really sorry for the delay.. me holding ears. last sunday was rakhi so was busy n dn this week didnt get time to touch lappy coz of busy clg schedule.

had this bank part in lappy so posting it. sorry for lil short part.. bear this only this time, nxt will be long 1Smile


Next day,

Sunlight hit the glass door of maan’s room, though its really rare tht sun came in the sky, bt its one of tht day.. soon maan got up.. maan being a lazy lad woke up this early tht was more something new.. its jst 6am, he yawned n rubbed his eyes with the back of palm. He lazily stood n sat on the comfy bed, his eyes were closed. Prem was an early riser, he jst came back from washroom, n was shocked seeing maan. He rubbed his eyes to check weather its real or he is seeing a dream.

He called maan to get confirmed n maan jst hummed in monosyllabic tone.

He jumped on the bed n asked vts the matter tht he is awake???

Now how to tell. Actually maan had a dream n with sudden realization he got up at 3am in night n from tht time he was unable to sleep. Now jst he got some sleep bt he again woke up with some sound n tht dream..

He turned towards prem to tell him

“actually prem I had..” he was abt to continue then stopped.

“no nothing..” he shrugged the though of telling him abt his wired though. Then he stood up

“hy dued where????” prem asked him, he thought he wuld again went to sleep bt he was moving towards his bag. Vts the reason.

“gonna hit the gym yr” maan answered taking out his new tracks n went to change .

They were in hotel which had their own restaurant, gym n swimming pool.

Geet being the early riser was now taking the shower.. she washed her hairs n came out. She tried to wake sweety bt she didn’t evn move her lazy bum n covered her face with the duvet.

She took out the one knee length black doted dress n wore it, yeah its cold weather here so she wore denim jeans with long black coat, n pulled the socks n wear black flats with them. Then she wore a red colour woolen hat with while her hairs left open. She adorned her ears wih small studs tht complimented her face, then her eyes with the kohl tht made here eyes evn more beautiful.. usually she avoid applying kohl, bt tody she felt like doing this. She was all ready now. She thought to take a tour of hotel n the get the feel of nature. She moved out n carefully closed the door.

He went to gym.. n stated walking on the treadmill.. slowly he strted increasing the speed. His body was badly sweating. He was still in his thoughts. As the speed increases his muscles flexed in response

He closed his eyes. N same thing flashed infront of his eyes.

“he is dancing holding her protectively from her waist, holding her hands tight, they dance was not jst a mere dance, bt it was passionate yet with a tint of romance. Her brown hazel eyes. Tht smile adorned on her lips. His slowly came close to her neck n blew some air, she arched her neck feeling the warmth. Then he twirl her n now her back was touching his chest, her hairs falling over his face n then move on rhythm, he twirl her again n then they were confronting eachother, bt her strands blocked his way to her face.. he moved his slick finger towards her face n then tucked those strands right behind her ear. Then he saw her. Smiling n blushing.

Tht was it. He was shocked to see geet behind those hair tendrils.

“vts happening maan.. control”

As soon he opened his eyes, he saw her again

He chided himself. “maan vts wrong, firstly u was dreaming her in sleep n now in day time too, u asshole jst shut ur weird thoughts..

Geet was passing by the gym n maan saw her through the mirror glass. It was two sided glass. Person from inner can see u bt the person outside cant see u.

He shut his eyes n then flung open them n there was no1.

“see maan, no1 is there”

Then he moved towards the weight lifting n spend 10min there when his eyes moved to the time, oh shit he is so dam late. They need to report to teacher at 8am, he rushed to his room when he got bumped with her.

She was also coming back catching her breath as she realized she need to wake up sweety, the lazy lad.

Then she bumped with the person, closed her eyes n waiting to get hurt bt two arms encircle her n like she know the warmth, she felt it before too. Like she belongs there.

Slowly opend her eyes to meet with his seductive ones. They were over flowing with emotions. She had never witnessed them like this before.

Awe dam again geet.. bt she was lost in her beauty. She was lost in her touch, then dnt knw how his hand moved against his will n moved those strands behind her ear tht was blocking his way,

The dream flashed infront of his eyes in nano seconds n it was gone. His closeness with her in the dream was smthg he dnt knw.

He made her stand on er feet n went to his room, leaving her all startled.

She didn’t think of it too much n went to her room





4 thoughts on “PART 26

  1. Hey…hru??
    It’s ohk dear……don’t b sry😀
    D update was just mindblowing😀😃😊
    Maan hd a dream😉 wooow
    N abt geet…mast👌
    Gym n ol…sexy n hawty😀
    Lovly thought yr😀
    Itni jaldhi uth gaya Maan…me too was lyk I was dreaming😜😜
    Oye hoye geet was luking damn hawt💃(my imagination😉😀)
    Love d hat n ol😊
    N wen dey meet…maaza aa gaya😀
    Short n cute moment 😍
    Vry cute update 😊😍😊
    Thnkq…waiting 4 d next update😀

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