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Thi ek rani, tha ek raja,

Karte the pyaar, nibhana tha lifetime ka vaada.


Hua kuch aisa ke

 ho gae rani raje se juda.

Khoob roe ho ke vo juda

Puchti kyat hi khata

Pyaar krne ki yehi saza???


Khuda ne chlaya kuch aisa chakkar

Ke khula uski life ka purana chapter!!

Le aya usse vapis vahi galiaan,

Jha se suljhani thi kae guthian.


Hua aamna-samna, aae bahr baat dil ki,

Fir huye ek sath rani,raja aur pyaar.

Raaje ne chlaya dimmag

Ja pakda usse, jispe tha vishwaas.

Toot gae rani sach jaan ke,

Sambhala raje ne jhappi de ke.


Climax tha kahani ka very shocking,

But they were blessed with happy ending!!!!

New member entered in family,

Jannat got her bro for company!!!



typed it jst now. sorry for mistakes.


after the truth of NT came, geet was broken, bt she was happy though tht the true face of her frnd came out. N now she is with his maan, his love. She is happy having him back in her life.

NT was being punished for the sins she committed n sasha was also in prison for helping the wrong person n their wicked plans.

Geet is now happily living in KM, with his maan n jannat.

Maan is being very protective bt naughty too sometimes.

Maan used to sleep on geet’s grown baby bump, n talked to her lil princess. geet used to get annoyed of him being over protective n possessive.

Geet’s mood swings, ufff… she want to have golgappa’s chat at 3am in the morning. Bt he is also the maan singh khurana, he had arranged evrythg at home, n he lovingly made evrythg for his beautiful wiffy. Geet feels like she is falling more n more for maan.

He is jst a sweetheart

(stinna wonders evry1 shd hav hubby like maan, hayee dreamy)


Geet’s new childish wish. She wants to marry again. Maan was not being agreed to it. As she is abt 8 month pregnant now.

Bt geet being geet, she is adamant. She wants to marry n thts it.

Vt maan can do, her wish, his command.

(stinna- parmishty here goes ur wish of maaneet re-marriage)

Geet wants to have a church marriage. She wants tht white flowery gown.

Rk-madhu n rohan with other frnds were at KM from last 1 week n preparing for the wedding.

Jannat was so happy tht she will the only person who will get chance to see their parents marriage.

There was complete hustle n bustle at home.

Geet with maan n jannat went for shopping.

She entered the shop n said salesgirl to show her wedding gown. Salesgirl asked for whom. Geet immediately said for me

Salesgirl giggled like why she wants wedding gown??? She was amused

 Maan gave them stern look n salesgirl strting showing her some dresses

Jannat was excited with all this, she istantly said “papa mje v same mamma jaisa dress chahiye” she made a grumpy face

“baby aap ye kaise pehnoge???” geet asked in concern

“jaise aap pehnoge mamma” jannat giggled

“baby its long n heavy, u cant handle” geet said

“nhi mn bda baby hu papa ka. She turned to maan “mje bs aisa hi pehnna hai bs” she crossed her arms on her chest

“ditto copy” geet murmured

after spending full day n roaming all the shops, geet got her dress, she tried some of them, to being sure she don’t look fat with baby bump.

She chooses the dress in which maan drools the most.

Jannat too wants similar one, maan said to make another similar dress of jannat size.

They came home fully exhaust. Geet’s back ache was getting severe now, she snt say bt maan get to knw with her looks. Maan carried her in his arms n went upwards. Geet was being flushed with his action infront of all family n frdns. Bt maan care a dam.

“maan aise aap.”geet was stopped in between when maan placed his slick finger on geet’s lips. Awe thts being so romantic.

“shhh.. chup bilkul chup. First u have medicine n take care. Now complete bed rest” maan gace her tablets. Geet made yucky face with tablets. Maan gave stern look n geet gulped it 1 go with her eyes closed.

Maan made her lie on the bed n pull up the spread. “now sleep”

“ek shart pe. Maan gave a look like now vt she wants??

“kl hum fir shopping jayege, mje aur kuch bhi lena hai” geet said

“no ways geet. Look at u, ur face is getting pale. U r going nowhere.”

Geet made a pleading face.

“don’t try tht on me, m not gonna agree” maan said

Geet made more puppy face.

“okk tumhe jo chahiye vo ghr aa jayega. Fine” she was abt to complain like she wants to go outside

Maan got up “sochna bhi mat, varna  ghr bhi kuch nhi ayega, now rest” placed a small peck on her forehead n left from there.


2moro evrythg she wants was in KM, 1st footwear’s. geet said she wants to have heels, bt maan said no. only flat. She made grumpy face n selected flat on maan’s insistence.

Then jewelery time. They choose diamond necklace n studs with beautiful pair of 2 bangles.

Then time for maan’s suit. Geet chooses a black sherwani type full suit for him. Saying he looks sexy in black. Maan blushed with her comment.

After 2 days it was mehandi ceremony at home, geet was not allowed to apply mehandi, she was again annoyed with all these restrictions.

Maan wrote his name in heart in geet’s hand n mae her happy. Then geet also wrote her name in heart on maan’s hand. her frnds were njoying  n having fun.

Next day it was ladies sangeet cum frnds party. All njoyed n hav fun

Jannat presents a special dance for his parents. She was looking like a princess in pink clr lehanga.

Maaneet too danced a lil.

Next marriage day.

Geet dressed in her wedding gown n maan in his black suit. Both were looking perfect n were complimenting eachother.

Maan admired her beauty by starring at her n it was interrupted by jannat who came running

“papa papa. See ye toh floor pe lag rha hai, aise toh ye ganda ho jayega” showing her dress

“thts why I was saying u nt to wear this” geet said while doing her lil makeup.

