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firstly m holding my ears for not giving u updte of MANIPULATING. sorry for keeping u wait, bt m down with fever from weeks so cant typeCryCry n when ysrtdy i went to doc, i was sitting idle for 2 hrs for my turn, so took out my phn n typed this in my notes, 
the lady sitting nxt to me was oogling ovr my phn, mst be thinking vt rubbish m typingLOLLOLLOL
assume it as my compensation. as i will not be cmng for nxt 10 days as from saturday m havng my exams, n i havnt touch my books. CryCry
plzz pray for me.
enough of my blabber now njoy n shower ur luvly cmnts.
me waiting!!!!!!!!
“M going n thts final” geet said with a pouty face. She was dam irritated with maan’s constant nagging. She already said tht she will b going to watch the movie mnths ago n nw whn it got released n she was abt to go maan made puppy face tht he too will accompany her.
“Bt u dnt like to watch movie na” geet asked as he alwz says tht its jst time waste, the movie anyway will come on tv in a month or so, so vts the point of spending money on it.
“Maan do u want tht ur geet be the reason of sm1’s heart break??” Maan narrowed his brows not getting vt she meant.
“See if I dnt go for movie toh Bechara hritik ko kitna bura lgega na” she said defining a valid reason tht she hav to go.
as in he knws tht she evn exist. maan thoughtConfused
“N u knw na I dnt lyk to be reason of sm1’s loss, so she came closer n pulled his cheeks if I don’t go toh how his movie will earn hundred crore business???
“Oh really??? U think abt his loss n vt abt mines??” Maan asked geet. It’s not tht he hav any prob to tke her for movie bt she wants him to tke her frnd harry too along with them. Tht was not acceptable at all.
“Maan pllz na, movie ko release huye already 4 days ho gye. Tody I want to go.
Till time she got a ping from harry askng abt the movie.
Both were abt to go for noon show whn at moment maan made a halt to their plan saying he will tke them, n geet cant deny after seeing such a puppy adorable face of his.
Harry called her instantly aftr hearing change in plan.
“Geet u knw na he is just faking, dnt cm to his talk. Already coz Of ur this kanjoos nature we r already going to watch it 4 days later, nw I can’t afford to miss. U knw na HR is dam hot in it.
Harry said so giving a dreamy look. N geet too blushed thinking HR shirtless doing the action.
Harry was to go on friday n dn geet’s stupid strategy to save money. The rates on Friday r High as compared to Monday this way she will save money.
Maan jst laughed hearing her so called reason.
She glared him n tht was enough to shut his mouth.
“Dnt u dare okk. If u want to spend money na its fyn, nw u will pay for nxt movie m watchng” geet declared n left from thre.
It was decided tht they will go for show at 8in night. 2-3 more frnds r also cmng. Maan was to pick geet up n other r already at geet’s home.
The only reason maan was going for it is to watch geet drooling ovr HR n he will do the honor of drooling on her mishty n off course to get J from HR.
Its 7:30 n still no sign of maan. He was stuck in traffic whn he chked the time. “U r so dead maan” he thought while imagining geet’s face like throwing daggers. He got scared whn his car came to halt in front of her residence. She quickly hopped in n shot an angry glare n maan gulped his saliva. Harry, neha sat behind with angry face.
“I already said tht this so called bf of urs is gud for nthg” harry said.
Maan drove the car. Coz of him being late they missed the show n nw moving towards other cinema where movie gonna strt in nxt 10min.
Neha – ufff can u plz drive a lil faster or else u Want us to regret decision of cmng with u.
Maan havng no optn drove lil faster still cant match the expectations of thse grls. Finally they reached n maan went to get the tickets. He got the tickets n all went in
Geet asked maan the audi(auditorium/ evry mall hav 5 screens for movies) in which they need to go. Maan said 1 tht was jst infront n all entered. Harry gave a angry glare- grhh its already strted.
Maan- bt still 5mins r left yr.
Geet-lets get settled yr. Dn argue. Maan was nt able to find the seats no. On tickets. Dn neha snatched it from him n with phns light she saw no n went to its direction, bt she saw sm1 else sitting thre. Geet suggest to sit elsewhere for time being.
They get settled n scene was going on where HR was doing a stunt n geet was gaping at him with opn mouth. Maan shut it down with J factor. Bt geet ignored. Harry nudged geet bt geet ignored . Then they heard tht kaif’s name in movie is harleen dn geet saw harry “harleen lub u baby” in american accent in which HR was calling her. 
harry’s real name is harleenWink 
(stinna- my frnds name is too harleenLOLLOL)
Bt harry gave a confused look “geet y m havng a feeling tht its end of movie” harry asked n dn to neha also. Geet was like I dnt knw.
Aree remember deep told tht thre was action in end n the thy came to knw tht nthg was stolen. See yr yehi bol rhe hai. M havng a gut feeling tht it is the end. Geet gave a confused look dn turned towards maan n asked him to ask the person sitting nxt to him. Bt maan didn’t do so.
Neha said to paas on the tickets. she chked through phn’s light N dn the nxt moment trio was havng the look -u-r-so-dead.
To which maan jst gulped his saliva. Geet hit his arm n saw him with angry look.
“Nvr evr I’ll b cmng with u for movie”
“I told u geet we shdnt be cmng with him” harry said.
Neha” can u plzz move on guys” they all went out dn chked the tickets n got to knw tht movie was in audi 3 n not in 1. Grls hurriedly went in n then settled to their seats.
Maan jst followed.
“Dare u say anything maan” the only words he got from geet which were enough to shut his mouth.
Nxt half hr maan didnt evn get 1 look from her. He tried to touch n talk only get snapped.
No1 talk with each other jst sitting with angry faces though maan”s was sullen. Neha harry were jst cursing her for missing the 15min strt of movie. Maan said sorry to geet
“M gonna kill u” maan jst kept mum. N jst watchng the movie. Interval came none of dm talked with maan. He went to take beverages n popcorn for dm.
“Maan why did u said audi1?? Harry asked.
“Yr vo. I thought maan tried to answer. 
‘maan u need brain to think, bt hy wakeup, u dnt hav it. harry said getting sarcastic.
Movie strted. Now they were watchg movie getting fully involved dn the kissing scene. Oh la la. Maan saw geet n geet towards maan. Maan so much wanted to do the same bt poor boy jst got angry glares.

“M gonna kill u” only words escaped from maan’ mouth for all persons- sitting in audi1, cant dy tell us tht was end, HR for being this hot n grt dancer tht his geet drool on him, the stupid frnds of geet, n himself too whi suggest the idea to accompany them.
Soom the movie ended n geet said tht she wil nt cm with him for Any movie.
She stomped her foot n went out.
Ye bhi naraz hui, paise bhi gye aur kuch mila bhi nhi” maan said under his breath. He thought of being close to geet bt all in vain.
Poor me.Cry
here it is.. me eagerly waiting for ur response. may it be gud or bad. all welcomeSmile
telling u the truth, thre is smthg in this OS thts my personal experience. no no m not gonna tell u which incident form this whole conceptWink

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