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“M going n thts final” geet said with a pouty face. She was dam irritated with maan’s constant nagging. She already said tht she will b going to watch the movie mnths ago n nw whn it got released n she was abt to go maan made puppy face tht he too will accompany her.
“Bt u dnt like to watch movie na” geet asked as he alwz says tht its jst time waste, the movie anyway will come on tv in a month or so, so vts the point of spending money on it.
“Maan do u want tht ur geet be the reason of sm1’s heart break??” Maan narrowed his brows not getting vt she meant.
“See if I dnt go for movie toh Bechara hritik ko kitna bura lgega na” she said defining a valid reason tht she hav to go.
as in he knws tht she evn exist. maan thoughtConfused
“N u knw na I dnt lyk to be reason of sm1’s loss, so she came closer n pulled his cheeks if I don’t go toh how his movie will earn hundred crore business???
“Oh really??? U think abt his loss n vt abt mines??” Maan asked geet. It’s not tht he hav any prob to tke her for movie bt she wants him to tke her frnd harry too along with them. Tht was not acceptable at all.
“Maan pllz na, movie ko release huye already 4 days ho gye. Tody I want to go.
Till time she got a ping from harry askng abt the movie.
Both were abt to go for noon show whn at moment maan made a halt to their plan saying he will tke them, n geet cant deny after seeing such a puppy adorable face of his.
Harry called her instantly aftr hearing change in plan.
“Geet u knw na he is just faking, dnt cm to his talk. Already coz Of ur this kanjoos nature we r already going to watch it 4 days later, nw I can’t afford to miss. U knw na HR is dam hot in it.
Harry said so giving a dreamy look. N geet too blushed thinking HR shirtless doing the action.
Harry was to go on friday n dn geet’s stupid strategy to save money. The rates on Friday r High as compared to Monday this way she will save money.
Maan jst laughed hearing her so called reason.
She glared him n tht was enough to shut his mouth.
“Dnt u dare okk. If u want to spend money na its fyn, nw u will pay for nxt movie m watchng” geet declared n left from thre.
It was decided tht they will go for show at 8in night. 2-3 more frnds r also cmng. Maan was to pick geet up n other r already at geet’s home.
The only reason maan was going for it is to watch geet drooling ovr HR n he will do the honor of drooling on her mishty n off course to get J from HR.
Its 7:30 n still no sign of maan. He was stuck in traffic whn he chked the time. “U r so dead maan” he thought while imagining geet’s face like throwing daggers. He got scared whn his car came to halt in front of her residence. She quickly hopped in n shot an angry glare n maan gulped his saliva. Harry, neha sat behind with angry face.
“I already said tht this so called bf of urs is gud for nthg” harry said.
Maan drove the car. Coz of him being late they missed the show n nw moving towards other cinema where movie gonna strt in nxt 10min.
Neha – ufff can u plz drive a lil faster or else u Want us to regret decision of cmng with u.
Maan havng no optn drove lil faster still cant match the expectations of thse grls. Finally they reached n maan went to get the tickets. He got the tickets n all went in
Geet asked maan the audi(auditorium/ evry mall hav 5 screens for movies) in which they need to go. Maan said 1 tht was jst infront n all entered. Harry gave a angry glare- grhh its already strted.
Maan- bt still 5mins r left yr.
Geet-lets get settled yr. Dn argue. Maan was nt able to find the seats no. On tickets. Dn neha snatched it from him n with phns light she saw no n went to its direction, bt she saw sm1 else sitting thre. Geet suggest to sit elsewhere for time being.
They get settled n scene was going on where HR was doing a stunt n geet was gaping at him with opn mouth. Maan shut it down with J factor. Bt geet ignored. Harry nudged geet bt geet ignored . Then they heard tht kaif’s name in movie is harleen dn geet saw harry “harleen lub u baby” in american accent in which HR was calling her. 
harry’s real name is harleenWink 
(stinna- my frnds name is too harleenLOLLOL)
Bt harry gave a confused look “geet y m havng a feeling tht its end of movie” harry asked n dn to neha also. Geet was like I dnt knw.
Aree remember deep told tht thre was action in end n the thy came to knw tht nthg was stolen. See yr yehi bol rhe hai. M havng a gut feeling tht it is the end. Geet gave a confused look dn turned towards maan n asked him to ask the person sitting nxt to him. Bt maan didn’t do so.
Neha said to paas on the tickets. she chked through phn’s light N dn the nxt moment trio was havng the look -u-r-so-dead.
To which maan jst gulped his saliva. Geet hit his arm n saw him with angry look.
“Nvr evr I’ll b cmng with u for movie”
“I told u geet we shdnt be cmng with him” harry said.
Neha” can u plzz move on guys” they all went out dn chked the tickets n got to knw tht movie was in audi 3 n not in 1. Grls hurriedly went in n then settled to their seats.
Maan jst followed.
“Dare u say anything maan” the only words he got from geet which were enough to shut his mouth.
Nxt half hr maan didnt evn get 1 look from her. He tried to touch n talk only get snapped.
No1 talk with each other jst sitting with angry faces though maan”s was sullen. Neha harry were jst cursing her for missing the 15min strt of movie. Maan said sorry to geet
“M gonna kill u” maan jst kept mum. N jst watchng the movie. Interval came none of dm talked with maan. He went to take beverages n popcorn for dm.
“Maan why did u said audi1?? Harry asked.
“Yr vo. I thought maan tried to answer. 
‘maan u need brain to think, bt hy wakeup, u dnt hav it. harry said getting sarcastic.
Movie strted. Now they were watchg movie getting fully involved dn the kissing scene. Oh la la. Maan saw geet n geet towards maan. Maan so much wanted to do the same bt poor boy jst got angry glares.

“M gonna kill u” only words escaped from maan’ mouth for all persons- sitting in audi1, cant dy tell us tht was end, HR for being this hot n grt dancer tht his geet drool on him, the stupid frnds of geet, n himself too whi suggest the idea to accompany them.
Soom the movie ended n geet said tht she wil nt cm with him for Any movie.
She stomped her foot n went out.
Ye bhi naraz hui, paise bhi gye aur kuch mila bhi nhi” maan said under his breath. He thought of being close to geet bt all in vain.
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its on mstly geet’s monologue 
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I still remember the day when he frst called me,

Then I was in I guess 6 or 7 class,  his voice was vry melodious to ears

I was standing outside  my class, actually was gonna enter n my frnd stopped me, then he came from behind. N called me give him a side.

Till then I actually nvr observed him tht he is in my class. Lolz quite funny. Bt m like this only, never bothered abt the classmates sry correction boys classmate in class.

4m tht day I used to observed him. Actually I really like him. My first crush. Ishh.. actually not first, it was hritik. Omg!! I used to copy all his steps n m crazy abt his dancing skills.

Now I m 10 class.. I really dnt get the guts till now to evn talked to him, to say a hi, to approach him. Such a fool I am. He is class topper n I, hy me too yr. though I came 2 or 3 in class n he alwz 1st. he was quite handsome , tall bady, gud muscles in this younger age, he was best in sports n really do buttering to all the teachers n I jst hate sports, I cant run, n teachers I dnt like to get marks by moving around them like bees revolve around honey. .. all grls I guess droll over him& he being such a brat openly enjoys their starring eyes on him.