“baby it is like this, dnt worry. Aap na usko aise thoda sa upr utha kar chlo” maan said by collecting the dress.

Jannat gave a toothy smile to maan.

They reached the church. Holding hand in hand with jannat ahead holding flowers leading the way

The priest of church chant the matars

(stinna- I dnt knw anythg abt this wedding. Sorry for mistakes)

They exchanged the rings. Maan slipped the ring with heart n M written on it.

Geet made him wear ring with G engraved on it.

They were told “you may kiss the bride” geet was having butterflies in stomach with the words

(stinna too blushing with the moment)

Maan came closer to geet n kissed geet on her cheeks “love u wiffy”

Geet giggled n suddenly her expressions changed.

She urgently need to get into the hospital

“baby aap thoda wait krlete aane k liye” geet murmured holding her baby bump. N screamed loud.

Maan was getting tensed like vts happening.

Daadi ame forward n madhu helped her.

She was taken to hospital.

Maan was pacing to n fro outside the ICU waiting for doc to come out.

Rohan tapped maan’s shoulder making her relaxed. Jannat was with madhu .

The dr. came out n congratulate maan on becoming father.

  Geet was blessed with twins

Baby girl n baby boy, wishes of both fulfilled, maan ‘s to have a princess n geet to hav a prince charming

Maan came n kissed babies. His eyes were having tears of happiness. He came close to geet  n kissed on her forehead “thnku u” geet gave a smile to him n hugged him.

They named them karan khurana, aliya khurana.LOLLOL

(hows these names????)


After 5 yrs,

Jannat was being the elder used to order her lil sis n bro. sometimes she teams up with aliya n sometimes with karan

Bt sometimes aliya n karan  join hands n used to fight with jannat. Jannat would complain to maan .

They alwz had fight abt who is maan’s fav n he loves more.

This never happens in case of geet. They says they r all the same for geet. Bt when it come to their darling father. Jannat used to say. “he love me more more more more  n showed her tongue

“princess aap inse badi ho na, u shd not fight like this” maan said trying to resolve their fight.

She stamped her foot on floor n goes from their.

Maan followed her calling princess

“oh hoo.. I love u more my princess. happy now” maan said trying to made her agree, she turned her face.

Maan knew she wont agree so soon, maan gave her chocolate, still no effect , he gave another chocolate. Her eye twinkle with it. Then maan take out 1 more. Jannat hugged maan n kissed on her cheeks.

Geet came n jannat hide her chocolates behind

“ya yaa.. hide it, fine. I don’t care u only hav to go the doctor” geet said glaring at her

“aur aap,  usse kitna bigaad ke rakha hai, kitni chocolates doge” she said to maan

Maan hugged her from behind “its okk shone, itna mat socha karo” like she gonna melt with this

Maan nuzzled near his neck n she came out of hug n goes from there saying no more chocolates n jannat nodded .


its 10 b’day of their kids.

Maan was now lil more protective of his kids. He don’t allow any of them to go out alone, evrytime there were 4 bodyguards who wuld follow them.

There was party at home, only with the family n frnds.

They cut the cake together n danced.

Had a complete list of vt they want. Maan given all gifts to them. Jannat too got gifts as being favored by maan alwz.

They clicked a pic together of their complete cutest family.



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                                           PART 32



Maan reached caf. When he saw NT cmng thre


He ordered coffee


NT asked vts the matter   


“okk let me tell u from strt. Actually. Ummm..” NT assured with eyes to proceed

“vo.. sm1 trying to harm geet n separate us. U don’t knw tht geet left me.. she. When u was out of town she left me saying she don’t love me.

NT gave confused yet shocked expressions

“I  knw m nt making any sense. Bt its long story. I’ll tell u in brief. Actually geet got threatening calls, sm1 told her to leave me. So she left making me lame statement of loving rk. Then she came back now aftr 3 weeks tht too rohan bring her here

“rohan is in india????” NT asked. Maan nodded


(stinna- let me remind u, geet n NT r childhood frnds. Rohan is with geet in clg, mnz also with NT, so they all were frnds. Maan knws rohan by  geet. If u hav any doubts do pm me)


“bt who was the person behind these calls??? Vts all this means” NT asked

“baat toh sunlo puri yar.”

“vo jo bhi hai aj aa rhi hai yha pe. (maan told abt her surgery too, I didn’t wrote as it will it long.)

I will caught her red handed.

“ummm” NT gave nod with confusing look

“r u sure she will cm here tody? Mera mtlb how u knw??” NT asked

“I got info. Vo jo doc tha na. he is cmng here tody. So I thought might she will also be cmng here”

Both sat thre for smtime then doc came there

They were keeping an eye on him from far

Then a lady came there n sat with doc. Both were having a conversation.

“I guess this is the lady, I need to ask her” maan said while getting up

NT stops maan by holding his hand

“wait maan, u cant do it now, u said u want to caught them red handed.”

Maan nodded

“yaa, now I can catch her, they r infront of my naked eyes” maan stated showing sheer anger in his voice

“do u hav any proof?? This is the lady who calls geet??” Nt made him sit back on seat

Maan nodded no..

Then???? NT asked

Okkk idea.. u go thre n asked tht u r dr Sharma. N said u r from .. yr kuch bol dena na. n invite him to the party.

NT was bemused.

Vo we had a party tonight for some success of the project. So jst invite them. As u will go to invite him, say tht lady too.

