Its manipulating – part 11

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so finally the end came. posting te last part of this small SS
its a long part, so i need sm long cmnts too. 
ur cmnts on hw the journey was???
hope u like it
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The lights got dim. All the guests came forward for the dance. Slow music started playing. Geet was also dragged by her sister to enjoy.

Then everyone twirl their partners n partners got exchanged. Maan passes by touching her arm. Geet felt it n it send shiver down to her spine.


The dance again with some steps. Again partners exchanged. Now maaneet are together. Geet felt it n look itno the deep ocean like eyes, now she is sure that its him. When she was about to open her mouth to say smthg. Maan came to her back n while dancing he filled her milky neck with a red pendant with diamonds outside it n whispers in her ears “u forgot the theme is red n black”he puts stress on red color , as she is wearing black only n now maan made her wear red too.

(assume black colr, n now with pendant)

geet blushed. its danced as per the music beats. 


He came forward.

Slowly he dragged her to the corner. Geet was following him. She dnt knw vts happening around her, evrythg is happening on his accord. But she is liking this.

Maan takes her outside the mansion.

Cool breeze touches her exposed skin n she realized they r outside n not in mansion. She stopped n was about to ask when his finger touches her soft lips n stopped her to speak. Maan moved his head in denial not to speak

He came closer to her ears “do u trust me?

Geet nodded to him n smiles. N they moved ahead. After 5 min walk. He takes her to garden. It was all decorated. its stairs ahead. Both climbed it up. There was a table set for two. White n red curtains dancing in the air. It is decorated with red n white rosses. Aroma is filled with fragrance of his scent,

 Geet saw it n was liking this.

Geet asked him through her eyes abt it. N maan pulled the chair n made her sit there. N them he also settled down

Finally geet asked “vts all this???”

Maan replied “dnt u knw???” geet chuckled with his answer

“bt we need to be in the party” geet asked him.

“I wanted to spend this moment with u alone” maan answered her looking into her eyes.

Maan had removed the mask long before after coming out from the mansion.

“but evry1 will get worried not finding me there” geet argues

Maan pressed the button of device lying on the table.

Projecter screen appears n was of the party display. There she saw n was flabbergasted with vt she was watching.

Then she turned towards maan. Hows this possible.

On the projector she saw,  geet was their in the party dancing. Bt she is here na.

Maan then without wasting anytime attended to her confusion.

Its ur birthday gift sweety. I had made this for you. The neck piece u r wearing. Geet touched the neck piece.

Yeah tht, it’s a micro device tht makes the similar figure of the person wearing it or if any picture installed. It instantly makes a robot like image of the person n also have all the characteristics of the person whose robot it becomes.

So when u r here with me, no1 can know about it. Evry1 gonna think tht u r there in party. So

 do u like it..

Geet get really excited listening to this n she hurriedly stood up n hugged maan tight “thank you, its indeed really special n different gift I evr got” then she realized she was hugging him

N was about to get up when maan didn’t let her to do so,

He made her sit in his lap.

“I guess u r comfortable here” he had a mischievous smile on his face

Geet blushed with his comment.

Geet tried to freed herself but with evry try his grip got tighten. her all attempts are futile. 

Geet glared him n he freed her saying “ur wish is my command”

Geet had a big smile on her face n her cheeks had turned crimson color a long before.

Then a waiter came there with the cake. He placed it on table.

There was shaping also. Maan gave it to geet to opn it.

Geet shaked n opned it, geet poured it in the glass, she was then about to pour it in another glass when maan stopped her from doing so. Geet asked thru her eyes.

Maan jst smiled n nodded to no.

Then they cut the cake. N fed eachother. Both drank sipping from same glass.

They watched the party scene from the projector. The robot geet had also cut the cake.

“I think we need to go now” geet said

Maan nodded. Both started walking towards the mansion. They reached there n geet turned suddenly n banged in maan. Her lips brushed off his stubble.

Then she moved backward,

“if I go inside there will be double role na?” geet questioned.