I mostly ogled over his M shape lips, lolzz so cheap thinking. Babaji save me no.

I used to stare him n frankly many a times I copied him. I had a habit of biting nails bt mom made me get out of it by scolding a lot.. bt then once I saw him doing so,n here I was doing the same.. I saw him tapping his feet on bench n here I was doing same. 

I never told abt this to any1. Alwz kept in my chitu heart. Sometimes he used to call me. Hayee tht time I love my name.. like its melody song n he is singing for me.

From my grp of frnds one grl used to talk to him. N it made me lil jealous off course yr. I like him na.

Then once we hav free lecture n all grls n boys srted playing bollywood game on board. It was quite fun. Tht day I actually firstly talked to him. I was like blushing. My frnd asked me why m smiling bt dare I didn’t tell the reason behind my crimson cheeks.

Then we used to play games. Then I talked to him vry often. Jst like did u prepare for test, did u do homework.

All our grp n his we played many other games, as in “NAME PLACE, ETC”

(stinna- its 1 of my fav game, if any1 want to knw abt it can pm me)

Dum sharaz, dam dam dup, bingo, etc


Once we had a test in class. N being an obedient student as alwz i prepared for it. He came n sat on bench ahead of me, I was starled when I turned n saw him n he was smiling to me.

 I asked vts matter

He like scratched his head n with cute expression said “hy geet” I too greet him with smile “hy maan”

Yaaa his name is maan, hayee babaji when I call his name I can like butterflies running in my stomach n shiver ran down through my spine.

“vo actually I havnt prepared for test tody, n yaa I knw u did, so plz let me sit here n I will copy from u” n he winked

Omg!! He actually seeked help from me n winked to me. I was on cloud 9..

Bt was bit scared abt copying. M not in cheating n all. Like he guessed from my expression

“oh u dnt worry, u jst sit, rest I’ll do, st dnt let teacher cm to knw. Plzz

I jst nodded. How m supposed to say no to him, to my crush.

Then he copied from my notebook n I was sleeplessly smiling within only.

When he was giving the notebook to teacher he tuned to my side n winked me again.

After tht day he used to greet me when he saw me n I too respond to him with a smile, like a shy girl.

Few days passed like this. We bcm frnds like borrowing notes n asking for problems. I smtimes made his notes too though I hate this, bt for him I evn did tht.



After few days news spread like he was having an affair with girl of different section. I was shocked, surprised, angry at this. I knw he is like this only bt, this heart. Then I decided I shd control to my heart n talk to him less n distance myself.


Result declared as usual he was 1st n 2nd.  Now its  11 standard he choosed science  n I was in commerce.

I like sort of relieved tht now we wont be in same class n will get rid of this kinda feelings, bt was wrong again. When he came to my class my heart did skip a beat..  n I nevr dare to enter to his class unless hav some work there.


In my exams vt a strange thing happened. He was sitting rite in my front. We used to wish luck to eachother.

Once I saw him sitting idle in his entire paper, he didn’t evn write a word. I was shocked. Being a topper he shuldnt do tht. I asked him, he said he is not in mood. Then I thought he has changed ,with sort of company of boys like tht..


In our school we hav houses- like on Saturday we hav to wear colorful shirts- red, yellow, green n blue. N we both were in same house thts red.

So evry week we hav duty of discipline n control n on same floor. I was totally frustrated. Like why he is not leaving  my dam way. So we hav to meet n yes he talk n I jst give a nod to him.


Its like we are going for sm competition in other school. I was doing some comp related thing n he was in presentation. N we were in same bus, dam cant this school arrange diffrnt things for students of different streams.

On our way back he sat with me too..  n was praying tht there should be no pits on road or any chance he shndt come in contact with me.


 After 2 yrs.

In our farewell party.

In whole this year.  I tried my best to ignore him. N tody as all other grls I was dressed to kill according to me n mum. I entered the hall n like in films winds blow n my hairs flowed in air. N first thing I saw after tucking my hairs back I saw him, he was the in charge n doing all preparations.

I jst drool him, he was wearing a black suit, gelled hairs, red tie.

N here was in red clr anarkali suit. Ishh matching

Babaji is not showing any kinda signs na???? 

He came towards me, my beats strt rosing n I kept my heart near it.

He greet me n “hy geet lukng pretty”

Omg!!! He complimented me. N being a fool I didn’t say anythg to him n strted walking n then realized I tuned n I called him

“maan.” He asked through his brows

“thnks n yaa u lukng gud

He smiled n said thanks to which I smiled n moved forwards

School announced the best student as school as MAAN & school as GEET.

Again signs babaji. Not fair haan. I knw we hav different paths n dn vts this?

We both shook hands with each other n then we both r made to walk on ramp together. I can hear all clapping n hooting from all corers to which I can only blush.

Now it’s all over. I cant see him anymore. Our schooling is completed.

I used to think abt him many a times.

Once I met him in my frnds brother marriage, he was lukng like a gentleman. Their we talked.


After few days I got a request on fb names “maan khurana” I thought for a while n then accepted it like vts big deal in it,

Then message appear on screen. He said hi.

I too reply with hi,

After normal convo, we chit chat wit each other

Actually its lil easy talking on chat than personally facing each other.

Tht way he cant see me smiling.



Though I pursue commerce bt then god has sm other plans n I joined tv industry. I jst love being here. Many ppl love me. They cry when I cry, laugh when I laugh.

Once I was to give a interview, tht day I was too tired n was in cranky mood. Then reported entered to my vanity. I jst shouted tht jst 15 mins nthg more.

He replied “sure mam”

It sounded a lil familiar.

Then I strted removing makeup n reported was setting his cameras, I saw in mirror.  One person left n other was sitting thre.

Then I settled n I came face to face with him. He asked me 2-3 ques n answered.

Then there was knock on door. A person entered I was facing the back. He asked reporter smthg n then he came infront.

I was like starled seeing him infront of me after so many yrs. 

He voiced out first “geet


oh my my!!!jst look at u. the shy geet is now the GEET, most lovable actress”

I smiled n then I made him sit there

 Out of curiosity I too asked him abt him being journalist. He said tht science was not of interest so joined this. Its quite fun in this line. We meet celebrities like you. He winked seeing me.

I blushed.

Omg!!!! After years he still had this effect on me.

Hen he asked me abt being here, I told I love acting n dancing so here I am.

Then work come first he finished off the interview.

As its interview he came to knw abt my liking n my being here n yaa I told tht I do hav a crush on sm1. He was shocked hearing it.

Bt now I dnt mind telling tht I was head over heels in love with him.

Then he was abt to leave when we exchanged our numbers.


Now we meet quite often.  N again m falling for him.


MAAN’S verse

I was shocked to see her there. Geet, she actually was an actress. I cant imagine tht shy geet. She used to stutter evn when I talked with her. N here so fluently she was delivering the dialogues. N yaa she was lukng cute, beautiful n sexy too.. I nvr observed her in school. Tht she was wearing a skirt with shirt n her hairs alwz tied. N she was so studious. Hw cm I observe her. She changed a lot, she is the dhak dhak queen now.. After interview  I asked 4 her number.

Then I was having sleepless nights yr. she is soo dam beautiful. She is not leaving my mind evn 4 a sec. then I watched her all episodes of serial on utube n evn dwld it, her all interviews, her all dancing. When I was watching the romantic scenes I jst feel like punching tht guy hard on his nose. Omg!! M so much in love with her. Did I say love?? Oh yes. I guess love at first sight bt after year.