U hav to say tht its some medical type party. Jst do tht

NT- bt vt will happen with this maan??? M nt getting ur poit

Maan- oh hoo.. 1st u do this, dn I’ll explain. Goo na plzz

He pushed her a lil. NT turned n glared to him

“I knw u r a superb actress, now go” maan made her go

NT Go there n talked to them. She sat thre n talked for smtime, she returned after abt 15 mins

She came back n showed her thumb to maan

“aweee.. thnku tara.” Maan said to her by giving a side hug

“anythg for u maan” NT said with a smile. “abhi ye kis liye krvaya vo toh btaoo” NT asked

Then maan’s phn buzzed. Maan excused himself n walked a lil far from there.


He talked n then came back to NT.

“sorry sorry tara, hav to leave now. Actually prob with client n then jannat is crying at home, I’ll catch in the evng. N u hav to come okk. Will wait for u. thnx again”

Maan left from there leaving a muddled naintara



Maan came home to find mumma-daughter’s angry glare. They r so much alike maan thought, after all they r mom-daughter maan. Hw childish u r

Maan gave them toothy smile, bt didn’t effect them. Then maan took jannat n took a chocolate from his pocket.

“abhi???” maan asked.

Jannat moved head to other side.

“hmm” maan take out another chocolate n gave her. Jannat nodded no

“okk so party tonight????” maan asked moving his brows up

Then geet said “which party????”

“mnz danciii” jannat said getting excited.

Maan nodded. Maan moved towards geet. Caressed her cheek lovingly.

“geet its an imp party for me, u n for us” he said those words with utmost care n some meaning in those words. Tht didn’t got un-noticed by geet

She gestures asking vt??? Then he jst gave her a full content smile.


(stinna- m taking this a lil bit faster, coz I cant make u all wait more, as m again taking leave coz of my exams tht r strtng from 5dec. so before tht I want to end it as soon as I can)


“okk nw party is in the evng, does my princess want any dress???” he asked to jannat,

“I think ur mommy too wants it, see sab clothes tight hai. Haina??? Mommy moti jo ho gae hai” maan winked at geet jst to irritate her

This was it, geet’s mouth turned to O shape.

“maan aap na sudhr jao.. jaooo ab mn. Haan mn party pen hi aaougi. Dhund lena koi patli kamr vaali” she stomped her foot on ground hard n left from there.

“mommy gussha ho gae” jannat sulked her supple lips

“chloo mnaate hai. Fr party ka khana kon khayega??” with this statement both jannat n maan giggled.

Both went upstairs, to find geet sitting on the bed with grumpy face. N angered filled eyes tht were spitting fire

“mommy, lets goo. Dada buy new closth” jannat hold her hand n tried to drag her, bt how she can??? Geet is big from her na.

“mother of 2 children get up n get going.” Maan exclaimed

“would be 2” geet stated. “Baby see ur papa calls u motuu.. aap jb aaoge ne tb inko both tang krna. Okk” she placed her hand on her lil tummy n talked to her unborn child.

Maan kneeled down, closer to her tummy. He moved closer making his ear touched geet’s cloth n assumed like if he is listening

“no baby, papa didn’t call u motiii.. u will alwz be my cute sweet princess. abhi say ur mom to go out” maan saw up n geet folded her arms near her chest

Jannat pushed geet from back “tallooo mommyyy”


Trip wen to market, they bought beautiful pink flowery dress for jannat, new shimmery shoes.

Geet was moving to saree section. When maan again irritates her saying it will show her big fat tummy.

Then they bought anarkali for her


In the evng

It was party of success of some project.

All well known personalities were present their. 



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                                           PART 31



I got irritated with continuous ring of my phone. I moved towards the side table where it was lying. It was no less then a devil to me rite now. A perfect opposite to cupid. Vt we call them??? Shitt leave tht.

I received the call n the set of news I got, shocked me.

Its like the ground slipped from under my feet. I couldn’t believe to my ears vt I heard.

Jst to re check I asked him again. They confirmed the news. It was same as before. My question didn’t change it.  I asked them “how u can be sure, u was supposed to give me info later, so why sooner???

I knw its childish to ask them abt giving info sooner, bt I couldn’t believe to what they were saying.

I ended the call. I turned to witness smiling geet. I didn’t felt to disclose the news I got to her, so I plaster a fake smile on my face. I knw she gonna catch me. But I hav to act,

Like she sensed me n asked me vt happen???

I jst shrugged her thoughts saying tht is call from client, the meeting is now. So i hav to leave.

I didn’t like lying to her, bt I hav to. I cant disclose to her the caller identity. N snatch her happiness which she got after long time.

I said I will come to pick them later for outing. Now I m going 4 meeting

I changed to my formals n left from mansion.

On my way I called to rohan  n rk to meet in my office.

I drove to office. I was confused n was thinking vt could be the reason of her doing this.

Soon I reached office.

On other side at home

Geet went to toy room where jannat was collecting her toys, actually was hitting he doremon n chotta bheam toy she have.


(stinna- lolzzz.. these r my csn’s fav cartoons. Bt mine is doremon. I too love it. How many of u watch it?? Or any other cartoon??)


“Vts my baby doing???” geet asked her cmng closer to her

“we r going out, toh doremon v jayga na” she blinked her eyes as she woke up early so she is sleepy

Geet picked her in her arms n came back to room

“yaa baby, u shd sleep a lil, fr hum ghumi ghumi k liye jayega” geet said

Jannat made a pouty face. She rubbed her eye with back of her small tiny palm.

“nhii.. mje neeni ni aae. Sachiii. See. She showed her eyes like glaring at geet

“no baby” geet made her lied in the bed n too came with her under duvet.

“okk I’ll tell u story. Aur abhi time hai ghumi k liye jane k liye. Utni der u can sleep. Fr aap beautiful princess lgogi. Snowhite jaise”

“dada toh tehte hai m mole pretty thn snowhite” she blinked her eye lashes thinking

Uff full on copy of maan. Ziddi.

