is there n ppl cooked rice in them. Then students vsited there. They proceed to to hav langar.

They enjoyed it having it.


Then they explore the near by market n took rest for sometime


It was evng 2pm when they took leave from their bt didn’t forget clicking pics.

All the time tanu was behind maan, she took many pic. Sweety geet rosy made titanic pose on nearby big stone. They climbed up vry carefully. maan saw, then came towards them.

“oh hoo without hero titani???” maan cmnted

Geet- we dnt need any hero.

Maan- aree rosyyy, where is ur jack. Hmm????

Rosy- oh ho, when u r here why wuld I need any1 else..

Sweety whispered getting close to her ear-aree vt abt prem yr??

Then she playfully hit on her shoulder “shut up”

Maan winked.. rosy gave him his hand n he too climbed on the stone. Then sweety  came down n kritika who was clicking the pic joined them.

They clicked pics with maan in titanic pose ,showing tongue, then thumbsup pose.

They had a lot of fun doing it.

Geet also enjoyed a lot.

Then they headed towards their next destination n the main one.  Manali.

Bus journey was a quite affair, as all vry lil tired.

They reached there at around 7 in the evening.

It was lil darker n cloudy, chill winds were blowing giving the atmosphere a feel of romance too.

They reached to the hotel they gonna reside. After some rest they thought to go out n took the tour of near by markets.

Some group of frnds only decided to roam about.

They wore their long jackets n went out in chilly weather.

They visited the hadimba temple tht was on the way to market..

Then they were checking on the stalls on the road to buy something.

Kriya called maan who was walking ahead with prem, actually checking out he girls of manali, awe man they all of fair complexion, quite beautiful..

Kriya- maan see hows this hat??? She wore a pink flowery hat n asking abt it making a pose to him

Maan- its superb kriya, u lukng cute in it.

Kriya smiled n grabbed tht hat.

Geet checking out some anklets on the stall. She jst love the chime sound of them. N luv wearing them.

She is not getting which to buy, the white stones anklet or with only a plain chain.. she asked sweety.

Both were left behind coz of the selection n others were heading ahead. Then rohan realizes both sis r not with them

Maan- ohh fish!!!! Poor sweety, hope she didn’t die with geet’s glares.

Then burst out laughing.

Rohan- lets get them back.

Prem- I’ll rush into a restaurant n order food. Vt say??

All agreed n they headed to restaurant for dinner while rohan n maan went back in search of them .

When they reached geet was holding both the anklets in her hand n showing to sweety. Sweety was bored with her.

Rohan tapped on sweety’s shoulder

Rohan- kya yr.. is it necessary to buy evry single thing

Geet- nhi we were jst seeing yr.

Sweety- madam is confused which to buy.

Maan- lets get going guys. M famished sachii.

Sweety- ohh me too…

Maan- uff now where did rohan eloped?? I guess all r havng the effect of  mr.india.

Geet pouted n she strted going ahead on their way.

Sweety asked her why she is not buying. She answered saying she is confused. Then sweety chided saying let it be, uy any of them.

Maan was silent spectator of the girly talk. When maan’s eyes saw geet’s gloomy face.

Then maan hold geet’s hand n drag her to the stall.

Sweety called out loud where going??? N she too followed them

Maan picked the anklet n gave it to her

Then came close to ear. His breath was falling on her bare exposed neck. It was sending shiver in her petie body getting so closed to him.

“this gonna look beautiful on ur milky feet”


stinna- hy frnds these r my feetLOL n i love my ankletsWink

 n he came to his later position saying it.  It happened in fraction of second tht geet didn’t get time to realize vt happened.

But sweety saw this from far n she was smiling wickedly.

Then there was tap on sweety’s shoulder n she turned to geet scared to hell. A person was standing in front of her wearing a ghost mask, tht hav red big eyes.

He was making some sound n showing his hands tht hav gloves with big nails.

She took off the mask n then she was giving deadly glares to find rohan there.

She scraemd “youuu” rohan ran saving his life

“you r so dead” she ran behind him catching him.

Soon they both disappear in the crowd, in between some of the passers by.

Geet called her to stop, bt she hear nothing.

So now maaneet left alone in new unknown  city, in romantic weather n this time of night,

Geet rubbed her hands feeling the cold while moving to their destination

Maan flushed his hand in his pocket n took out his gloves n forward to geet with a smile.

Without hesitation she grabbed them from maan’s had. With the process their hands come in contact.. then withdrew it back, unknown to the growing sensation within n look on the ground to avoid the eye contact with him..

They walked further when they saw they had lost the track, maan saw here n there. Geet sensed tht smthg was wrong n she asked him the matter.

Maan scratched his head n said cutely “voo I dnt knw the way” geet chuckled seeing his cute expression. 1st time she had an sudden urge to pull his cheeks.

Hy wait vt did he jst say, they r lost???

She rubbed her temples getting stressed.

“are dnt worry yr, chillax, I’ll call prem”

Ohh god geet how stupid is tht, in such a century u hav got phones yr, how u gonna lost. She thought for a while n smiled at her stupidity to think of such thing.

Maan was on a call while prem gave him the directions to the restaurant, he called geet when he saw her smile,

One word left from his mouth seeing her,”beautiful” background was dark n the moonlight was falling over her angelic face, she look no less than a fairy, her face was glowing n due to cold her cheeks had turned crimson color.

Prem’s sound brought him back to reality n he chided himself to hav lost his mind in her.

Then prem told him the way n maan hold geet’s hand n followed prem’s instruction.

Geet kept mum n just followed maan. She was first shocked seeing such a tight hold of maan over his wrist then shrugged though thinking it as he is concerned n as frnd holding her.


Stinna wondering… hmm he been protective n she cant understand. Sigh!!!!


Finally they reached their n had their food.. it was delicious.

They had ordered all Punjabi food.

Then time for some sweet, so they had kheer.

When they returned to hotel it was already 11pm or more.. n were hell tired with the walk. So as soon they hit the bed they went into deep slumber.


PRECAP- dream of romanceWink

do leave ur cmnts.

will be waiting.




5 thoughts on “PART 25

  1. Hey…hru?
    Happy friendships day to u too swty 😀💃
    Hehehe titanic poses n ol😉 n geet was doing wthout Maan nt fair😜😀
    Romantic weather n ol…mast ek dam👌
    Yeh Sab Maan ke piche hi pade h…wht to do Voh h hi itna handsome 👌😉
    Geet gt confused abt d anklet…wen Maan s here nt to fear😉 uski mishtty ko kuch chahiye n he’ll der to buy each n everythng which geet likd or lovd😉😊
    Lovd ur anklet…👌
    Me too lv d anklets 😀
    N dey lost in each other ki Voh restaurant ka rasta hi bhul gaye😜…well done stinna👌😉😀
    Lovd dis update 😀😀 seriously maaza aa gaya😀
    Thnkq so much for lovly update…frdships day ka bhi kuch dal do…in next update…wht say??
    Frds ships day dey’ll ol celebrate der 😀😀wooow
    N Maan n geet giving special gifts to each other…i mean sumthng romantic n ol😉😀
    Baki I think u knw better😀

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