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“I must owe u a treat then. So lets meet, in 2 days, its  my birthday

Maan again came close to her, really close, that no space for air left n touched the corner of her lips with his M shaped ones.

“as u say” he whispered getting close to her n left from there

Leaving geet having Goosebumps. Her cheeks turned to crimson colour.

aweee dreamy!!!!!!! M in love” she smile n too left from there.


Geet reached her home humming in her dreamy la la land.

“aj mai upr, asmaan niche” she was blushing n twirling around in her home.

Like her feet not touching the ground remembering the touch of his lips to hers. Its was jst a sec moment evn though it had certain imprint to her heart.

She told her mother that she want a big birthday party. Her mother readily agreed. She jst want her daughter’s happiness. She was so much delight to see her daughter this happy.

Geet went to her room n her eyes caught her laptop sight. She hurriedly picked it up to get his one glimpse, his hotty

She checked the video. Bt he was nowhere to be seen. She waited n waited bt still no sign. Getting no other option. She rewind the morning clip n saw the video when he came out taking the bath. Geet gave a dreamy look by putting her hand on her chin. She lazily took one cushion n placed it her lap n laid on the big comfy couch while the laptop on the table.


On the other hand, maan was busy in doing some really important work, working on project. Bt morning incident was still fresh in his mind. He kissed her. Oh gosh!!!! N she didn’t evn said anythg. He mentally slammed himself.

{Listen to the song}


Aww.. Jaane kab hothon pe
Dil ne rakh di dil ki baatein
Samjha nahi yeh dil
Isko hum toh rahe samjhaate

“bt maan through her look vt u can say??” he asked himself.

“maybe she too likes u dude?”  he thought for a while imagining how she was fully lost in him. She was also saying something.

He tried to recall but nothing came to his mind.

Maine dekha tujhe bhula ke
Har ek tarqeeb laga ke
Har nuskhe ko aazma ke
Par dil se kabhi na utre 

“m missing her dam!!!” he sat on the chair n thought of something, vt she might be doing??? Is it possible tht she too thinking like him??

“dude she invited u on her b’day, it is special.. yeah!!!” he smiled thinking abt the her.

Then he went to his transparent screen big laptop n pressed some buttons over it.

An application opened. He filled her number GPS system flashed, it showed the map of area, showing her location.

He followed it n then he with the help of satellite system open the cameras. He was so dam missing her, so cant wait for 2 days to get her glimpse.

Hangover teri yaadon ka
Hangover teri baaton ka
Hangover teri yaadon ka
Hangover teri baaton ka

The screen showed a big mansion, alongside showing the location of the phone.

“hmm so u live here, waiting to meet u again”

He focused the cameras bt he was unable to get her any glimpse.

“maan.. ufff u dnt hav any clue where she is in this big house. U hav to wait”

Dejected he switched off the laptop n thought of getting back to home.

He took his car keys n went home. Its dark outside n lil drizzle also. The weather was romantic. He want her by his side, he want to hold her tight from her waist n … He is getting wild thoughts when he halted infront of his house.

He went to his room. N thumped on the bed to get her dreams.


Geet was uncomfortably sleeping on the couch. She slept waiting for him .

She yawned trying to open her gloomy eyes.

Jaane kab meri neend udi
Soyi soyi raaton mein
Jaane kab mera haath gaya
Soneya tere haathon mein, aww

“where he was whole night??” he thought. N then saw the laptop screen. It got switched off as its ON whole night n need to be charged. She plugged it n went for shower. She was taking the bath while singing.

“m gonna meet u.. la laa.. I gotta hold u tight.. yeee yeee”

“m sooo carving.. yaaa yaa”

Her bath was over alongwith the singing session. She was wearing her bath robe n her hairs tied with towel. She throw so many clothes on the bed n then ran to her laptop.

She switched it on.

Chal badhte teri ore
Main jab bhi kadam uthati hoon
Jaaun tujh se door door
Toh paas tere aa jaati hoon

 She moved the cursor to find where he is??? He was again not in room.

“uff!!! If he dnt want to be in his room, then  why he built it?

She made a pouty face.

A smile appeared on her lips  n her eyes twinkled. She saw him finally. Uff again that hot look. He is driving her insane.

Hangover teri yaadon ka
Hangover teri baaton ka
Hangover teri yaadon ka
Hangover teri baaton ka

Maan came out taking shower. He throw the wet towel on the bed n moved to his dressing room, he came wearing a white shirt with blue denim jeans, he dressed to kill.

He moved near the mirror n gelled his hair, he left the 3 buttons of his shirt open

Geet gasped with his looks.

He checked himself in the mirror n was to leave

“aree wait.. apne button toh bnd krooo” she fumed thinking other girls would drool on him, no that should not be happening.

Stinna wonders geet abhi se possesive haan????WinkWink

Bt hw he can hear her voice. So he went out leaving geet behind.

Geet went n took while shirt  n blue jeans n wore them.

She checked herself “perfect” n blew a flying kiss.


She was now preparing for the party in full swing when she realized that she didn’t tell him where she live, how come he will come for the party?? Nor she knws anytg abt him.

ohh fish!!!”

“move ur bloody ass geet n think” she chided herself.

. it suddenly clicked in her mind n then she prepared a invitation just for him by her own. N then send it.


Adi opened the door to receive a box.

He took it inside n it was like a mystery. Vt can be in it???

Geet again fitted hidden cameras on it. bt this time alongwith mike.

Adi tried to open it when sound echoed

dnt… not for u, for your frnd. Deliver it to him”

Adi was taken back with sudden voice. He thought for a while. Maybe again some1 is playing prank with him. He called maan n told it abt him. Maan said him to bring it at his home n he will check it, he is heading back home.

Again voice echoed “deliver now”

Geet was laughing loud holding her stomach seeing such terrified adi.

She prayed that evrythg shd happen as per her plan.

 So the box was lying in front of maan n geet was jumping n smiling on her victory n on her assumption being correct.

stinna wonders geet n her plans. quite fall right

Maan checked the box, it seems ordinary.

“maan maybe ismei bomb ho??” adi said.

Maan glared him .

There was a button under the box n while maan was checking it, it got pressed n it opened . a mask appeared up n a card came out n fell on the floor.




7 thoughts on “ITS MANIPULATING PART 7

  1. she sent him personalised invitation
    so cute right
    poor adi though
    he was scared for sure
    man was she drooling over him or what
    and he too was hoping to see her
    but nothing for him
    wow possessive already huh
    waise geet he knows your address
    how can he not
    this is getting real fun
    her birthday is gonna be a blast for sure
    when they meet sparks shall fly
    as it is he is waiting for that to happen

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