“neeni kroge toh u will be prettier na, now princess going to sleep. Shut ur eyes. Yeee.. she placed her palm on her tiny winy eyes. She closed it

Geet hugged her tight near her heart.


In office

Maan was thinking over it when rk n rohan came in

Maan told them to hav a seat

Maan told them abt the culprit who is behind all this.

Rk n rohan both were confused

Rohan- so vt r u waiting for dued??? Jst ask her the reason

Rk- yaa maan. Iss se pehle kuch aur ho, we shd stop her

Maan- hmm bt m thinking smthg else, the reason of her doing so. I want to catch her red handed. N I hav a plan for this.

Maan told them his plan.

Trio gave hi5


(stinna- hehehe. Not disclosing anythg. Jst to wait to guys a lil more, kya kru, dil hai k manta nhi. Accounts mei suspense account bna k suspense hi story  mei la rhi hu)


Maan  called the dr, asked abt weather she called her or not??? N asked abt time again

He said she told to meet at 12.

Maan checked the time it was 10:30

Maan said him to reach thre. N jst made her involve in talks. He said to bring an envelope with him, only to confuse her tht he hav pics of her.

Dr- bt she will ask me why didn’t I told her abt this pics before then??

Maan- tell her tht u got the cctv footage of this by his frnd from hospital. N he got the pics arranged. He too asked for money. N told her the lump sum amnt u want from her

Dr nodded n ended the call.

Maan called NT on the way

“maan- hii. He received a hello from her side.

Maan- hws u doing???

NT- m gud. Vt happen?? U keeping well???? N geet???

“yaa m fine. I need to talk to u urgent. Its smthg imp. Can we meet???” maan said n asked her to come to caf.

NT agreed n said she will reach soon.

When maan ended the call he got 3 miss calls of geet.

He called back her to get bombard with lots of questions 4m his beautiful better half

“where r u??? with whom u talking 4m so long??? U said u will come back soon??? Koi bahana mat maarna. Aur jannat ko ghumne k liye keh k khud kha g???

Abhi how I’ll tackle her. She is too like u mr,khuarna. Baat nhi maan rhi. She wants u. abhi kuch bologe bhi???”


Maan kept the phone a lil aside while geet was speaking over phone. Like she hav fit speakers in her epiglottis.

“ohh hoo geet. Whn u will apply break then I’ll speak na”

Geet nodded “bt where r u??”

“m in the car”

“yaa gud joke. When cmng home??? N did u noticed the time. U don’t want to hav breakfast???”

“will come soon jaan. I’ll hav sandwich. Fine.”


“pakka baba.. abhi jldi se kaam khtm kr k aata hu. N give a kiss to my both princess”

“mr.khurana its one. Okk”

Geet cut the call, not wanting to strt the argument of girl or boy again.


Maan reached caf. When he saw NT cmng thre

He ordered coffee

NT asked vts the matter


precap- vt did he wanna talk???? any guess????


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                                           PART 30



He kissed on jannat’s forehead saying”good night my princess. geet’s face was facing towards jannat. She smiled seeing him

Maan came near geet, he kissed on her forehead while geet closed her eyes in reflex. Good night my lil princess, when she jerked open her eyes. Again princess???

“dekhege” maan said to her.


then he kissed on geet’s cheek. Gud night wifey n now sleep



next day

maan wokeup with the sound of his phone. Jannat stirred in her sleep.

Maan hurriedly picked it up. N pressed the red button to cut the call.

Maan came to portico attached to his room. n checked whose call was at 7 in the morning.

He saw it was of the detectives whom he said to investigate abt the person who deposit money in sasha a/c n he too gave them the random numbers 4m where tht lady called doc several times.

Maan called them back.

“hello mr.khurana. sorry to disturb u this early.” Men on other side said.

its okk, whts the matter???” maan asked

sir the no. u gave us is highly confidential, so it might be of some powerful person. But u don’t worry sir we r doing our work. Both the reports will be in ur hand till 10. We assure u.” men said

Maan nodded n said to do it fast. He cant delayed it, he cant wait more to punish the culprit.

Call ended.

When he came back to room. He saw jannat delving something. She was rubbing the back of her palm in her eyes n was yawning.

Maan came n picked her in his arms.

“vts my princess searching??” he asked her

“gud morning dada” jannat said n gave damp kiss on his cheeks.

“olle gud mrng angel”

“allele dada, ek naam bola taro na” geet complained of calling her angel

“oh hoo.. ohkk princess. now tell me vt r u searching?” he saw her eyes were moving here n there

“papa retote(remote)… doremon dekhna princess to” jannat said in her language

Maan chuckled with her demand of watching doremon.. uff these kids, so much addicted to tht blue clr ka mota. Maan thought.

“yaa princess bt its early morning, n tody is Sunday so no sch. U shd sleep baby” maan tried to made her agree

“waooo suntay. Jannat’s face shine hearing holiday.. hmm dada princess day. Yeee” jannat jumped to maan’s lap

(stinna- maan took jannat to somewhere n alwz spend the Sunday with her)


Then her eyes moved to sleeping geet

She slammed her lil palm on her forehead “alee mumma v toh hai, mai bhul gya. Aj hum pitnic pe jayege aur ice cream v khayega. Haina???”

Maan nodded n kissed on her chubby cute cheeks. “yes baby”

“mai mumma ko uthata hu” she slowly crawled towards geet n maan tried to catch her. He don’t want to disturb her jaan’s sleep.

“baby let mumma sleep na” maan said in low whisper near to her ear

Jannat stopped on mid way of bed

“alee papa, don’t speak in my ear na. huhhh” she made pouty face.

