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Maan had picked both the toys n adi’s laptop with him.

While working he dozed off.


Geet was watching the condition of adi through the cameras inserted in the helicopter toy. But soon she dozed off, so she was of no clue with whom the toy is at the moment.


She woke up nxt morning, yawning n patted the back of her palm on her opened mouth. Her eyes were half opened n hav immense sleep residing in them .

Lazily she opened them while rubbing it

ufff why this sun comes this early” she hates waking early in morning.

Then she opned her lappy jst to check out the progress in the condition of the person who dare to mess with her. She is sure tht she did make his life hell tht for 1 day only.

she had a big grin, wicked smile on her lips thinking abt his facial expression yesterday.

The screen was blank. Then she moved the cursor n n camera focused n the view jst left her awestruck.


She was amazed with view n her eyes were now shot opened.

Vt she saw???

A man wearing a black vest, showing his toned body, in deep slumber.  His French beard is way to attractive n the best part on such greek god’s face. His perfect M shape lips were so alluring.

She just kept gaping at him

The word left from her mouth seeing such a masterpiece infront of her naked eyes “DREAMY

She was just shamelessly drooling over him. She took the lappy in her lap n continue her drooling session.


Maan was checking out the toy when he dozed off on the chair itself n toy was right infront of him.

Maan stirred in his sleep. Then geet got alert n realized vt she was doing.

Maan changed his position, he was sleeping in an uncomfortable position,

Then both heard a sound. Maan got irritated n tried to open his eyes.

Sound was from his mobile, it was ringing. He received the call without glancing the caller id. He jst hummed n cut the call.

He got up n went somewhere.

Geet’s expression changed.

aree where he gone” she asked herself. She couldn’t bear the thought of him moving away from her sight.

Maan went to take shower. He was informed of an urgent meeting, so he need to rush.

Geet moved the cursor n tried to change the position of the camera. It moved the view to left n right direction. Then she saw a big king sized bed to its left. The interior was totally black n white.  She was impressed with the choice of this person.

Then she heard the sound of click n she moved the camera’s focus to other sides. She could see the sexy legs of the man she was admiring a moment ago.

Then focus moved to upward n then she gaped at him.

Ufff he is standing with his bare body , showing his muscular body.  With look she guessed he jst came out taking the shower n water droplets were making the way  from his hairs to down of his neck.

A current gushed through her body.

“sexy” only words escaped from her mouth,

The white towel was hanging on his neck, he moved the towel to his hairs, with movement his body muscles flexed. Showing how perfect his body structure is.

Her gaze moved to his intoxicating eyes. Awe they were like deep ocean n she can actually swim in them without any doubt, any fear n willingly would do it.

Then again he was out of her sight.

When he moved she realized., she too need to take the shower n rush to her office.

Then she kept the lappy on table n rushed to washroom n ake a quick bath so that she dnt miss any view of his MR.dreamy

When she returned he was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly she realized that clip must be recorded

She the click the backward button n then her eyes were again stuck on the laptop screen admiring him

He was now in his office attire, white crisp shirt, perfectly ironed accompanied with black waist coat n black trousers. With matching black n white lined tie.

She looked up n “babaji how can sm1 be this perfect??? Ohh sorry sorry 2nd perfect coz 1st toh mai hu na” she giggled

Awe she love herself so much.

She then kept it on recording  n decided to check the previous clip later as she was getting late as usual.


Maan went to office attending some meetings. When his eyes caught the attention of his mobile.

He called the detectives n instruct them to bring out the tody’s schedule of geet handa. Not a big deal for him to find her locations.

He was having the doubt tht geet must be behind all this, but he was not having any proof for this.

Firstly he was been called by the cops stating that the number from which adi got the message was obtained from fake id

Then he tried to find the IP address of the PC from where the virus emitted to his software n crashed adi’s laptop. He was unable to do so.

The results were fake too.


(stinna- hmm not alwz maan must be 1 step ahead of geet na??? geet is too smarter)


Geet while transforming the virus by hacking the id of adi. She inserted a green chip in her lappy so that her IP address cant be detected.

She too have a mastermind.

After performing her task she crashed the chip inserted n had a big grin on her way too smart work.


Geet got the call when she was in office working of some racing. She instantly agreed. She can never deny to any challenge. Its her passion to try different things.


Maan was being informed of her going out somewhere n then the destination too got messaged to him n the reason of her being there.

Maan dismissed the detectives n hurried to place where her geeky love is having fun. 








10 thoughts on “ITS MANIPULATING – PART 5

  1. oh ho
    drooling over maan are we dear
    of course she is
    man she was not removing her eyes from him
    but then if he had the same opportunity he would so do it too
    2nd best
    lord this geet
    so naughty she is
    adi ki toh band baja hi di
    saath mein she gotta see maan in all his sexiness
    haiyye kya baat hai
    way to go
    so she is going racing
    and him too
    this should be fun

  2. Awesome one,oops… Geet checking out maan that too from the start of her day,obviously the day will go awesome for her,and it has gone also,as maan can’t find her ip address,waiting for nxt part

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