All got ready to leave for their nxt destination

That was rohtang tht was around 50km journey  from their current place. One visiting manali n dnt go to the mountains clad with snow is not possible. At this  time the slopes r snow clad n they turn into perfect skiing slopes. This  point is the centre of attraction.

All settled down in the bus. After abt half hour they stopped at the place. At a shop from where all hav to buy the clothes tht needed to be wear when they reach their, or u can wear from here too

It includes a full suit with long shoes, gloves n hat.

Some students also took skiing boards.

These r not available at government rates so u need to bargain it, n best in bargain may get at cheap rates or other may become a bakra of the shopkeepers n mode of their earnings.

Geet was trying a full pink blue suit n sweety was fighting with shopkeeper to lessen the price.

Rosy- bhaiyaa see, we’ll buy 4 suits, so u need to give us discount

Sweety- aree bhai lga lo na

Geet- han han bhaiyaa.. ur prices r way to high.

Bt shopkeeper was not reducing the price

Then maan came their who was holding a cool skiing board n was abt to get it .

Maan- aree chlo bhai hum ye bhi le lete hai, abhi btao kitna lgaoge????

They will buy all these stuffs at rent n then after coming back they need to return them their things

Maan dragged sweety, geet to out of shop “chlo yr we’ll not get it from here, lets see another shop”

Then shopkeeper stopped them n reduce the price a lil

Maan- aree no no, itne mei toh hume piche vali shop vala bhi de rha tha, u need to lower down the price. N we r taking so many things. Now tell the price, or many shops r there

After some more drama, they spent around half hour in selecting their costumes n wore them .

They click pics with different poses.


Now they r heading towards the mountains covered with snow n snow n only snow. The way was vry dangerous. U need to be very careful while driving.


While in bus.

Sweety- hmm kriya where was u??? while we were purchasing the dresses???

Kriya- ohh I dnt like the way u guys bargain, so I went ahead to get this


Stinna wonders such a attitude, gadhi agr inke sath hoti, u hav to pay less.


Sweety- how much did u pay???

Kriya- hmm 350/- n 100 for shoes. She gave a smile n then all others brust into laughter hearing the price

Maan- oh hoo kriya.. we paid jst half of it, n as we wre taking so many dresses so got some more discount. 


This made kriya’s mood foul n she sat with a pout on her seat.

Maan being best buddy of her went to her, exchange the seat with the person she was sitting

Seeing him there she smiled bt didn’t turned to his side.

Maan tried to manofy him. He promised to take him to her fav place when they will return n her mood was all fresh

“drama queen” geet muttered under her breath



Soon they reached to their place, bt due to vacations many visitors were their n they need to park the buses at some distance n have to walk to reach at the main point.

U can also ride on horses, so it was decided in this way as it was abt 2km by walk.

2 horses were tagged with a rope .

Geet said she will come by walk as she is scared of horses, n she cant sit on it. Maan, sweety prem all were trying to make her agree to sit, nthg will happen.

Tanu hurriedly sat on horse n she called maan’s name

“irritator” maan said in low voice.

“chipku” said by sweety n geet

Geet was not liking the way tanu was alwz near maan, n trying to flirt with him

“hy maan, plzz click a pic of mine n gave a toothy big smile to him. Maan cant do anythg so he was abt to take out his mob when rohan came n said he will do it.

Maan mouthed a thanku to him from saving from her

All went on their horses n geet was walking.

Maan went to get the skiing boards he left in the bus.

When maan came no1 there. He then climbed on his horse thinking others went ahead n he will catch them when reach there.

Maan saw geet walking with a stick n he coolly sitting on the horse n riding in between. When he was near geet he tapped on her shoulder“hy darpok”

Geet shot an angry glare to him

oh hoo.. u look oldy type yr” he said pointing towards the stick she was carrying

Then in return he got another daggers from geet’s eyes

“come geet, there nothing to worry. Like this u will reach their late n also get tired”

no m okk, u carry on” geet said n walked passed him


Maan ride further leaving geet

When geet saw maan going she stomped her foot “huhh mje chod k chla gya??”


Stinna- elloo khud hi toh usse bhejdia. Ab pachtaooo


After 5 mins of walk

“hayee geet vts need to be so adamant. Yr when I’ll reach, moreover no1 accompany me. Babaji. Why???”


She then heard some1 calling her name. she turned to see maan sitting on a big stone near a stall.

Geet was feeling something, a happy feel like he waited for her. She smiled with the thought

She went near him

“so vt r u doing  here???” geet asked

Maan showed him the plate that he was holding, full of maggi n then smelled it closing his eyes, relishing the smell of hot hot maggi errupting from it.

“having my fav food, tumhe kam dikhne lga hai kya???? Maan replied alwz in mood to tease her

“btw where r ur specks? Tabhi I guess u asking such silly questions. ?? Maan asked

“why u cant give me simple answer” geet asked getting irritated

 “coz u alwz ask foolish questions yr” then maan pulled her from arm n made her sit on the stone near her n forwarded her the maggi. First she ignored bt then gave into maan’s will

They had their maggi together 



3 thoughts on “PART 27

  1. Hey…I’m gud;h r u?
    Oh wooow what an amazing update yr😀👌
    Paisa vasol wala update tha😜😊
    Dey r going toh rohtang pass…mast
    Full of snow snow § snow ❄️
    Shopping n ol 👌
    N after dat horse riding…awesum👌😉
    Grt idea stinna…😊
    Geet afraid f horse riding…nw dis wll b sumthng vry interesting.…coz we ol knw kuch bhi ho jaye Maan never leaves his geet😍👌
    N finally he was waiting for her n dey were having maggi…vry lovly stinna 👌😀👌
    Beautiful update…waiting for d next

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