“ohkk sorry.. now u go to sleep” maan made her lied on bed.

With haste jannat stood up “nahii mje doremon dekhna”

With sudden movement geet stirred in her beautiful sleep. She moved the back of her palm on her eyes. Sunlight from the balcony came n hit into geet’s eyes. She couldn’t open up her eyes properly.

Geet yawned n her hand moves towards her mouth. Her eyes were close. Seeing geet moving, moved stood up n put the curtain sideways so tht sunlight wont come in n her jaan can sleep peacefully.

When maan turned, geet was trying to get up.

“dud morning mommy”

Geet smiled n pulled jannat in a hug  “gud mrng angel”

Jannat gave a damp kiss on her cheeks n geet too gave her kiss on cheeks

Maan smiled seeing them, he hurriedly came there n jumped on bed.

Startled mom daughter saw maan. Maan moved his cheek n pointed to cheek “me too”

Jannat giggled n gave a kiss on maan’s cheek. Maan moved forward n said geet to kiss on his cheeks. Maan closed his eyes. Geet moved closer n instead of kissing she slapped plyfully

Both daughter mother laughed seeing maan’s cute stunned reaction

Maan gave geet “I’ll see u later look” to which geet returned sorry look.

Moved stood up n went to washroom.


Uff vt to do with him, now why he got angry.. babaji aap samjhaiye na maan ko.

“Mommy” I heard jannat’s voice. She nudged me again to divert my mind to her which was on maan

“yes baby” I replied to her cupping her face in my palms

“m hungry” she made pouty face

I said tht will make oats for her, but she is too her fathers daughter n was adamant to eat noodles.

I decided to get down n make noodles for her

When I heard the washroom’s knob being moved n flung open the door.

Maan came out with towel around his neck, wet hairs. Water droplets make their way from tip of his hair strand to his neck. Some drops were on his ears n forehead.

Babaji ne badi fursat se bnaya hai sachi mei.

Hayee he is so tempting. He came forwards n shot an angry glare to me.

Nw vt I did???? Baad mei dekhti hu inko. 1st hav to get ready n make noodles for jannat.

I went to take bath. Ooppss I forgot to take towel. I called maan but no response from his side. Ya yaa how he will rply. He is busy giving me angry glares na

I called his name again. Then I thought to get it myself. I peeped out my face from door to see where he is??? I can also tell jannat na.

I moved my eye balls to right n left.. hmm raasta saaf hai geet. Jldi se jaa le aa towel.



I knw m over reacting by not talking to her n not answering. But m too jst usually playing the way she did. I knw she hit playfully. But thoda sa bhav toh bnta hai na.

I saw her going to washroom n the towel outside. Then the idea peeped in my mind to tease her now. Wow maan singh khurana u so clever. I tapped my shoulder feeling proud in my thoughts.

She called my name again. I hid behind the curtain tht were near washroom. Hmm she herself will get the towel come jaan, wanna see u.. I was smirking with big grin on my face.

She called jannat name this time

I smiled a bit remembering, jannat is in toy room. Yepiee m so smart na, I send her there saying she hav to pack her toys for picnic.  I knew she will call her too.

I peeped out a lil from curtain, n saw towards the washroom. The door was shut. I thought for sec where she is. Then I saw from other side in room to check weather she is in??

“where she gone??” I thought getting back inside the curtain. When I got a tap on my shoulder.

I turned to see geet who wearing a pink colour bath robe,  she was looking dam sexy in pink n with her hairs all over messy. Some hair strands were on her face. I got lost in her beauty.

She asked vt I was doing here???

I didn’t answer actually was lost in her na. vt to do. She is irresistible.

She nudged me to get her attention n I came back to senses.

“haan vo m geet.”. I stammered getting less words.

“haan haan mn btati hu na.. maan aap na bade . she was pointing her slick finger towards me n moving forward n in reflex I was moving back.

“both hi bigad gaye ho aap maan.” She was looking like a tigress who was moving close to her prey n will eat him at the moment n would satisfy her hunger

Oh god where my thoughts r going????

Then I hit the back of wardrobe. She turned her face to other side. Her eyes were showing fury

“jab dekho mje tang krte rehte ho aap” she then made a complaining face with golgappa mouth.

She stomped her foot on the floor n moved to other side to walk away

I dragged her with her arm. She collided with my chest. her face was in my crook of neck.

She tried to go n when my hold on her waist got tighter. With my free hand I made her look towards me by lifting her chin.

Some hairs strands came into her eyes. I was moving my hands to tuck them behind her ear. When se blow air from her supple lips n the hairs moved in air.

Oh hoo ye to boht bhadki hui hai yr.

This didn’t effect me at all. I moved closer to her.. made her look into my eyes. We were close tht air couldn’t evn pass b/w us,

I moved closer towards her lips. My eyes were like glued on her pink supple lips. They were inviting me. So how can I not accept an invitation.

Grhhh.. then my phone buzzed n geet moved back freeing herself from my grip. She giggled seeing my plight. 





precap- whose phn call???????



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                                           PART 29



Then geet saw tht they were near railway crossings. N it was going to close.

“maan drive fast na, or else we hav to wait here till train arrives” geet said

Bt maan didn’t did this n slow down the car. n hence the fatak(sorry I don’t knw its exact English word) shut down

Their car was standing 1st.

“maan.. now we hav to wait na, aur jannat maybe hungry also” geet complained.

“mumma aj mje ice cream khaani” jannat said sulking her lips. Geet nodded.

After 2 mins. They heard train’s sound. Jannat’s eyes shine hearing it.

She clapped “abhi koo chuk chuk ayegi.. yeee” jannat loved seeing trains, so maan stopped the ar their.

