so m here…
u guys dnt want this to end???
well all good things come to an end. right??? so this is same thing
i hope i can come up again with some piece of writing,
bt nt now, as my exams r from 1 dec. so bit busy
here m giving epilogue. hope u like itSmileSmile

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After some days from maan’s proposal


Geet suddenly landed in maan’s office to give him surprise.

Maan was in board meeting n geet barged in, instead of all her hurdles of receptionist stopping her, bt she dnt give a dam to anyone,

Ruhani is out of town for some work purpose from 1 week. N she too want to complaint about this.

When maan saw her there, his eyes twinkles jst by her one glimpse.

N then the imp meeting went in vain, he cant make her princess wait, n meetng was dismissed.

Hearing this she gave smirk smile to receptionist who was stopping her.

Then maan took her to cabin. Geet overtake him n she herself sat on the chair/

“so m ur boss, so follow my order” geet said with attitude

“ohh yes yes, anythg for u mam” maan smiled.

“so vt u want??? Maan asked.

“elloo tht I hav to tell??? U urself guess” geet said suppressing her inner laughter

“ohhh no prob, I knw vt u want”

Maan started cmng closer towards geet. He put his hand on table start bending towards her. Geet was starled with her sudden advancement.

Geet got scared. Bt who can stop him

“Maan we r in office”

“I don’t care”

“Maan some1 will come”

“I don’t care”

wht they will say”

“I don’t care”

Voo. She saw backward n thre was no escape now. Maan was leaning on her. There was only some difference left between them.

Thn thre was a knock on door.

He stood up n geet chuckled.

“come in”

“sir vo, designer is here to meet u”

Geet whispers “I guess some1 dnt care at all.

Maan– did u say smthg???? He asked keeping his one eyebrow up .

me , oh no no, I dnt care u knw” geet said.

Maan glared her. N then he said to his PA to make them sit, I’ll come in a min.

“oh hello where u going???” geet asked

“u hav some work???”

“a haa haa, phle to u say my time is urs. Now???

“its still ur baby, jst give me 2 mins, u wait here ok. Love u, he went out not after giving her a small peck on her cheeks.

Geet sat there waiting., opps she cant sit idle, hmm she thought to check out all around.

She open the drawer there were files, other shelves, cupboard in left. Evrywhere work related stuff

“Uff geet u r in love with a workaholic, elloo I thought him to be some naughty, issh my sexy”

The was checking out books, when suddenly after pulling out 1 book, a door opens .

“Oohhh secret door”  she came in . there was another door of glass beside the door opened. When she passes by her image came in the glass. Then it appears suddenly

Written beautifully “mrs geet khurana” she lovingly brushed her handover it.

When she passed ahead, the letters gone. She got amused. Then she came infront door again n similar letters appeared.

She smiled, thts it, the music played “I love you” she again was confuse, n her smile was gone, then she again smiled n music strted again

“uff his gadgets.. really lovd them”

She came in. there were pictures of her on the walls.

In the centre a table. On the back of which there was a portrait of them with maan on his knees, her birthday day.

Below written MAANEET

 She sat on the chair there was a photo frame in with no picture n  in centre written “engagement” again below of the frame written “maaneet” geet couldn’t get vt this mean

She thought how much he loves her. There is no limit to his love

On right side another blank frame with “marriage” written with graved word below “maaneet”

She opens the drawer. Nt different thre lies another frame, in which written “babies” geet chuckle reading this, her eyes were lil moist.

Then she heard footsteps n she got alert. She hurriedly came out n closes the door.

She sat on the chair bt facing the wall, maan came there n could her back. Maan thought he took long time n she might be angry.

He came n encircled his arms around her. Kissed her cheeks “sorry shona”

“Turned her to face her. So vts order for me?” Maan asked

“hmm nothing for now, she stood up, I hav some work, now gotta go” geet strt to walk

Bt she was stopped, he was holding her arm then in nano sec geet was lying in maan’s lap. 

