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Geet hurried to a place not before changing

She reached to the destination.

It’s a hill type area .many people gathered over the place, all were the spectators of this race.

The winner of the race is to be awarded a certain amount of money.

geet was wearing a tight body fitted black jeans with black spaghetti n jacket over it. With matching 3inches heels. Her wrist was adorned with steel grey coloured set of 10 bangles. As she reached their on her byke, she was wearing a helmet . as soon she removed the helmet , a glowing smoky look appeared n all whistling n hooting started seeing such hot girl in the racing area. Her hairs were left opened.

She gently massaged her hand in the hairs n shook her head, hold the helmet to left side near her waist, then walked elegantly like she is the show stopper in some show. Reached to the stage.

Race was announced n all other contestants or u can say participants were on their respective bykes, geet shows first a thumbs up n then it turned to thumbs down.

She knws her abilities n believe tht no1 can beat her, she is the best.

Person showed the flag n the race started.

As per her instincts, she knws n she won the race.

All people gathered clapped for her, she alwz participate in such races n she is the ultimate winner.

She was soo happy, she loves to win. After removing the helmet she gave flying kisses saying thanku thanku.. awe she is flattered.


After the break there was another race organized.

Meantime she called her sissy ruhani n darling mom telling abt her winning.

Soon persons gathered then race started again.

She was again the one beating others.

But soon the tables turned.  A byke came close to her, she was startled with sudden arrival as no1 was any way near to her, how come this byke came??? The person too was wearing the helmet, he saw towards geet side when geet was seeing him, carefully.

He with his slick fingers open up the helmet glass n saw her like winked to her. Then shut it down.

Geet saw his eyes, really they were dreamy.

Then in matter of 2 sec the byke zoomed passed her. She saw ahead, the gas was emitting from the byke, it was nowhere to be seen.

“freak!!!!! Dhoom byke???” geet said.

Then she geared up her byke n speed up. Then she saw the byke ahead of her

Both started giving attitude to each other. No1 chose to lose, so much similar. Bt the winner has to be one.

The finishing line was coming close.

Then suddenly the byke slow downs n with the speed geet going she crossed the finishing line n won the race.

People clapped n hooted for her again.

She stooped the byke with loud sound n turned it round, then  saw the other byke moved to other side.

She removed her helmet n moved to stage to gather the prize amount. N jumped.

Bt her eyes were stealing glances to some other person. She was keenly watching to his side. Decided to meet him up.


He was sitting on his byke with his back facing her.

She stood beside him n tapped to his shoulder.

As soon he turned she was shocked to see him

The same person on whom she was drooling shamelessly in the morning. He is actually sitting infront of her naked eyes.


When maan reached their , he saw she gonna start the race, he was awestruck to see her, she is looking  dam sexy in this attire, he felt like falling for her all over again.

When the second race was abt to start, he thought to show her his glimpse.

He immediately punched some numbers on his phone n called some1. In next 5 mins, he got his desired high speed, technological byke beside him.

He hopped on it n joined the race, that was already started, bt he reached close to her beating evry1, n leaving them behind.

Reaching close to her, he winked to her n zoomed away, 

Bt he dnt want his lady love to lose, so when they were reaching to finish line, he slows down n she won.

He was happy seeing her glowing face with the victory.


When geet tapped on maan’s shoulder, he turned to witness the shocked expressions of her. He didn’t knw the reason of that kinda face.

So he asked by bringing his brows closer.

Maan then forwarded his hand n congratulate her for winning.

She was still numb n absentmindedly shook her hand with him’as soon  their skin came in contact with eachother.

A shiver ran down through her body

Geet was gawking at him

awe he is more hot in reality” she said in low voice.

Maan didn’t get it “did u said smthg??” so he asked

That brought geet back from her la la la land n she straighten herself.

“voo..” she was now back to normal to her attitude self.

btw really nice byke, with latest instant speedup, jst launched.

Maan nodded.

“vaise why did u lose??” she asked out of blue.

Geet knew he did it intentionally so she asked.

Maan came close to her, nearly a mere inches away from her. The breath was fanning on her face,

coz I want u to win” he said smirking n then moved back, while geet was lost with such close proximity,

Then maan snapped his fingers infront of her eyes to bring her back from dreamland.

Maan moved closer n moved his hand near to her waist n dn pulled her close, with the pull she crashed with his big broad chest. her hairs came infront of face blocking the way to see her angelic face.

Maan brought his hand closer n tucked those strands behind her ears.

Moved near to her ear “btw u were good” 

When maan’s hand came in contact with her skin  she was back to normal n was staring him with attitude.

I know that” She replied back

Getting instant reply he stepped back.

Geet opened her mouth to say smthg bt then chose to keep mum .

Maan turned to leave when she called

“hy” she ran to him n came face to face.

I must owe u a treat then. So lets meet, in 2 days, its  my birthday”

Maan again came close to her, really close, that no space for air left n touched the corner of her lips with his M shaped ones.

as u say” he whispered getting close to her n left from there

Leaving geet having Goosebumps. Her cheeks turned to crimson colour.

“aweee dreamy!!!!!!! M in love” she smile n too left from there. 

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9 thoughts on “ITS MANIPULATING – PART 6

  1. he didnt
    but he did for her
    of course he did
    aww so cute and sweet of him
    he lost on purpose huh
    and she knew too
    so first race she wont
    but second she wont due to him
    hmmm well competition was between them
    but how can he make her lose
    she saw her dreamy in real too
    but she doesnt know he is same man she is searching for
    as in her sister boss
    so meeting on her birthday
    well this is gonna be interesting
    wait he did just pecked her lips right
    oyye hoyye

  2. Woww…it’s soooooo perfect moment…plz update fast na..btw make geet show some attitude in front of
    Him seems maan love teasing her

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