Soon train came n jannat bid bye to train. There was constant smile on her face. She kept saying bye bye till train becomes disappear.

Geet smiled seeing her smiling n glowing face.


(stinna- actually lil csn bro did this, so thought to include it, n btw I too used to do the same,, I think many of u too did????)


She turned to maan n gave a smile to him. They drove off from their n then stopped the car to a ice cream parlor so tht her princess can have it.

Jannat again clapped seeing ice cream shop. She gave a flying kiss to maan. Maan bent n kissed her cheeks. Jannat too gave him a damp kiss on his cheeks. They were abt to go when maan stopped calling geet name.

He bent towards back seat n bring a red rose n gave it to geet. “sorry jaan” with a cuty face.

Geet took it n smiled. Then she turned other side so tht they can get out of car. then geet turned a gave a quick peck on maan’s cheek. Maan was shocked with her sudden act. He caressed his cheek with his hand.

Till he can say anythg, she was going towards the parlor. Geet turned back n winked to maan.

Maan parked the car n came out.

They ordered their ice cream n have them. They had a great time together.

They giggled, talked, laughed.

After having ice cream they went to garden insisted by jannat. They played their.

After all the day chorus jannat was tired now. It was 6 in the evening. They drove off to home.

Jannat slept in geet’s lap during the way to home.

there was complete hush in the car.

maan dropped geet home saying tht he hav meeting, will be back soon.


 **  **  **

Maan went for meeting..

When he was returning, he got the call from the doc. He picked it immediately.

“hello mr.khurana” doc spoke on phone.

“hello” “hmm did u talked??” maan asked

“yes. I told her tht I have some proof. 1st she was not agreeing to it, then I cut the call. As u say she called me back n asked… 4m her voice I can say tht she was scared. She agreed to meet me 2moro at XYZ hotel at 5pm” tht man told evrythg to maan vt he talked

“so I was right she is afraid, if truth comes out” maan thought

“okk. I’ll call u 2mror then will tell next step. Hmm” maan said in stern voice

Call ended

Maan called some1

“yess I need security at this place but tht shd be from far. No1 shd come to know abt it, not evn the owners of the house. I want each n evry sec info of ppls who r living there. Clear.. hmmm”

Call ended.

Maan instructed to hav an eye on doc. House. Jst to ensure tht he is not making any lame statement or if he is speaking truth, then tht lady may try smthg to harm her. She can go to any extent to suppress the truth

“I swear whoever u r, jst strt counting ur days, no ur hours I shd say” maan thought. He said with feisty .

He has sheer arrogance in his eyes n aversion for tht lady


Maan reached home.

It was past 10. It was dusk outside. When he entered his mansion, it was exquisite with new colors. The only presence of some1 special had change somthg in the mansion. It was like the air has changed

He let the air hit into his nostrils

Its like some1 giving him soothing massage to threw away all the stress of the day. The scent of geet’s presence near is enough to make him relax.

He straightly went to his room. Jannat was sleeping peacefully n tucked in her pink soft duvet. With her pooh near her. He came near her n gave a small peck on her chubby cheeks.

He saw other side to find geet, bt she was not there.

He went to freshen up.

Geet was downstairs waiting for him. He saw him entering n went to kitchen to bring dinner for him. When she returned maan was all gone to room. So thought to take dinner in room

When she came to room maan was not there, perhaps he is in washroom.

She set the plates on near by table. She was pouring water in glass when maan came from back with slow steps.

“bhauuu” maan’s sudden sound made geet scared n she jumped. The water fell on her dress.

She turned to maan who was in his black vest n tracks, towel in his neck. Some water droplets were making their way to his neck from his short hairs.

His look was hard to handle

Geet gulped her saliva seeing him. As when she turned maan was standing very close to her. They were just inches away from them.

Tinge of naughtiness came into maan’s eyes seeing her lady love lost in him.

He forged towards her. Geet closed her eyes in reflex. Maan came more closer. They can hear even there breaths.

Maan then moved to her ears

“jaan change krlo vrna cold ho jayega” maan said in her ears n moved towards the table.

Geet opened her eyes n cursed why she alwz got lost seeing him. Dam its so many years of their togetherness, still she cant resist his charms. She alwz gets allure towards him.

“uff m starving geet…” maan checked the dishes.

“geet jldi change krlo aur dinner????” he asked her

 geet gave him tough look n stamped her feet on floor n went to wardrobe. she barged into the washroom.

She came out changing n went directly to bed not before giving maan “will eat u look”

Maan put food in the plate n went to bed, sat near her.

“ufff yee nakhraa, gussa is nose pe kitna baith ta hai na” he said while pulling geet’s small slender nose in sneered tone.

“huhhh” geet turned to other side

“geet wont u feed me?” maana asked in pleading voice

“r u of jannat’s age??? Help urself. Don’t disturb me” geet put duvet over her head

“ohkk fine I’ll not hav it till u feed me with ur hands” maan stood up keeping the plate on side table.

When geet hold his hand n maan stopped. Maan had winning smile on his face.

“okk sit” geet said.

Maan’s face like “I m innocent baby” he sat near her

Geet took the plate n handed a morsel to him. Which maan turned to geet n made her eat “I knew u too didn’t hav anythg”

Geet ate it.. then she took another morsel of food n fed to maan.

They both feed eachother, in this session geet’s anger was all long gone.

“geet u didn’t be starve 4 so long” maan said keeping plate aside.

“maan how can I hav when I know u didn’t hav something” geet explained reason of her not having dinner

“bt jaan now its not abt u only, its for my princess too na” maan said looking towards her belly.

“hmm” geet nodded when she make her eyes big..