We met after tht encounter many times, n being curious I asked abt her crush in school. She didn’t tell me. I thought maybe she is not interested.  Then I nevr asked.


Geet’s verse

Now we r gud frnds. Maan is behaving wired from sm days. Dnt knw vt??? I was told by my one of co-actor tht he was starring at me. I didn’t pay any attention. Bt then I too saw him admiring me.

My co actor actually find him quite hot, yaa he is yr. n she vn told me too do smthg n hooked her with him.. I laughed on it n told maan abt it. We both laughed  n I saw in his eyes n was lost in tht deep ocean.

Maahhiii maahhhiii

Waiter came n we broke our eye lock, I was embraced n he, shamelessly glaring me. I hit on his arm.

Out of blue he asked

achha geet, u too find me hot??”

Tht day he  was wearing a see through black shirt with black jeans. Yaa he was lukng hot n tasty.

I stutter to rply n stood up to go.

bolo geet., n yaa I want truth.”

hmm yaa. U r gud looking. Happy

He smiled n we both headed towards his car. we came here as its his b’day n he want to celebrate it with me only.

Then we moved towards the beach. It was moonlight only cmng n making the atmosphere vry romantic. He sat on floor, the water waves were cmng  n sometimes touching r feet n the returned back.

He stood up n forward his hand, I didn’t understand n gave my hand.

its my birthday geet n I .. n as a birthday present I want a yes from you..” I was not getting aythg n my expression culd tell tht

“I want u by my side forver, will be mine???

I want to love u forever

I want to hold ur hand on all paths of life

I want to do tht romance with u n not tht ugly guy” I chuckle with this when he call maybe my co-actor ugly.

 Some tears strted to form in my eyes. His eyes were shinning n were showing tht I was seeing from some days.  “love”

“I want to be the reason of this smile n tears of urs. Then he kneeled down n

Geet.. I love you.

M in love with u the moment i saw u.

Then I smiled n lone tear escaped from my eye n I nodded.

He stood up n hugged me tight n then there was no floor under my feet, he lifted me up n twirled me.

Then he stopped n I was standing on his feet n my ams encircling his neck, I came close to his ears

“I love u too my first crush” n kissed on his cheek

I though now I shoud reveal abt my crush na?? so I told.

We remained there hugging eachother

N I too shared my first kiss under the moonlight,

He teased of getting the tomato red color,


Then we lived happily evr after





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Its early morning. Sunshine cmng from the window tht is in front of king sized bedroom of the love birds. Both were sleeping peaceful in each other arms. Her head is lyng on his heart. Ears can hear his heartbeat. His lips were above his head n fingers nuzzling in her silky hairs. She stirred in her sleep “hmmm”
he tried to opn his eye lashes to witness the mst beautiful sight in front of him. His lady love in his arms.
Jaan” he called fr her.
“Let me sleep” she said in her sleepy tone hardly audible bt he knew her jaan is sleepy.
He called fr her again. “Jaan”
Hearing again she hide her face in Crook of his neck.
“Hmm naughty” she blushed with his cmnt. Then moved her eye lashes a lil to see him. Her eyes caught his perfwctt luscious M shape lips uff thy r soo kissable. She jst had an urge to seal those with her pinky ones. Maan caught the naughty glimpse in his mishty eyes n with no sec there lips were sealed. After having short of breath they moved back. Maan crassed her cheeks with his thumb. She blushed. Cheeks turned to crimson clr.
“Maan” aweee his name sound like a melody from his mouth he wish to hear this long day.l evn dn not get bored.
” Hmmm mishty” he replied to her lukng into her eyes.
Geet moved her hands on his stubble filled cheeks.
Her expresion changed whn she moved her pa on her cheeks. She sat up.
It was bizarre situation fr maan. He didn’t get vt happem suddenly to her. He tried to ask bt she didn’t tell n went to washroom. He tried to ask her again bt she said she ia cmng out in min. Maan went to his daily workout. When he returned his princess was sitting in front of mirror drying her hairs. She moved her slick finger kn hairs. Awee he jst stood there seeing her. Few drops were moving from tip of flick n landed to her bare neck. Its so seductive. He strted moving towards her. His eyes full of desire. Her forehead too hav sm drops of water. She took a small stone bindi n applied it to middle of her forehead. Then she saw him standing rite beside him. She asked moving her eye brows. He leaned towards her. Strted moving his finger on her nape softly . She closed her eyes with the proximity to feel his touch. He bend n sat there. Slowly inching closer. Her arms moved around his neck fr support. Position like him hugging each other. Her shampoo’s scent hit to his nostrils sending shiver n his sweat smell to geet’s nostrils evoking the desire. In swift movement her hand moves to his cheek. Her eyes shot open though maan’s were closed n he was inching closer. She moved a lil back. Maan sensed tht she is nt near her anymore so je opened his eyes. Whn he saw geet was standing at sm distance. He cupped her face n asked “vt happen jaan”
“Same maan” maan was bewildered with her cmnt .
“Maan see na the way u cupped my face I too wanna do it na” geet said
“Arrr so kya?? U dnt understand na. Aapki daadi (stubble) maan. Chubti hai na. ” awe she said so sweetly tht maan had a sudden urge To pull her cheeks. N he did it. Geet got irritated n turned. “See I too wanna pull ur cheeks” dn she faced him. She moved his face to left n right “bt see aapki cheeks ho toh na, aise andar toh muh hai.. Huhh” she said making a pout.
Maan moved towards the mirror n saw his face.
“Dekhlo aapka face chupa ho gya hai” geet cmnted from back.
“Are nhi geet its fyn aur vaise bhi mje tumhare jaise gol gappa nahi banna”
Geet’s mouth turned to O shape. “Houu. U mean m fat? ? Btw its called healthy achha”
She pointed her finger towards him n took steps forward in reflex maan moved back. “Aur haan. Mje aapki ye stubble chubti hai so better u shaved or else nooo”
” vt? ?? Bt geet u knw I like this way” maan in a pleading tone
“Bt I dont”
“Dnt forget geet this makes me luk hotter n btw u too fall for my this look”
” ohh hello who told u?? Vo toh bs mera din khrab hoga tht I agree to marry u.”
“Achha g???”
“Maan m warning u shave it or I’ll nt cm near u. Huh” saying she turned n flew from there. Leaving confused maan.
Maan thought ” better u do smthg for this maan or else ye sherni tje apne paas aane v nhi degi”
Geet thought “ab kya kroge maan. Hmm aap mje stubble mei ache toh lgte ho par vo chubti v toh hai. I knw u not gonna shave it”
Tht day geet didn’t let maan once cm near her. She maintained a distance. Maan thought whn he will cm in evng all will b sorted out. Bt geet kept ignoring.
After 2 days geet was sleeping when maan called her. She tried to shoo him away bt
Maan was adamant to wake her up.
“Kya hai maan?” She stated rubbing her eyes with back of her hand. Her vission was blurred. She couldn’t see properly coz of sleepiness. Maan was sitting in front with his bright smile on his face tht was waiting for his wife’s reaction. Geet saw a chikna face.
(Stinna- Lolz actually shaved. Use word chikna as 1st I was to name OS as chikna maan)
She rubbed her eyes n opened to see same face again. Then her eyes were wide opn.
here m trying mu best to wake her up to surprise her n she is sleeping. Damm she is truly a kumbkarn.
Omg!! Vt reaction she gave me by seeing me. Is she shocked or happy?
I gave her a toothy smile. While she came close n checked by moving my face to left n right. Next set of words told me tht she was nt expecting this 

