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Maan’s cell beeped with another message. 
He got notification that some1 again searched his car number. 
He got it before also, that time he was overloaded with work so didn’t think more over it. 
Tody he searched the number from which it has been done. 
He is having app “caller id” with advanced features tht provide u vry quick results direct from the phone directory.
It showed the results “handa’s” pic was attached to it with geet showing her tongue.
He smiled seeing her such a adorable pic. 
Ohh dam this girl is making him crazy. 
“hmmm so u recall n trying to knw me, continue sweetheart”
While working on lappy geet went into deep slumber. 
Nxt day when she wokeup, she was fully engrossed in her lappy. 
At night.
Maan was working on his lappy. He had the habit of doing work n making new programs late in night. He was of view tht during night, the silence that prevails in the darkness of night gives u the ideas tht morning sunlight don’t give. Evry1 have their own set of thinking’s. 
When evry1 sleeps in the night n dreams, he wakes in the night n try to fulfill his dreams.
Its 2am when his cell beeped. 
He was shocked why will some1 call him at this time ,he checked the caller id
he received the call to hear the voice of his frnd. On other  side his best buddy adi was speaking. Actually scratching his head. 
Through his voice maan guessed tht he is pissed off 
Maan asked him vts the matter tht he is calling him at this time of night. 
Then here starts adi’s description. 
Reason behind his gone laugh. N tht he is calling from police station. Maan hurriedly wear his shirt n strted driving. 
Maan said him not to worry n he is reaching in a  moment. 
Adi said tht police came to his place n arrested him. On asking on vt reason they said that he is blamed for calling girls n using abusive language with them .
Maan reached there to see him sitting on a bench. 
He walked in with his own aroma surrounding him. Head held up high with attitude. 
In matter of few seconds n some calls he was back in his car with adi. He got him bailed, in jst 1 call n adi was free.
Both were returning home. 
On the way they discussed how this happened. Maan said the police to get the investigation done. Till then adi’s phone will be in their custody. 
Maan dropped him to his home n left to his own. 
In afternoon.
Adi was at home, as its Sunday. He was chilling while having big bowl of popcorns n cold drink n watching movie. His door bell rang as he opened he was greeted by some ppl saying they hav come to check on their house, their wiring setting. Adi asked tht he didn’t give complaint of any such sort. 
Then person said its complimentary from company side. They will check their wiring  jst to ensure evrythg is fine. 
Adi agreed n let them come in. 
After abt half hour they left.
Adi got msg in his phone “READY??”
(dnt think how he got phone, yr rich person hav phonesWink)
He got confused with such message. 
The the door bell rang n when he opened a small toy car entered. Making him jump on his feet. 
Some music strted to play in the car n it strted moving in the house. 
Adi took it n then take out batteries from it. 
Through the window a helicopter toy came in n strted revolving around adi’s head. He was startled with sudden arrival of toy n he fell on the couch. 
On the other side, the person handling this device, the helicopter with attached camera’s on it. was laughing her heart out. holding her stomach.
She jumped on her victory, seeing such tensed face of adi. 
“huhh, results of getting messed with geet.. u fool” 
After moving for abt 10 mins in his house, it stopped n adi had a sigh of relief. 
 Then late 9 in night he got 2-3 calls asking his price for 1 night. 
 This was more of a shock. The calls were from girls as well as boys.
He shouted on the persons tht call. 
Then he went to sleep. Bt the phone calls made his night sleepless. 
He made his phone switch off bt then calls came on his landline number. He took out the wire. N then he called maan. He asked him to come to his place. 
Maan having no option reached their. How he can deny to his buddy. 
He banged the door n went in. 
“vts the matter adi?”  
“maan plzz save yr, I dnt kw vts happening. He dictated in evng incident to him. Maan checked the number from where he got the message. 
He asked adi to bring his laptop so that he  can find out person behind all this. 
Maan immediately logged into sites, software meant for this purpose. 
He entered the number tht provided to be registered with name of some “ASHOK” 
Jst then his laptop got shutdown. He tried opening it bt of no use. 
Maan took his phone n tried to login to the website tht flashed crashed. 
“dam, hows this possible, how come this happen?”
“maan sm1 is behind me I guess, trying to tarp me” his voice sounded cracked like crying.
“u dnt worry adi, I’ll find it out soon. U get some sleep. Or else lets get to my home”
He both to KM. adi went to sleep n maan how he can sleep. 
He strted working on the lappy. He made it work n the trying to track the IP address from where virus came to adi’s laptop. Then smthg clicked in maan’s mind. Adi said some person came to his home in evng. 
Maan had picked both the toys n adi’s laptop with him. 
While working he dozed off. 


10 thoughts on “ITS MANIPULATING- PART 4

  1. she is really naughty
    poor adi man
    and he didnt even do anything
    it was all maan
    this is what happens when you divert attention from yourself mate
    all this is her doing
    and guess he might just find out
    so funny
    but not for adi
    poor dude
    this geet i tell ya

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