“maan what did u jst said???? Princess???” geet asked

“haan geet. My lil princess” maan said

“maan this time its prince charming. Okk. N I don’t want to argue on it. Bs final.” She said folding her arms near her chest

“achha g.. meri nakal???” he looked towards her posture.

“dekhege geet.” Maan said

“hmmm.. jst wait n watch” geet retorted back n laid down.

Geet was 1 side while jannat was in the middle. Maan went to other side of jannat n laid down there

He kissed on jannat’s forehead saying”good night my princess. geet’s face was facing towards jannat. She smiled seeing him

Maan came near geet, he kissed on her forehead while geet closed her eyes in reflex. Good night my lil princess, when she jerked open her eyes. Again princess???

“dekhege” maan said to her.


then he kissed on geet’s cheek. Gud night wifey n now sleep



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                                           PART 28





Next day.

Jannat was happy seeing her mom near her.

She was showing tantrums tody, she says she don’t wanna go to sch n want to be with geet. She fears that she will go to sch dn geet will go smwher else

Geet ensures that she ill not go n she too will come to pick her up 4m sch.

After promising her 4 ice ream n shopping jannat agreed to go to sch.

Seeing geet at home, 1 person was happy n other was lil happy.

Daadi was happy 4m bottom of her heart

On other hand, maan’s mom was not, though she likes maan’s smile.

Geet was going to kitchen n then cmng back to dinning room.

Her lil princess n maan was making her to go too n fro. Finally jannat was ready n trio sat in car

They drop jannat in sch n then moved to office together.

Maan stopped the  car n geet came out. Maan didn’t. she was standing out, she kept her face on her palms by supporting it on the car window

Geet asked gesturing through her eye brows n with her orbs

“kha mr.khurana??”

“aap chaliye mrs.khurana. mn aata hu” maan said

“aur jannat” geet asked n reminded him of jannat to take her from sch so she want him to be on time.

Maan stopped the car at some place. It was a small house

He came out of car n then rang the bell of house. He did it again

N then a lady opens the door. She was in her forty’s.

“dr. Sharma lives here” maan asked the lady

“ji.. kahiye aap” the lady answered. She said maan to come in.

“aap baitiye mn paan” lady said bt maan interrupted in between

“its okk. Can u tell me where is dr.sharma??” maan straightly asked her.

“he went outside. Will be cmng any moment” lady replied n went to kitchen.

From the interior of the house he judged tht they were not in good condition

Lady came with glass of water n offered maan.

At tht time doc came there

Both greeted each other

Maan said he want to talk to him alone.

The lady went in saying she will bring smthg. Maan n doc were now alone

Maan- dr. I straightly come to point. M here to talk abt geet, whom u operated  oh sry actually I shd say fake operated

Doc hav some drops of sweat on his face.

Maan offered his handkerchief to doc.

“I jst want to knw abt the person behind this, otherwise u too hav to pay for this, then no1 can save u from wrath of MSK, tht u cant evn imagine”

He had heard abt MSK, how much arrogant he his. With words he though he must be his husband, as geet was actually geet khurana. He had no other option left except telling the truth.

With haste steps doc went to maan’s feet n begged him.

“m really sorry, there was no bad intention behind this. I was jst”  maan made her stand, he don’t felt it right tht an old man being begging in his feet

“seeing so much money infront of my naked eyes, I was blind tht came in tht lady’s word. N now m paying for my bad deed.”

n was angry n furious hearing his acceptance

He narrowed his eyes with hearing last set of words “paying?”

Maan asked “matlab”

“tht lady, she bribed me saying tht she will give me money if I faked the surgery. She gave me lump sum money n then she forced to leave my job threatening tht she will tell evry1 abt this. She hav pictures of mine taking the money. Now she stopped giving me money also” while saying all this man was crying.

The lady came from behind

“g bhai sahib. Ismei inki koi galti nhi thi.. tht time we need money bt we don’t know this all will end up in this. Now he don’t hav job, we hav a daughter in house. If truth came out where we will go??” lady too had tears in her eyes

Bt maan was angry. There was also no fault of them in this

“bt all bcz of u, how much we hav to suffer?????” hatred towards whoever she is had been increased to nth times.

He moved his fingers in his hairs  thinking vt he shd do now


After a while maan spoke “okk call her n tell her to meet. I’ll give u money bt I want tht lady. N dare u tell her abt my visit here” His eyes hav sheer arrogance n were red.

“bt what if she denies.. she never picks my call. N says me not to call her”

“thts not my prob u hav to make her agree” maan retorted back

“okk listen. Jst tell her u too hav some proof. Thus she hav to come to meet you. U call her n then give me full details of all.” Maan said

Maan strted going out when he stops n turned

“jst do what I say or else I too don’t knw what might can happen” saying maan goes 4m their

Maan strted engine of car when he got call from geet

With geet’s name flashing he bite his tongue,

“how can I forgot????” He saw the time in his watch. Its almost time of jannat’s dispersal

“ab toh tu gya maan” maan selft thought. He drove fast n pressed green button n kept the phone on speaker

Here comes geet’s voice

“maan where r u??? u r vry careless”

“M sorry geet. M jst on the way”

“han han koi zaroorat nhi hai. Mn khud le aaugi apni beti ko. Aap kro apna kaam.” She pouted her lips

“Geet don’t make such face, or else u will look more fat”

Geet made O shape mouth. “Maan, huhhh.” She cut the call

Maan speed up the car n he reached to office. He saw geet standing there with angry face.  Maan horned n geet saw him

Geet muttered under her breath “huhh aa gaye late latif”

She came n sat in the car.