“Maan m I dreaming or vt??”
“No baby its real” I replied to her
Her eyes were wide opn n were likw throwing daggers on me.
“Haw maan vt the hell u do it?” I was in bizarre. Vt did she jst say?? Hell?? She is the one who told me actually tortured me to do this, by no t cmng close n she is giving me vt the hell look? Oh god womens!!!!
I cupped her face “baby u said u want me to shave. See I did”
Geet made a pouty face n said “bt maan I was jst joking, I didn’t mean it seriously”
Omg!! Hw she can say she was not serious. Coz of her dam joke I actually shaved. I sacrificed my angry young look. I closed my eyes as reality hit hard on my chikna face.
“Bt geet why??” I asked “Elloo.. ab mje kya pta aap serious ho jaoge?”
Serious? ? She was not? Dn bt was not cmng close, near ban??
“Bt u dnt evn let me cm close fr 2 days”
“Vo toh bs ainviii”
Huhh this geet n her stupid antics with her idiot wishes. Soon I think I’ll b doing am more stupid things. Now how m supposed to go to office taking this shaved face?? No1 gonna get sacre. I sat on bed with sullen face
Geet came in front. “Vaise maan itne bure bhi nhi lg rhe” I shot an angry glare
“Boht hi cute lg rhe ho aap. Sachii” with tht she strted laughing.
Uff geet dont. This smile only makes me weak in front of u..


thts it he grabbed her n nxt momemt she was beneath him. ” bda mza aa rha tha na tumhe, ab btata hu”
Maan took her lips with his. Awe he was tasting her after long 2 days. How much he missed.
He broke the kiss with short of breath
“Coz of u I shaved, hw I’ll go out? Every1 gonna make fun of me”
He nuzzled into crook of his neck.
“Koi baat nhi ghr ki hi kheti hai vapis aa jaygi” she winked n kissed on his cheek
“Luv u maan. Coz of me u did this” her eyes hav so much love for him.
“Maan Singh khurana can do anythg for his wife”.
They hugged each other.



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Adieu….  A good bye..

Love never dies.. it alwz remains n last in our heart forever.. the memories last forever of our loved once in our heart

These memories become the only reason of our survival after the our loved ones left us.. left us alone in this world to live on

It’s a story of girl who loved sm1 unconditionally.. story of  “GEET” “Geet khurana”



It was a cold night… I was standing near a window n looking out towards the people roaming on the road… cold winds were blowing n making the atmosphere so pleasant.. the night has its darkness in the sky.. its too chill here n people were roaming out.. I think why they were out at this time??? Whats the reason tht dy r out in this cold night???? I kept looking at them to get the  answer..

Two nurses were talking there… I was facing back at them.. they both were talking about their night shifts.. they both wanted to go home as sm1 special is waiting 4 them at home.. it’s a valentine day.. bt coz of their duty they were stuck n hav to be there n to do their duty.. 1 nurse said “look at doc. Geet… her eyes r red na” the other nurse answer “yup.. she must be thinking of that day”

Nurse- “its too painful yr .. tht day was such  a dark day in her life. I never saw her crying n yelling expect tht day.. I pity 4 her”

Nurse2- “hy speak slow. What if she might hear this?”

The nurse asked me “vts she doing there near the window.. doc u got urself too much engraved in ur work.. ur duty is over doc.”…Bt i  heard their talk bt I pretend tht I didn’t.… it was audible to me. “yup I was jst leaving” I bid bye to them n left 4m there…

I was leaving to home though there is no1 waiting 4 me there.. jst a  small lil cat is waiting.. I drove to home in reached home.. 1st thing I did was feeding my lil cat “Diana”.. she is so lazy n don’t do anything jst she kept sitting at home all alone. I gave her name Diana as I found her pretty.. the white fur of her was making her cute.. bt her eyes were so dull like me.. m too like her  with a difference tht now I don’t cry n she cries… my tears r no more left in my eyes to flowed down… last year the same day.. the Valentines day.. I was sitting with him.. with MAAN n was having my lunch with him.. we were having our fav dishes.. it’s the valentines day.. the day 4 all lovers.. n he is my life.. without him I cant think my life.. bt he is not like others. Who used to pamper their GF’S.. gift them roses n said beautiful lines to them. He is different 4m all. My MAAN is different.. n I was getting angry on him.. tht he didn’t gave any flowers this day.. nor evn  a card.. I made a puppy face n sat with my arms crossed to chest.. “hun… u cant evn give me flower maan??” I said pouting my lips..

“yaa okk.. I’ll give u an e-card” he replied.. “vt?? An e-card.. u r going to give me an e-card??” while pouting my lips n making faces.

“Okk I’ll send u an e-card.. vts is this in flowers n cards..”

“maan.. u r not evn  a single percent romantic.. hun. Hayee romantic toh sharukh ki movies hoti hai.. hayeeee…”

“vts in his movies??”

“I knw u don’t watch them.. u toh jst watch ur boring sa business news channel.. u knw I jst saw his new film.. vt  a film it was”

“ohh.. vt was in tht film??? Tell me.. okk u tell me vts so special in tht movie.. I hav to go office.. if u can tell me in 10 mins dn tell”

“vt??? A 3 hrs film in 10 mins.. okk..

It was tht sharukh luvs Katrina, mnz he luvs him insanely.. he waits 4 her. Coz of sm stupid c vow Katrina leaves him. He met her aftr 10 years, bt in end sharukh’s love wins..”

“toh ismei kyat tha???”

“aree it is love na.. tht remains in his heart 4 her n he get her.. it shows kudrat ko bhi pyaar k samne jhukna hi padta ha”

“ohhh…. Okk hav to rush now..”

“mee too going.. don’t forget to snd me card.. hmm”

he left 4m there bt I was happy tht its okk he didn’t gave me any flowers nor any gift bt he said tht he will send me a e-card.. tht was enough 4 me.. it satisfies me.. I hurriedly went home n turn on my PC.. n open my mails.. I waited n glued my eyes on the screen tht whn m gonna get his reply… while thinking..

We were neighbors 4m childhood.. I came to his colony n I shifted their to pursue my studies.. we were in same school n same class.. we used to fight with each other a lot… with no reason, cant see any sight of one another..

As m 4m village he used to call me “gavar” “ill- mannered” many times… vts in tht… if he is 4m city tht doesn’t mean he can call me with any name.. n on this topic we fight a lot.. he jst keep pulling my cheeks.. he said m soo fluffy n calls me elephant… n I pull his nose.. n call him arrogant.. as anger alwz keep sitting over it..

One day I was sitting in a corner in my house n was crying.. he came to our house 4 sm work bt my parents were not at home.. so he came to me.. n asked me.

“ee bhootni.. kya hua???”

“bhootni kisko bola tu????”

“oh ho. Abhi tk vo baat le k kyu ro rai hai??? Listen geet.. I told u tht he is not 4 u.. u r special yr.”

