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Geet thought ” so sweet of him, lgta hai he want me to prop…??”

Maan with his device can hear vt she thinks, he immediately cut it off.. dnt want to hear tht from this device, its more fun n overwhelming face to face.

“maan bs kar ab, aur mat sun..” giggled n went out from there.


So everythg was set For the party.

She came home n directly went upstairs to her room, she was having butterflies in her stomach

She then took the smily face cushion laid beside her n put it in her lap

Put her elbow on it n her hand on her milky chin. She goes towards her dreamland thinking about his sexy. How he made her day special, he has done the unexpected things. He made her feel like a princess. Aree she is already a princess na. bt smthg different she felt

So he surprised her, so she need to do the vice versa na.

So miss geet think think na, vt u can do for him.. she told herself.

N now its getting dark, the stars have come again to wish her. N the black sky is ready to witness their meeting of togetherness,

She received another gift from mr mystery n SEXY. It’s a long black gown with matching heels.

Geet thought “ellooo yha I cant think anythg n here he snds another gift, mummyyy!!!!!!!!

Chlo first I’ll get ready han.

Are haan idea, suddenly smthg popped. “hmm itni jldi aj nhi milugi mai afterall its my day na n she winked.


Soon she got ready.

She wore the gown given by him with matching high heels, her hairs were tied up in a bun. The curled hair strand were on her face slightly aside of her eyes. The dress had a deep back cut n its off shoulder dress showing her milky white skin.

She wore the watch given by him in her one hand n in another she wore a diamond bracelet gifted by her mom.

She highlighted her eyes by putting the kajal n mascara that make them more beautiful, adding grace to her face,

The dangling she wore where touching her neck slightly.

Ruhani called her giving her a check on time, n she turned.

Ruhani was awestruck seeing her sis looking ravishing. She hurriedly came closer n being a elder sister first hugged her n dn like a mom put kajal behind her ear as a symbol to protect her from all evils.

“hey u oldyy” geet joked seeing her.

“chl come down guests started cmng” ruhani told her.

“yaa cmng” geet assured her. Then she looked in the mirror to check is everythg is ok, does she looks charming???

Then “mirror mirror on the wall tell who is beautiful in the world, no no universe” she asked from her mirror.

Then the mirror yes being the geeky geet’s mirror the reply aslo came up .its  a cartoon image saying “yes you my majesty geet”

That’s enough to make her flatter.

She had installed a device on the back of mirror, it responds when geet posses in a thankyou manner with slightly bends down n her feet backward.

She thought “next time m gonna replace this with ur image” yesss



Here maan is also getting ready,

He had a shower thinking about his geeky

Then came out, water droplets cmng down from his wet hairs n his toned body making him look sexy. He had specially ordered a similar matching suit for him, its alsooo black.

he wore a black crisp tuxedooo with white shirt.

Then he wore the watch his geeky gifted her n smiled seeing her expressions at tht time in the mall. He checked the time n its 7:30pm. So some time left.


He had a loopside smile thinking about the present he gonna gift her.


So the party theme is masquerade   n the color theme is black n red

Geet was checking all the preparations, as the time was passing a strange sensation was forming inside her stomach. She was tooo excited to meet him.


When geet had send the mask to maan, she send the different mask from all others. She acted smart tht with this she gonna find him.


But maan played smarter n he had arranged a similar kinda masks n send them to handa house. So all the masks were similar. And hence the theme is black his lady love need to do some work to find him, not so easy to catch mr.khurana opps but easy to take away his heart.


Maan reached outside the mansion, when he reached some winds blown near to geet n her hairs flattered n she turned around. Like sensation ran inside her giving her the clue of his presence.

When geet clearly saw the men’s cmng she noticed the similar mask’s everywhere.

Hows this possible?????

Her plan backfired. She thought of finding him now how she gonna find him, all are wearing black. N similar masks. Dam geet who told u to make this theme.


Maan entered the hall n was observing her all the expressions, from smile suddenly changed to anger n then normal .

He was following her from far, keeping an eye on her.

Then geet was passing by a mirror on which a message popped“find me”

Maan sprayed a powder kind thing on which message appears after image inserted in it through phone appears are passes by n then disappears after 5 sec. 


(stinna- m having my writers liberty guys, n writing such kinda devices. Lolzz)

PRECAP- think about the present tht maan gonna giftWinkWink


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