Maa strted the car n strted driving to jannat’s school

She didn’t speak any word nor maan

Geet was stealing glances towards maan.  Maan smiled seeing her. Bt he didn’t said anythg

Geet complained in low whisper “dekhaa babaji. Abhi baat v nhi kr rahe. Huhh”


Soon they reached school. They were 5 min late n jannat was playing with toys. Teachers were instructed there tht jannat shd be entertained till maan’s arrival.

(stinna- MSK’S power. U know???)


They took her 4m their n headed towards home

“hows my princess” maan ask while driving

“papa’s princess is grt” jannat gave a toothy smile to maan

“mamma u knw tody tash (yash) n pliya (priya) had fight. She said in her language

Geet didn’t get the names she was saying

“bt why???” maan knew abt them. They were jannat’s sch frnds n both were bro-sis.

“alee dada, vo tash k papa ne pliya ko doll di na, aur tash ki do do” jannat explained reason of their fight.

She giggled while telling.

“off fooo” She hit her forehead with her palm “mumma u don’t knw tash pliya???”

Then maan spoke “vo geet they r jannat’s frnd.

Geet nodded her head.

Then jannat talked abt what happened, vt she did their. Geet was listening to her like some1 was telling her best story of the world.


PRECAP- He forged towards her. Geet closed her eyes in reflex. Maan came more closer. They can hear even there breathsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed




LUV UUEmbarrassed


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                                           PART 27

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Rohan- btw where u both were??????

Sachii bta bhukadd kya kha k aye hai??? Ye kya lga hai???? N pointed to geets lip

Maan remembered the moment when he himself did this. Bt he forget to take advantage of it.

His naughty plan was in vain. How he can forget this.

He let out a sigh!!!!!

This is it. Geet was in sherni mode. He called him bhukad. How dare he.

Geet- rohan dont u dare to say this again. Btw y shd we tell where we were???

Aur  khane ki baat thre is 1 more person who eat with me.

Bhukadd mn nhi tum ho. huhh

Rk- relax geet. Bas kr

Geet- huhhh n made pouty face

Rohan- achaa tu khush reh aur khaa jitna marzi, bs my champ shd be hot n handsome jst like me

Geet- vry funny

Maan excused 4m there to make some calls

Geet- vaise thankuu to u both for being with me all the time, n telling maan.

Rk- its fyn yr. u r our besty. Tere liye kuch bhi

Rohan- maan ko toh isliye btaya tha k he hav many contacts, so it will be helpful in finding out abt that pretty chudial.

Geet- huhh. May god gives this type of frnds to no1.. rohan n rk were bemused

As I hav u both n aise frnds mere hi ho skte hai, no1 else.

Trio shared a hug together

Then a sound came from behind

Mai bhiii

Geet found the voice familiar. She turned n saw the angel in front of her

She ran toward geet n geet gave her arms to encircled the small petty body of her n picked her up in her lap

Geet kissed on face all over

Whispering- awe my princess, mumma missed u

Jannat broke the hug n said while opening her arms wide- mn v miss u innaaa vala. Sachii

muchi?? geet asked her though she know tht how much she missed jannat, jannat too missed her

Maan came from behind with a smile on his lips. Geet turned to him n said thanx

Rohan said seeing the cuty- olee toh ye hai jannat

Jannat heard her name n said- yes, m jannat, papa ki jannat

Rohan- toh mn konsa the le k jar ha hu

Jannat- mn jauga vi ni.. aap gande uncle n showed her tongue

Geet heard her sayng the word- baby bad words. Say sorry.  Who told u this word?

alee mumma, vo doremom mei gean hai na ganda, motuu sa. She said while laughing n putting her hand on her mouth

I told u she is addicted to her doremon maan said . he sat on the chair near her

baby but ye vo nhi hai then geet said to jannat by pointing towards rohan

haan alee vo toh motuuu hai. She giggled. he said he will take jannat away from papa she turned towards maan

nahi na dada????? she asked maan abt this

noo princess. no1 can take u away from me maan said to jannat n jannat gave  atoothy smile to maan n again showed her tongue to rohan n then her small thumb saying do doo

mumma se v nhi jauga she hugged geet tightly

Rohan retorted ” bilkul tere jaise hai ye

Geet- haan I knw, pretty like me n winked

They talked for sometime then time to leave

Jannat- mumma chloo

Geet thought, how she can go there. If sasha comes to know abt it, maybe she will again harm maan

Rk- aree geet.. do 1 thing, u go KM, as u r jannats mom, the way u came to office u can go to home too

Rohan- sasha ko thode se tough look de dena

Geet- aaj toh vaise bhi bechari ki both band baji hai

Rohan- vt????

Jannat was feeling lil sleepy, she was half sleeping in geets lap

Geet- kl btaugi. Abhi..

Maan declared that she will go with him, without geets no ifs n buts

geet u r my wife, so there wuld be no prob going to home

geet nodded n both headed towards car, n rk n rohan moved to their place

in car

geet wants to go home with them, bt still there was some fear

maan placed his hand on geets hand sensing her tension n blinked his eyes, he ensured tht all will be ok.

geet m with u. hmm.. aur hum kisi k darr se door kyu rahe???? Aur jab maan singh khurana tumhare sath hai, toh darne ki kya baat hai maan said n lighten the atmosphere with his last cmnt

Geet smiled to it

hmmm.. aur fr mrs. Khurana hi kisi se nhi darti

Both giggled with their lines

Soon they reached home. It was dark outside, jannat was sleeping till now. She has content smile on her lips.

Maan came out of car n dn went to geets side, open the door n took jannat from geets lap. Both enter the KM n moved to room

(stinna- chavvi di happy???? Maan geet together n bck to home?)


From far person is having an eye on maaneet. He watched them going inside. He followed them 4m hotel. After it he made a call to some1 n inform abt them going inside


Maaneet was happy being together.



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