Actually I hav a crush on sm1.. n later I came to knw tht he is such  a spoil brat.. he jst use girls…

He wiped my tears with his fingers… 1st time  a current passes in me with his touch.. n dn he hugged me.. I stopped crying.. we talk n he made me laugh with different ways.

Then we become frnds.. actually sm feelings strted arousing in both of us.. bt we never said anything.. I looked upon him more than a friend n maybe he too..

Bt now its time for our separation… as I want to become  a doctor.. so I choose  science n he was to do business so he choose commerce.. so we hav to go another colleges n to shift 4m there..

I was not happy with it n he too… we did our studies there n we meet each other.. to pursue further studies our parents send us to another Country to USA… as we were new there n don’t knw any1 there.. our parents bought an apartment 4 us.. n we lived in same home.. I draw a line with chalk in centre telling him “not to cross it” “this is my side n thts urs”.. we fought a lot there n laugh too together.. bt till now no1 4m us had confessed the love 4 each other.. once it was a valentine day.. n I was with another guy.. 

Maan saw me with him in a restaurant laughing n giggling.. he came home.. I returned home n found him out of house door sitting on stairs…

“who is that?” he straightly asked me

“ohhh u knw maan.. I m sensing sm smell..”

“Vt??? N I ask u smthg”

“ohh.. so MR. maan singh khurana is jealous haan..”

“No m not. Why shd i?”

“jao fr mai kyu btau vo cool dued handsome sa kon tha.”

He pulled me n hold me tight on my arms.. “okk fine geet.. I accept.. now u r going out with me 4 dinner.. thts final.”

“Dusht danav kahi ka.” I murmurs bt not tht slow tht he cant heard it. Then we went out..

 After tht we spent evry valentines together… bt same he never gave me flowers.. thts the thing he is not romantic… he is too arrogant.. after our studies I become an intern n he strted his small company which later become big company with his hard work..


I kept luking at the screen.. tht was showing empty message box. I called him..


“yaa geet.”

“where is my card???”

“vt u didn’t get it???”

 he was sounding busy.. but I don’t care.. I want my gift na.. tht too jst an e-card.


“noo.. now send it again.”

“ohh.. I’ll send u 100 times  a card. Is tht enough 4 u??? he sounds arrogant n too rude.

“ok no need to send me any card. Now u happy. N plzz don’t cm to pick me up. i’ll have my dinner alone tody. Bye”

“Ohhh ho geet.. stop being childish yr. m busy now”

“vt.. m CHILDISH???” n I cut the call…

I was soo angry on him…  switched off my mobile n PC too.. we had spent so many valentines together..  n he never gave me any flowers nor evn I asked.. bt tody he is tht busy tht he cant send me an E- card.. I went to hospital.. I said all not to give me any calls tody as I m quite busy.. there r so many patients..

Now my duty was of, n I was collecting my all things  n sudddnly nurse ame to me.

“dr. Geet…. dr. Geet.. Come fast. There’s sm emergency”

I strted going with her.. “vts the condition of patient? N vt happened?”

“he is vry critical… he had an accident..” I reached  to OT.. n other doc said tht his heart beats  r going down.. I said them to get the shock equipments.. I wear my OT clothes n gloves n mask on my face hurriedly knowing the condition.. when I came to patient.. I become numb..

I saw him, I screamed loud.. “MAAAAANNNN”

Tears strt flowing out of my eyes..

“noo vt happened to him.. maan maan.. open ur eye na.. plzz maan.. 4 ur geet.. plzz open ur eyes.”.

I took the paddles n shocked his body.. his body moves up and down. nurses saw my condition n called another doc.

Then I tried with my hands. I pressed with all my strength with a  hope tht he wuld retrieve to it. Bt he don’t.. though we fought a lot, he never said me those words.. bt I love him.. I want him back.. he owed me a card. He cant go.. I was getting crazy at tht ime..

Then Dr. Ridhimma came n she pulled me.. I was taken a back.. n was repeating again n again. “ no maan.. u cant leave me.. u owed me a card. No no..” I sat on the ground near the door.

Dr. ridhimma came to me. She patted on my shoulder.. sorry geet..

She knows him.. once I introduced maan to him on her engagement.. after we all met 2 times..

I stood on my feet n was repeating. “maan maan.. no no he cant go.” I was going out of control.. dr. ridhimma tried to calm me.. bt tht was not in her hands..

“geet.. geet.. listen to me.. u r a doc geet.. u have to be in control geet..”

“bt m  a normal person too ridhz.. n I love him.. tears were not stopping 4m my eyes.. they were keep flowing like an waterfall.. I want him ridhz.. he cant leave me.. haan.. he still hav to say me those words.. no..” I wiped my tears n went close to him..

I again tried.. to get him back.. to revive his soul.. bt he didn’t.. he had left me.

“I want u maan.. I need u maan.. u cant go.. plzz maan I beg to u. plz come back, ur geet needs u.. now who will.. my hiccups strted.. it was getting difficult 4 me speak now..

Now .. now who will save whenever I’ll fall??.. who will make pasta 4 me??? Who will all me elephant haan?? Bolo.. I shook his body..

“mai dusht kisse bulaugi ab???tumhare har bakwaas se joke par hasna hai mujhe maan..  Mai mai.. haan abhi toh hume Disney world bhi jaana hai maan. U promised me tht u will take me to Disney world.. maan.. utho maan…” I lost my control tht day.. I become unconscious.. n fainted on the floor holding his hand..


After tht I asked to his office staff tht why tht day he went early 4m office??? Where he was going??

They said tht when I hung up the call.. he tried my number but it was coming unreachable.. switched off.. he was worried 4 me .. so he rushed to hospital to look 4 u. on the way his car got hit with a truck.

When I came to know all about this.. I become numb at tht time.. bcz of my stupid demand.. its all coz of my stupidity. Jst I didn’t get his email n I got angry with him.. 4m that day i stopped being childish,,

Now I never ask or demand anything to any1.. to whom I shd demand.. tht person is no more in my life… now m like Diana.. who keep quite all the time.. dull.. I just do my job as being a doc its my duty to serve the people.. to save the life of others..


I switched on my PC.. don’t knw why I want sm1 to mail me.. I opened my ID.. I know now there is no1 to send me or wish me on this day


“Meow meaow” Diana made sm sound.. I saw her.. her milk bowl is finished.. I filled it again n gave it to her..


When I returned I saw my computer screen… it was showing a me 100 message.. I thought who is such free n would send me 100 mails.. I was about to delete them dn I got another message. I opened it.

“because of system error , we were unable to send this messages until today .we  apologies 4 the delay.. the sender was my ISP.

I saw the date of the emails.. I become frozen seeing the date.. it was showing the date of last year valentine day… did maan ha send these???the 1 thing tht came to my mind

My body strt shivering… my hand was trembling to touch the mouse to move the cursor  to open button.. I hardly with courage opened it.. n 1st thing flashed was  a red rose.. & some music strted. The rose was indeed beautiful.. the music was adding sm spark to it.. tht make it more beautiful.. music was so dreamy.. the music touched my heart n I feel like m in some heaven.. the lines underneath the rose were more special..


My name blink on the screen with red clrs n with some hearts n stars dancing near it..

Ohh maan.. u knw my favorite color.. my eyes become moist..

“Geet I never give u any flowers bt tody I give  a rose.. a rose 4 most beautiful lady on this world. 4 my small elephant jhalli.”