First maan didn’t understand what she is saying then he

Got it. They watched the party scene in his mob. Then maan passes some instructions by typing to go in corner alone, the robot got this instruction n started moving in corner carefully watching no1 sees her.

Then maan came closer to geet, really close, looking direct in her eyes. geet was starled, she was moving back. then she closed her eyes to feel the moment. she thought soon she will get her first… ishh geet stop ur dirty thoughts. 

but then she felt no warm near her. 

maan presses the pendant geet was wearing n the robot got disappear.

“done” maan replied to geet.

geet was jst seeing him. maan got confused n asked her vts the matter.

“vo u was doing this, i thought.. oopss slip of tongue

maan came closer with smirk, vt u thoought hmm????? 

he dragged her from her waist n she collided into his chest. 

if u want i can by moving closer.

shutupp” geet moves backward smiling

Then both moved inside.

When geet entered she turned but maan was all gone.

Then ruhani came over there n dragged her inside tht her father is calling her.

Geet followed her sister.

He called her on stage saying he wanna gift a special present to her princess. Geet thought in her heart tht she had got the bestest present bt sm1 special. But where he gone???

He announced that he had opened a company for geet that deals with the stuffs she likes that are the electronic devices. It had a research centre where she can do all the mad experiments

Geet immediately hugged her dad for this.

“u knw why I did this?” geet’s father asked. Geet moved her head in denial

“so that my house get save from ur experiments blast” her father said. N then hugged her.

“love you papa”


Then lights got dim. The flash light focused on geet, sudden light get into her eyes n she put her arms infront of her face.

Then the voice echoed, she know whose this.

He taken his name

No1 has any idea about it.

Then other flash light focused on the maan facing his back. She knows who it can be.

He turned n came to the stage.

He kneeled down infront of geet n ask for her hand.

Geet without any second thought gave her hand n maan put a pearl finger on her ring finger.

Ruhani was dumbstruck seeing her khadoos boss here with her sister. N that too kneeled down infront of her

N her sister also blushing seeing him. Vts happening.

With the blush on her face she gussed tht his boss is her mystry man. Bt how???

Her father was coming ahead when he was stopped by ruhani

“so do u accept to spend ur life with me???”

Geet asked “ye kaisa proposal hota hai??”

“its my style to ask sweety, the will u marry me line has gotten old n cheesy”maan answered with a devilish smile on his M shaped lips.

“do want me to answer?” geet asked him

“I already knw it” maan exclaimed n stood up.

He picked her up n twirled her. Geet was on cloud 9 getting him all for herself.

Evry1 clapped for them .

The lights turned on of the hall.

He made her stand on her feet.

Then her father came up. Maan came close to him n foot wish him n her mother.

” I really love ur daughter, I hope u dnt mind for dragging her from this house to her own house, n yeah I dnt mind her doing any blast there” maan winked n geet blushed with his comment

Geet’s father smile n said. If u guys r happy why wuld I have any prob mr.????

Ruhani came over “maan singh khurana.

Geet was dumbfounded that how she knws his name when she herself dnt knw it. Ooh wait a sec ye name toh kahi suna hua hai.. where where????? Grrhhh


Ruhani got evry1’s attention , yes papa he is MSK as in my boss.

Maan came over to her side “no boss anymore” he said angrily

Ruhani was shocked seeing change in his tone. She thought how he can be polite when she knws he is the most khadoos.

“I mean m ur jiju now” maan smiled saying this

Ruhani too smiled.

Geet came over there n came in between n stand to maan’s side

Wait wait wait, u all forgot me. Vts this???

“u r here na to remind about urself” maan said



So finally the journey of two geeky’s meeting n falling in love story ends. opps not end but  the beginning of their love journey 

can i expect some beautiful long cmnts instead of one word????TongueTongue


2 thoughts on “Its manipulating – part 11

  1. Fabulous update. Maancreated a robot Geet and took Ooriginal Geet with him at a lonely place and celebrated her birthday. When back Maan proposed her in front of all and she accepted him. Why end so early.
    You are a very imaginative writer. Try more stories like this.

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