She then heard some1 calling her name. she turned to see maan sitting on a big stone near a stall. 

Geet was feeling something, a happy feel like he waited for her. She smiled with the thought 

She went near him

“ow vt r u doing  here???” geet asked

Maan showed him the plate that he was holding, full of maggi n then smelled it closing his eyes, relishing the smell of hot hot maggi errupting from it. 

“having my fav food, tumhe kam dikhne lga hai kya???? Maan replied alwz in mood to tease her

“btw where r ur specks? Tabhi I guess u asking such silly questions. ?? Maan asked

“why u cant give me simple answer” geet asked getting irritated

 “coz u alwz ask foolish questions yr” then maan pulled her from arm n made her sit on the stone near her n forwarded her the maggi. First she ignored bt then gave into maan’s will 

They had their maggi together 


Then maan said to come on horse with him, by walk she will get tired. 

Geet agreed n both sat on the horses.. 

After 15 min they reached their. The view left all dumbfounded. So many ppls gathered their. 

Some ppl ridding on the tubes, some doing skiing, some clicking the pics on the decorated area. 

People  throwing snow balls on eachother 

When maaneet entered they saw a big para-glide in  the air n coming towards their side. 

Geet got scared seeing it n nthg came to her mind to what to do. 

Slowly she saw it coming closer then her fingers got entangled with some1. Awe she recognized the touch. Who it can be?? Maan. Who save her evrytime when she is in any trouble. 

Suddenly she was pulled to the right side n both fell on the snow n the paraglide passed her by touching her feet n then it rolled further 

Stinna- guys this incidence happened with me when I went their, that time my sis actually pushed me to other side n saved me, bt my legs got fully into the snow LOL

Geet fell with maan underneath . 

Her hat was thrown  away with sudden pull n her hairs flung open n fall on maan’s face. 

Her hairs covered both their faces n maan saw her angelic eyes. 

Maaahiii maahiii ve maaahiii

Maan removed the hair tendrils falling on their face with his slick finger, then maan’s touch send shivers in geet’s body. She was feeling Goosebumps with such close proximity. Then geet tried to stand up bt then again fell on maan’s chest. geet struggled to get out of the grip. Then maan sat their as his legs were dug into the snow. N helped geet in standing. Then geet gave him her hand to help him in stand. Then both stood their 

Unknown to them some1 clicked pics of them in such position. Who it can be??? Sweety n kritika. 

Prem came their running asking how they r??? he saw them coming n also then getting into all this mess.

Something chilled touched geet’s neck n she turned too see her sister with a snow ball in her hand n with a wicked smile .’the next target was maan. He turned n glared sweety. 

He collected some snow n throw it on sweety, bt she escaped n ran then she came behind geet. 

Maan took some more snow n throw it n it fell on geet. 

Geet got angry n next all were fighting n throwing snow alls on eachother. Giggling playing n laughing

Next they went to hav a ride on tyre tubes. 

For this they need to walk at lil height from where u will sit on the tube n they will push u down n u will come down sliding. 

Sweety n rosy went first. Then maan n prem went. Karan n kritika was not trying this n they were talking to some other side 

Kriya was accompanied with tanu. 

 Only person left was geet. Who was standing down n seeing all of them n clicking pics. She was afraid seeing it. As while coming down the tube can hit into anythg. 

Kriya n tanu both hit with some persons. 

Stinna- again this happened with me n I n my sis came out of the tube n fell in the snow. I take this ride 2 timesBig smileLOL

Then maan litrely dragged geet n made her to try this 

prem was from very beginning thinking abt smthg being fishy, n now their bonding n maan’s concern for geet proved evrythg rite tht maan liked geet. 

Kriya was fuming like why maan alwz behind geet to made her do things. 

Maan n geet sat in the tube n they were pushed down. Geet screamed loudly n closed her eyes. Maan asked her to open n she screamed more loudly seeing the speed with which they were coming down. 

sideee.. hat jaooo” geet sacremed telling the ppl to move aside tht were standing.

Maan laughed seeing geet.

Soon they reached down n both actually fell in the snow with geet underneath maan. 

Geet’s back got hurt with the hit. Maan moved aside n hold her stomach while laughing. Geet rubbed her back “ouuchhh” 

She stood up n went from their .

“aree geet it was soo much fun” maan followed her

Sweety asked “did she enjoy” 

Geet said it was okk

Next thing was skiing. No1 knows how to ride it. So firstly maan tried n he fell back on his knees. 

Evry1 laughed seeing maan. 

Geet was the one who laughed loudly. 

Maan got angry n stood up “geet” he said greeting his teeth. 

Geet ran from their n maan behind him. Maan was faster n he catches geet n then hold her from back on her stomach n then twirled her around. 

“maan plzz leave. U too laughed na, so tit for tat” 

“no geet m not gonna leave u. wait”

Maan bend a lil down holding her arm n took some snow n put it in her suit. 

Ohh some sensations came into her body n she shivered. 

The same geet did with maan. 

Both were again throwing snow on each other. 

All of them tried doing skiing bt none knew how to do it. 

Next maan walked ahead with prem to try paragliding. They need to walk at some height to fly on it. . 

It was really worth to watch view form tht height. Ppl will be seen like ants walking. Evrythg jst white. N the weather uff too cold. Both were shivering. 

They tried it n it was grt fun. 

It was getting the time to leave the place. 

So they all sat on the shop to hav some food. 

Maggi is the main thing u should try if u r going to some hilly areas, they r the most delicious things. 

So all ordered maggi n hot tea, to get some warm. 

After spending such a grt time their they returned to the bus n moved back to the hotel.

It was evening 6pm by then n all were hell tired with the day event n retired to their respective rooms 

PRECAP- NTHGConfusedConfused

it was already typed n my lappy’s browser had been crashed so posting from another lappy, this 1 is new n dnt hav any soft installed. 

will snd lappy to doctor soon n dn give nxt updte

same of my ss


9 thoughts on “PART 28

  1. Hey
    Woooow…what an awesum update yr
    Sachi mei it’s just mindblowing👌
    Lovly yr Maaneet enjoying each other company 😍
    Geet don’t want to go bt hw Maan see his geet lyk dis…lovly yr😍👌
    Itni jaldhi dey r going…… koi nai
    Vry beautifully written stinna👌😊😊
    Ur lappy taking d medicine prescribed by d doc😜😜
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