I luv the rose.. dusht kahi ka.. abhi bhi naam galt hi bulata hai.

“I know u 4m so many years n u too.. we fought with each other.. bt I never said u abt my feeling 4 u..”

I knw vts in ur heart

“I alwz teased u n screamed on u n made u cry na”

Hmm.. thts gud tht u r admitting to it..

“I m sorry geet.. n I wanted to say.. I LOVE U GEET”

Awe.. I waited 4 so long to jst heard these words 4m u.. I love u too maan..

“n geet.. a gud news.. I had saved enough money”

Money??? U hav enough money maan…

“lets get marry geet!!! I alwz wanted to purpose u bt I was afraid.. I was scared tht will u be ready.. I had a doubt on me.. on my ability.. will I’ll be able to keep u happy 4 the whole life.. can I give u all the comforts of life.. bt now I m determined.. I had saved money 4 us.. 4 our future.. 4 our new life.. 4 our new journey.. the journey of love.. where we both can live happily.. so geet..


Bhuduu .. I was alwz ready to marry u..

Tht was the words, the main, the special words of this card…

I read these words again n again.. I was feeling like m back 1 year n we both r fighting n talking with each other like we used to do…

The music keep playing all the time…

Tears keep coming out of my eyes continuously.. the keyboard was wet with my tears..

“Will u marry me?”

I will.. if he is in front of me.. I’ll be hitting him n pulling his hairs tht If I won’t wanna marry u na.. I will not wait 4 these years n be with u.bhuduu. gadha kahi ka..

I read these words NTH times.. it was  too pleasurable to my ears when I read these words..

I with my trembling hands move my hand to mouse n took the cursor to reply button… n I gave him reply

 “I WILL MARRY YOU.. I’ll be with u.. will be in ur side for my whole life.. for my another life .. I wanted to be with u.. only with u maan.. I wanted to fight n laugh with u.. I wanted to eat tht tasteless pasta of u with you. I will  love u forever n ever. GEET MAAN KI HAI SIRF MAAN KI”

This is how answered him..

I opened another mail… n replied him

“I WILL MARRY YOU.. I’ll be with u. be in ur side for my whole life.. for my another life .. I wanted to be with u.. only with u maan.. I wanted to fight n laugh with u.. I wanted to eat tht tasteless pasta of u with you. I will  love u forever n ever. GEET MAAN KI HAI SIRF MAAN KI”

This is how I gave him reply 4 all those 100 mails.. I opened each mail n just n only music was echoing n giving too much pleasure to ears.. it feels like blessed

I accepted his each red rose n typed him I WILL… with love in my heart tht will alwz remain 4 him…


“I answered you.. what about u maan???”


I’ll be n alwz will be urs maan only urs…


Only love can make memory… the moments of love last forever.. forever in our heart like a blessing.. the moment tht we spend with our loved ones alwz remain in our hearts..


              THE END……







Helloo.. m here again to make u irritate.. lolzzz

Bt vt to do with my lil brain.. don’t knw why smthg peeped in it..

Here m with my new os.. hope u will like it.

              Before reading it let me tell u 1 thing. I will say this tht u shd try it once 😉 my heart says tht no1 will hav any problem with it.. as all are maaneetianzzz..

               Its all on geet story.. so who hav any problem with it plzz stay away as I dont want any bashing over here .. k why  maan’s part less n geet’s more… m sorry with this part.. I knw m getting rude here bt I don’t want my lil sa heart to suffer. So saying this before.. read on ur own risk don’t blame me afterwards..






Geet was sleeping peacefully in her softy bed under  duvet n cuddling her lil pumpkin pie.. lolzz pumpkin pie. Hm its was chottu sa teddy’s name. its tht whn she  heard the add on tv. Tht “hello honey bunny, feeling smthg smthg hello honey bunny. U r my pumpkin pumpkin.” So she gave her teddy name as pumpkin..


Then her phn buzzed.. she wriggle in her sleep.. don’t want to wake up. She put the pillow above her face n turned to other side. The phn kept ringing.. she took it in her half sleep state n cut the call without seeing it.

Then again went to her sleep… its having the caller tune of “MAAHIII’ MAAHII VE MAAHI MAAHI VE,”

(stinna- my all time n I thnk all maaneetianz all time fav tune.. rite na)

Ufff whnevr she heard this tune a smile came down don’t knw  4m where on her juicy n pinky lips.. bt whn it didn’t stopped she she opened her 1 eye n took the call.. she in half sleep n said

“gud mrng. all calls r busy plz try later” n dn she cut the call..

On the other side the lady thought “morning.. bt it seems to be noon I guess.. she chk the time on the clock n its saying 1:30pm. Yaa till I knw aftr 12 its call noon. Vt a lady she is.”


but like destiny said tht you hav to woke up n the phn srt ringing again. This time she got angry with this n sat on bed  turned to the phn n received the call n she jst blasted on whoever it is on other side

“ufff vt the hell yr.. why u calling ppl so early cant u let ppl sleep peacefully. Why you so eager to wake me up so early??hello r u deaf??? Oh plzz don’t say me tht u cant speak.. omg!!!! Why ppl take phones then??? N keep disturbing the angels at this hour when they r in beautiful sleep.. u dont evn knw tht I maybe dreaming of my dreamboy.. bt all coz of u’ it might be broken.. omg!!! Vt to do?? Seriously r u???

On the other side the way she blasted the lady kept phn lil far from her ear. N was praying to her god tht why she is there to listen all this

“good afternoon mam..” the lady said sweetly

“good??? 4m which angel it is gud???? N its morning yr..” geet said.. now she is calm enough.

“mam its nearly abt 2 in noon” the lady again said politely.

“oh ho.. u knw darling.. MISS GEET HANDA usually wokeup at 2 yr, so its my morning.. now can u plz tell me why u woke me 15 min earlier??? Plzz don’t say haan. Tht u r sm customer type or 4m bank call”

“no mam.. I want to knw tht did u evr send any cards or letters to MK SIR??

“are who MK yr??? n why shd I send?”

“u r not miss geet handa???”

“oyeee’. Rite now I said tht m geet.. mn hi hu geet achha.. hunn”

“dn only u mst send cards to MK sir.. n I got ur no.”

“ohh really?? 4m where u got??? N which MK?? MK mnz toh both kuch hota hai like- mannat kumar, meet kaur, meen kaur, manoj kumar. Ohh yr. hmm koi bhi”

“no mam , m talking abt MAAN SINGH KHURANA”

“OMG!!!! Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.. she said so loud tht gaain the lady had to keep the phn far frm her ear’

u.. u. mean to say the maan singh khurana.. the msk.. the rockstar msk??? Ohh really ??? u mst be kidding rite???? R u playing fool of me?? Hy its april bt 1 april toh gae???

Don’t say han tht he read my letters??? Really???

“yes mam m taling abt him only?? N m nt fooling u”

Geet was so happy.. she strted jumping on her bed.. doing some dance.. dhinkaa chikaa. Dhikaa chikaa..  hurray.. usne meer letters padh lia.. ahaannn.. hoyee balle’ oyee.. she sat on the bed.. sachi kiye honge  na.. then she realized abt the call..

“seriously na u not kidding?? Btw who r u??”