Maan pulled her towards him “kya hua, naraz ho”

“no no. nthg baba. Papa ka call aya” geet excused

“pkka”maan asked not sure of her answer

“han han pkka.” Geet said while freeing her hand.

She was overwhelmed with his gesture, so she thought of a surprise.


2moro is the engagement day, so she need to do it fast.


Geet dressed in lehnga. N maan wearing shervani.

They exchanged the rings n evry1 clapped

(not writing in elaborate as I think it will only lengthen the epilogue)


The lights got dim , the projector came over n thre he is. MSK on the screen. Maan looks towards her n she gave a flying kiss to him.

First scene of him sleeping in the black vest on chair

 Then came up the maan in towel, his wet hairs. Water droplets oozing out.

 Girls in the party were ogling him so geet forward tht clip. Then maan in office attire. Wearing tie, uff still the girls with same reaction

Geet pulled his arm “kya zaroorat hai itna hot dikhne ki??? Dekho sb ko. Chi”

Maan being puppy face now vt he did in this

Then the scene of maan geet at their home, maan holding geet n twirled her.

Maan was confused from where she got this???

Bt geet is geet she didn’t answer. She said “socho socho” n maan kept thinking.


(stinna- if u guys remember abt the helicopter device??? It had a camera installed n geet watch maan in it)


Their marriage, big pop n show type.

Geet used to send maan his videos on his phone many times. He keep on asking from where she got. Bt geet always say “socho socho”

Poor adi, maan thought he helped geet he didn’t talked with him for week.

He checked in his room weather thre is any camera or not?? He didn’t get anythg.

Their marriage done with this unanswered question.

Maan gifted her tht secret room on their nxt day, she asked vt is MAANEET” maan was abt to answer vn she set a condition “when u will tell me from where u taken the clips, then I’ll tell u this”

“Houuu, not fair”

“evrythg is fair in love n u n me”

She kept asking bt he didn’t tell.

“ok fine I’ll tell you. Then she told him about the helicopter she once send” maan strted laughing.

“ohh its still thre, I dnt evn knw”

“now ur turn”

“oh hoo okk.  Its u and me.” Geet got confused.

“ye dekho. There was a touch screen in maan’s cabin. He wrote MAAN GEET thre

N then join them MAANEET

“ohh acha. Vry smart han. Aree mera G kha gye???

Their cute fight starts bt in end they were hugging eachother.


After about month. Geet had a fight tht who will take bath first. Geet hurriedly went in, showing her tongue to him. Geet then switched the hot water button. Bt alas cold water came, she asked to maan. Maan being naughty says “if she want he can join”

She hav to take bath with cold water.

Next day she goes to take bath n there was cold water again. She checked in the evening it was hot water.

She called the plumber too, to see the problem.

Next day similar thing happened. Tody she called maan in. she was wearing her bath robe. Her sixth sense was saying maan is behind all this

While coming in. maan took time near the door. She guessed smthg fishy. Then hot water strted cmng.

“achaaa ji, mrs geeky se panga, let me show u how to play”


Maan sat in his car, he started the car with the key, when chilled water straightly splashes over his face.

Then the music screen displays “TIT FOR TAT”

He came out n when he was about to enter the room he opend the door n a bucket with ice cubes n water fall over maan. Opppsss poor maan.

 “now u knw how I bath in cold water.” Geet asked him

Maan glared her. Geet gave her hand to make him stand, as he fall on the ground by slipping. When maan too pulled her.

He took the ice cubes n put it inside her kurti. Geet was literally jumping on the floor n was tryng to take it out.

“maan help na” geet said who was smiling seeing her

Maan stood up n scoop her in his arms n take her to the bathroom.

“maan vt u doing?”

“helping you” he winked

“vt kind of help is this?”

“wait na..” he slowly made her sit in the bath tub full of water, this time warm.

He too joined her there.

(ishh me getting naughty naughty so better to stop here)


Finally m done.

 Their cute pranks continues to add some taste in their love story

now shower me some long cmnts fast fast SmileSmile


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