helloo frnds. 

hows u all????
here another irritating piece of my writing for u all.
its kinda different. firstly it was an OS bt dn it turned out to be a lil long. so making it an SS b it will be of jst 3-4 prts nt more dn that
its a compensating type gift for short updte of dmdLOLLOL
now do read n do let me knw of ur response, only dn u gonna get nxt partWinkWink
aree yr i’ll do nxt typing only as per ur views over this
so shower ur likes n long cmnts. plzzz
pretty plzzz.Smile
here is banner for SS, do tell mee hows it??? spend gud time in making it, n thnx to shruthe di as i made a big blunder while making, bt in end all is fynWink



Girl with her hairs curled, wearing a crisp white shirt. tucked neatly in tight office black straight skirt, ears adorned with small studs, eyes filled with kohl complimenting the orbs in them. She is wearing a 4inch black stiletto. Her looks were to die for. As she passed from the corridor all eyes were glued on her, coz of the aroma tht she carries with herself.  She was with her sister ruhani whose  forehead have some wrinkles of tension. But she cares a damm about the world around her. She is free bird, does vt comes in her heart. she is jolly person vry straight forward. Her lips were adorned with a lopsided smirk.

Wearing a small wrist watch in her hand n checked the time, dam she is hell late. Bt in her dictionary there is no word with name “tension”

Her sister called her as they were now approaching to the conference which they were supposed to attend bt thank god to the accident they had witnessed on the way to the place they got late.

“geet wait, I guess we shd come 2moro now”

Geet… geet handa, an software engineer by profession, actually an intern n she is here for the job. Her ambition  is to make smthg unique tht wuld be helpful though interesting like an explosion. She loves to play pranks n she is best in winning hearts in sec with her buttering.


She smirked seeing her sister n her forehead with droplets of sweat. She handed her handkerchief “chill sissy, I’ll handle from here”

Her sister is also working here from past 1 yr, she knws her boss who is strict bt she is hell bent on making him angry.

She entered the conference bt dam no1 is here. Geet’s mouth formed an O shape. She stomped her foot n then turned to check other sides where she can meet the boss n do her best so tht he recruit her as employee.

She heard abt him from her sister tht he is cold blooded boss, who never think twice before firing an employee n his looks r to  die for, girls r alwz drooling over this greek god. He is best in his field. She is curious to meet him.

She entered  a room, ruhani has left becz of some work, she jst instruct her the way, bt she took a wrong turn to right instead of left n reach there.

She opened the door n peeped inside. She saw here n there n slowly entered making least noise.

As she entered, there were mirrors all around, she can see her reflection in it. She winked seeing herself, “ohh god, geet u luk breath taking” gosh her hobby of alwz complimenting herself.  

She went ahead n found no1. Her eyes caught a thing, she went ahead. There was a red buzzer. Then there was some lights falling from all corners on the glass box tht kept in the middle n there was again a frame to its left n right. She took step forward n her feet pressed smthg on the floor. She  checked bt there was nthg, there was screen kept to its other side, her feet got imprint on it. She  revolve around the glass box n see many red rays intersecting.

She wonders vts all this, being an engineer she is not getting anythg. As she proceed further some light fall in her eyes n she covered her face with her hand. she thought maybe she is at wrong place n she should leave.

Unknown to her some1 was watching her from the other side of the mirror. Who was working on this project. 

As she was running outside a body caught her attention n she moved to tht side. Actually a greek god was coming in her direction, ohh he dressed to kill man, wearing white shirt with a black waistcoat n black trousers. Bluetooth in the ear, he walks like a prince. Attitude ozzes out from his face. He jst passes by her without evn sparing her a look.

Awe her ego was hit a big time. How dare he???

She stomped her foot n followed him.

Person unknown to her smirked seeing her getting angry “welcome to my world geet”

 She turned to the side where he went, bt he was not there anymore, she can only see her reflection in the mirror.

Then again she saw him passing to the other corner n followed him, soon she took the turn he was disappear.

“dam, who put so many mirrors in the room, its like a manipulating game, hell!!!!”

“bt I need to meet him, no matter vt” there was determination in her voice n again followed him. Then he was standing in the middle n his body reflection was on all the 6-7 mirrors surrounding him n soon she entered her reflection too caught in the mirror.

“need to talk to you”  she tapped on the shoulder n he was gone. There was no1.



As she saw no1 thre, disappointment came to her eyes n then anger filled. Her eyes Had fury, she stomped her foot on the floor n moved from thre, here she got lost. She was not finding any way. there so many mirrors around n her reflection in all of them, its all so manipulating.

No prob for her. She took out her phone n open an app. She typed her destination. An map showing the direction opened. Her phone is having advanced features specially she designed it for herself being an software engineer not a big task that is.



Some1 who was watching her smirked “hmm gud move miss.handa


N here she got success in he task n got the way out.

Finally she was out of tht room n she did her collar up’s patting her back“u r so clever geet” again compliment to her.

“hmm so tody I cant meet u, chloo ur bad luck khuraan, bt 2mro u’ll get to meet me if ur stars r gud n winked n left from there bidding adieu to her sis. 


so here was part 1. do let me knw if u like it, dn only u gonna get nxt part

will be giving its updte jldi jdli, pkkaaaLOLLOL

taking out time, by sleepless nights too.


8 thoughts on “ITS MANIPULATING- PART 1

  1. wow this seems to be interesting
    wait he knew her name from when she was talking to the mirror or from before
    but why the games
    hmmm well seems they both are make this very very interesting
    he is good
    but so is she
    will she meet him again
    well if his luck is good then yes
    or else no
    wow this was good with the mirrors and all

  2. wail o the wisp game?mayavi nagri and maan khurana king ha ha ha interesting everywhere magic mirror find me if u clever -ate hi test?maan knows her ? ya sounds interesting update de do.

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