“no mam.. m PA of mk.. we got ur letters. N MK sir alwz personally read all letters n he said to fix an appointment with u. he gave me ur name n no. so do tell me r u coming??”

“coming.. u asking me?? Aree 4 sure.. jst tell me where.. I’ll be there”she was so excited.. se felt sm butterflies in her stomach.

The lady told abt the place n time. Geet was feeling out of the world. So excited.. the feeling was so sweet.. she nvr felt like tht before..

She with a big smile on her face descended downstairs singing maahi maahii.. her mom was shocked hw this is be??? She so happy thts smthg new. She wokeup before her time n nt angry.. this is smthg new seems to her eyes.

Geet came close to her come n hugs her tight closed her eyes.. “usne mere letter padh liye.. yeepieee..”

Mom was shocked.. “aree baba kisne???”

“oh ho maa’ MSK ne.. mere maan mom.. the sexy rockstar mom.. u knw na I wrote him letter.. usne mje aj milne bulaya hai.. omg omh omg!! Mje ready hona hai.. hav to go at 4pm. Ufff vt m gonna wear mom..” now she got lil panicked with the thought his meeting with his dreamboy. Vt she will talk. Vt she will say.

“oh ho geet.. calm down baby.. relax kr tbhi kuch kregi..” her mom said shooking er 4m shoulder to make her relax.

“ohh mom. Relax. How I can be.. I thnk jb mn usse itni close dekhugi toh m toh gonna’. She then landed to her la la land..

It was sm months before.. she was getting bore n dn here cms her frndNEHA.Embarrassed She is having her mob in her hand n was listening song being played. It was by famous singer MK..

Geet listend to it dn bcm his diehard fan.. 4m then she strted collecting his pics, his evry album. She wnet to his evry evnt, once she wnet to his event.. he was singing the song n playing guitar..

“hayee neha thanku yr.. tune mje isse milavaya..thnx for arraging passes.. luv u darling n hug her tight..

“tere liye kuch bhi jaaneman” her frnd said as n hug her too

When she saw him singing her eyes met his for brief time. Uff when he saw her she was jst out of mind, out of sight. N then she found herself in her home.

“ohh ho. Pagal, jhali hai tu.. u got fainted yr.. I mean jb mk said u to cm on stage n tu vhi gir gae. Paagal.. sara evnt close ho gya fr.” Her frnd neha said this holding her hand when she opn her eyes.

“vt??? Sachii.. kya kru mn. Jb vo dekhta hai mera mjpe control nhi rehta. Making cuty face she said this”

Coming back out of flashback..

U knw na mom how I am.. aj kya hoga???” she asked her mom.

Her mom assure her tht nothg will go wrong. She got ready n landed on the place where she was to come..

She was shocked to see it. It was all over decorated with red n white roses..  here was red carpet in tht hotel.. she came forward n saw a man with his back facing her.. she thought tht it mst be him. She took slow steps towards him n gave a tap on his shoulder.. there he turned.. his brown eyes met her almond hazels n poor geet landed in his arms.. maan sprinkle sm water drops over her face to wake her up

Her phone strted buzzing again.. she stood up on the bed with haste. On saw here n there

“uff geet kya kya dream dekhti hai tu yr.. maan n u. saci paagal hai tu,, aur ye phn.. uff .she took the phone n press the   slider of receiving call.

“hello” on other side a sweet manly vice came.

“hello.. geet as irritated. 1st abt dream n dn tht phone. Whose it??”

“is it geet handa” on other side

“haan baba mn hi geet hu.. apni tariff btaye?”

“oh tariff mnz praise.. hm so I sing vry gud n girls go flat wih my 1 glimpse”

“hhehe joke maar rahe ho kya.. mne name pucha n why u called me.”


“teri ek jhalak k liye tarse baithe hai hum

Teri ek mulaqaat k liye raah mein baithe hai hum

Vo din sbse haseen hoga jisdin mera dilnashee mere kareeb hoga”

(by me)

Maan said these words to her..

Geet’s thought “oyee ye toh I thnk mne hi MSK k liye likhi thi. Haina.. haan.. bt isse kaise pta.. iski awaaz v suni suni si lag rhi hai.. hy babaji kya ho rha hai.. haan isne kha he sings gud. Kahi ye’ aree nhi geet ye vo kaise ho skta hai haina.. bt fr kon hai.. chlo puchti hu.

“who r u???”

“aap ka toh kehna hai tht u knw me more then myself n here u don’t evn recognizing me. I thnk all vtevr I read till now its jst fake.” His voice is jst so sweet tht take any1 to some dreamland..

“r u MAAN” she said hesitating

“thank god.. sm1 knws me now.. I want to meet u right now if u r the only girl who sends me letter.”

“how I’ll knw tht u r real MSK. Tht u r not making fool of me.”

“thts ur problem princess.. if u don’t want to some its all fine bt dn don’t evn blame me abt this n cut the call..

Geet thought for a while- he said tht he is MSK.. bt how he come??? Bt usne meri poem v toh boli na.. n princess.. oh yaa.. in his evry interviews he call evry girl as princess.. its his way making all girls ogle for him.babaji help kro na.. agr yeh sachi mn hua toh?? Agr na hua toh??? Her mind n heart both were fighting bt her heart was lil more powerful,.. it was overpowering her mind..

Oh ho geet agr nhi bhi hua toh kya.. ghum ke vaps a jana..haina haan,hmm aur koi optn bhi toh nhi hai.”


While she was thinking here mob buzzed n she got message.. in the message

“suraj bhi pheeka sa lgta hai

Jabse aapka deedaar hua hai

Phoolon mein bhi vo masumiyat kha

Jo aapki ek muskaan mein hai

Aapse chand k liye toh hazaaro sitare honge

Par iss sitare k liye to

Aap hi vo akela chand hai”

(its by my sweetu neha. Luv u darling)

be there at 4:30pm xyz hotel

MSK :*”

She felt Goosebumps by reading this.. her thought went to the day she wrote this


“oh hoo geet.. kya kar rhi hai. Chl na” neha said to her by dragging her arm.. geet was writing smthg n her was chewing the pen cap

“Uff does aunty don’t give u anythg to eat??? Vt r u doing??”

“nehuu plzz ruk na yr.. jst 2 mins more.. plzz jaanuuu” she made tht face n heer neha melt as alwz.. she went 4m their saying only 2 mins..

Aftr 2 mins geet came down n went out with neha.. they were going out 4 film bt geet took her o post office. N dn she posted the letter

“geet vts this.. I thnk we r going 4 film na?”

“yaa bt this is imp na nehu.. plzz..  shollyy” again make cuty pleading face to melt her sweetu

“geet do u really think tht jot u pagal jaise usse letter likhti rehti hai uske paas jate bhi honge??” geet nodded her face with smile

“n do u thnk tht he will read them??? Vaise vt u alwz write in them haan, mje bhi toh bta.. in a teasing tone

“nhi nhi btaugii n shows her tongue.”

Like this geet alwz send him letters with a hope in her heart tht he will read them 1 day..


“houu.. ye isse kaise pta.. ye bhi mne MSK ko hi likhi thi.. omg!! Schi mein vhi hoga.. hayeee..”

Uf mje ready hona hai.. she then hurriedly took a bath.  She sepnt lot time in deciding the dress.. she choose red  black clr combi suit. N dn comb her hairs keeping them straight n open.. bt sm small hair strands were near her face n were covering her eyes a lil.

