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Geet returned with a grumpy face to parking, she  was here to meet the khurana, bt she couldn’t.

When she opened the dorr of car, she suddenly jumped back. Something like pricked in her palm by touching the handle. She checked the palm, it got slightly reddish. She was already in bad mood, tht added like a oil to fire. She cursed her car. then bite her tongue

ohh sorry my baby“. She caressed on the window pane . she loves her car a lot, she bought it from her own money on making a gadget,

“sorry wont scold u again, bt see I got hurt na”

She then hopped into the car when she noticed something written on the mirror when she settled it to see the back view.


She was startled with this, how come the text written. Within  3-4 sec it disappear. She checked behind, there was nothing.

Now all this was hell confusing. She mulled over this bt at that moment she was not getting it. Vt does tit for tat???


Someone, who  it can be??? MAAN. Watching her from his cabin on his transparent screen. Tht was giving him the clear view of his angel.

He smirked seeing her baffled.  


Sometime before,

 when geet came to the conference room searching him, for attending the meeting. Maan was in his cabin, he opened the drawer n took out a gadget which looks like a gun, it was small, whose pointer was thick.

He directed it outside n a laser emitted out from it n it hit the door of her car, then he removed the cap from front n a new pen type shape formed. he directed it the back pane of car.

He wrote “TIT FOR TAT” on his computer screen then hurriedly moved his fingers over it. It opened many dialogue boxes asking for options.

He set the timer n smirked evilly thinking over the past, their first meet, not actually a meeting, bt when he first saw his angel n fall deeply in love with his geeky lady..



That day, 1 month before when geet came to pick her sis ruhani from office, she was getting wild on seeing the similar car their, she attached something on his car n then moved out from their. Maan saw her doing this, being the best in this field he knew vt she did.

So when he was to get back, being the owner, vts the need to open the door himself. Guards are alwz at his service for his evry lil work. A security person came n opened when he jumped back with shock. His hand got some marks with it.

Geet attached a shocker device on it. Tht will send shock to ur body by pressing over it. Once pressed the device fall from where it was attached. It is too tiny tht u cant see it with naked eyes.

Maan was dazzled with her mind. She is perfect.




So tody he made her taste her own trick.

She should also knw with whom he had messed with.

Geet then put her foot on accelerator n moved out from their.

She is totally pissed off.


She returned home n she blasted on evry person that come face to face with her. She lived in a big mansion of her father, have 5-6 servants following her.

She went to her mom’s room n hugged her tight closing her eyes

Her mom knws her in and out. she patted her back n the moved her palm on her hairs.

“hmm so who dare to mess with my baby??”

Whenever she is stressed, confused or happy, anythg she jst run n hugged her mom tight n poured her heart out to her.

“dnt knw mom”

She broke the hug n looked at her dear daughter.

“mom tht jerk, bloody asshole”. She got an angry glare from her mother tht was enough to shut her mouth n to stop using such profanities.

Mom, I went to meet tht khurana. Aree the khadoos boss of di. My company had sent me there for meeting n to make him agree for amalgamation though as per his big prestige every1 says he wont agree. N dy challenged me..

She made a puppy i-m-so-innocent face “I agreed with tern tht I’ll resign” she closed her eyes sayng the last bit.

Her mom don’t like her doing the job somewhere when there was no such need. Bt she is proud of her daughters who believe in doing evrythg of their own.

“so finally u r leaving this job???”

noways mom, how u can think like that????”

“actually m more mad over smthg,, u knw mom, see she showed her hand. tht was better now bt had a tiny scratch on it.

“I got hurt” “I’ll soon find who did this. Moreover there was message tit for tat. Huhhh”

Her mom laughed “thts why I alwz say stop irritating others. U mst hav did somthg to some poor soul n he took revenge. As simple as that”

She stomped her foot seeing her mom taking side of some stranger n went to her lab that was in outhouse.

She tried to make some new things by mixing some chemicals n then poured it in another glass. N then attached some wires with it. Next moment “BOOOM” a loud noise echoed n here again her lab witnessed another blast of this madam.

She shot a angry glare up “such a bad day. Plzz erase this day from my life” talking to her GOD asking to show some mercy on her.


After changing she mulled over today’s incident a lot when suddenly she remembered she too used the similar trick on some car.

She opened her phone n the app tht she used n then history of it.

It showed some numbers n next moment she got the 1 she is searching for.

She searched it. It showed similar results “confidential”

Next step she opened her lappy n then work on making a software by using the program languages .

She is fully engrossed  in her work n finally she is able to track it.

She did a small bhagra sitting on the couch n stuffed her mouth with some chips.

It showed results “ADITIYA CHOPRA” hmmm so r the jerk. Bt who r u????  dnt worry I’ll knw abt ur kundli.. she did a evil laugh.

Soon she dozed off  working on her lappy.


At same time.

Maan’s cell beeped with another message.

He got notification that some1 again searched his car number.

He got it before also, that time he was overloaded with work so didn’t think more over it.

Tody he searched the number from which it has been done.

He is having app “caller id” with advanced features tht provide u vry quick results direct from the phone directory.

It showed the results “handa’s” pic was attached to it with geet showing her tongue.

He smiled seeing her such a adorable pic.

Ohh dam this girl is making him crazy.

“hmmm so u recall n trying to knw me, continue sweetheart”

so hows it????

hope u will like it.

m dnt knw anythg abt technicalities. using writers freedom n penningdown my imagination.

will be waiitng for ur views. plzz keep showering ur love.


9 thoughts on “ITS MANIPULATING- PART 3

  1. oh my my
    this is getting more intriguing
    so seems they are both out to out smart the other
    and manipulate too
    maan and geet they are too much
    but so cute
    adi is doomed
    lord save him from geet handa
    so what is maan planning next
    and what will geet do to adi
    lets wait and watch

  2. Its really different,in clg we says it will be different when intelligent people do smting,out of d world type,and d maaneet here it is nt jst intelligent,dey are really title for tat,eagerly waiting for nxt part

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