She came downstairs with a wide smile on her lips n took her car keeps n strted driving to her destination.

When she strted moving 4m ther a car kept following all the way

She reached there on time.. was looking here n there bt found no1. The full hotel was empty.

A tall man with black clr jeans was following her.

She bcm angry now.. she thought tht sm1 made fool of her.. she was like crying.. sm drops welled up in her angry eyes.

“babaji.. ye.. mn kyu baton mein aati hu logo ki.. bt babaji u saw na.. vo meri poes thi. .aree geet tera letter kisi ne padha hoga maybe’ bt aise kaise ho skta hai’ maybe jis address pe u send vo koi aur ho’ aree nhi he himself had given this address in his int'” her mind n her heart both were fighting taking out the swords n the poor geet was stuck in b/w. don’t knw vt to do..

“pehle toh us kutte ki vat lgati hum n.. haan..” she took her mob n dial tht no 4m wher she got the call.

She called. She blasted on him “vt u think of urself han. Mje bewakuf bna rahe the na.. u uuu.. kha ho tum haan??? M warning u agr MK k name se fr kabhi call kin a chodugi nhi mn tumhe oyeee haan.. whre r my letters?? How dare u read them.. no no no.. how u dare to evn touch them??? Its only 4 MK not for any lalu shallu okk..

She felt sm1 presence there behind her back when she can move the fragrance becm stronger n a whisper came.. “oh so m laluu” it was familiar voice.. she heard it smwhere. When she turned ther was no1. Then again sm1 whisper coming close to her ear..

“vo lamha kitna haseen hua hoga jab aapka deedar hua tha

Uss sbse khoobsurat chand ko bhi aa gae thi sharam

Jb aapka deedar hua tha

Ek pal k liye toh vo rabb bhi mayus hua hoga

Jb aapse juda hone ka khyal aya hoga”

(by my sweetu neha)

She was shocked to hear the wordings n the voice.. most of all tht seductive scent near her.. she turned back n dn her eyes met him.. there was immense love in his eyes.. he hold her hand n drag her with him.. she was not saying anythg jst starring at him without blinking her eye lashes..she couldn’t believe her eyes tht he is seeing him.. his MAAN.. she follows him without saying anythg.. he led her to centre of the place n he came back of her.. hold her 4m her shoulders

“nazre tumhe dekh kar thehar jaye toh kya kare

Dil tumhe dekh kar dhadke toh kya kare

Ek tumhare liye hi toh jee rahe hai hai

Tumhe hi na dekhe toh kya kare”

(again by neha Heart)

Then he twirl her n she was facing him’ he caresses his hand on his soft cheeks.. she closed her eyes to get the feel. Her face clr has been turned to crimson red by having him so close..

He the turned her tht her back can touch his broad manly chest.. they were close to each other tht there was not a inch difference..

He again whisper coming closer to her ear

“dil ka chaino- karar ho tum

Aankhon ka suroor-kajal ho tum

Tumhe dekhe bina yeh dil nhi dharkta

Um bin hum jee nahi skte

Isse zyada kya kahe ki hmare liye kya ho tum”

(by neha)Heart

Then maan again twirled her 2-3 times n she landed in maan;s arm.. he was holding her securely, protectively like he will nvr gonna leave her.

Her eyes were closed.. she didn’t opn them.. then maan realized tht she is fainted. He picked her in his arms.. n took her to the near y couch n laid her on it.. maan was getting tensed with each passing sec..

“uff ye ladki bi na.. tb bhi aise hi behosh hi thi n nw again,, hw m supposed to spend my whole life with this idiot girl.. who don’t evn think once before talking” maan said thi getting panicked.. he sprinkled sm water on her face.. geet blinked her eyes

Geet open her eyes n thought tht she is dreaming again bt as of luck thts not dream..

“babaji kya hai.. are nhi is baar aapko kyu blame kru.. then he saw him sitting next to her with a smile on his perfect M shaped lips..

Hayee maan ab aap kyu has rahe ho??? i knw u r nt here.. plzz aap itna v mere dream mein mat aya kro.. mn dream mein hi dream leti rehti hu sab aapki vajah se..

Maan was starring at her.. his thought.”uff she is so cute.. whn she speaks like this I alwz felt like to eat her alive like she is my apple.. uff maan. Make her believe now. Bt hw? She is nt listening..”

Maan came forward n close to her.. geet was feeling it maybe her illusion.. maan pecked on her rosy cheeks.. n dn she pinched herself n led out “ouchhh” n rubs her arm,.

She touches maan;s face.. “aap sahii main ho kya??” geet asked him

“muchii” n hugged her tight,,

He came back n hold her hand n said

“aapki ankhon k bare mein kya kahe

Vo toh sukoon hai hmari ankhon ka

Ye muskaan jo khile huye phollon ko bhi mehka de

Ye sheeshe sa saaf dil jo tumhara hai

Hmare dil k dharkne ki wajah hai

Iss chehre k liye kya kahe bas

Ek chand jo asmaan ko chandni deta hai

Aur ek aapka chehra jo hmare

Jeene ka eklota sahaara hai”

(by my darling sweetu neha)

Maan said tht he saw her in the event n he felt like its called “love at first sight” then he got to kwn abt her name n dn he read all the letters again n came to knw tht all these r send by none other than this girl who made the MK fall for her.. her poems 4 like inspiration 4 her.. he love all of them. He used to read them when he is depressed he used to read them.. the words give him power.. he sings only for her’ imagining her face infront her alwz..

Geet was feeling like on cloud 9.. she was looking at her in awe..

Both hugged eachother again.. n said those magical words to each other..

This way



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She is looking here n there.. its midnight.. she is standing alone at road. .. waiting 4 any hope. Might she get anythg n she can go.. bt like god is against her tody..

Stars were twinkling n the clouds were making sounds. Cold winds were moving n tickling her fragile body.. she shivers whn it passes away touching her soft petal like skin

She is having nthg with her else a purse like bag which is hanging near her side waist.. n was bouncing up n down as she was taking steps.. she again saw here n there bt odndt find anythg. She is wearing a knee length capri flaunting her milky white legs n with a balloon top.. her wrist is having sm dozen of bangles matching her dress..

she is covering her arms with hands as it was getting cold at midnight..

She is walking unaware of  where she is going.. unaware of fact tht pair of eyes r following her

She felt sm1’s presence bt dn ignores n strted her walking journey again..


Two legs were taking long steps at her back.. cmng closer to her.. tht was following her 4m so long.. now reached near her..  he is wearing sports shoes..

Girl then feel the aroma around her vry strong n turn to see whose it.. nt forgetting to get ready her arms being folded in a punch so tht she can do sm action..

As she felt a tap on her shoulder she turned n gave  a tight blow of punch bt it didn’t hit anythg.. else it moved in air.. dn her eyes balls move left to right to find any1 bt failed.

Dn she saw down.. here it is..

Girl with full arrogance n attitude in her voice- hy

The boy was sitting down with her bowed head. With the voice he saw up.. her  angelic n almond hazel eyes met with his chocolate brown eyes.

There was a small eye lock n dn her stood up.  It broke ther eye lock n she again

Showing her folded hand in punch n tight fist.

Girl- why u r following me????

Boy- no m not???  The words came 4m his perfect M shaped lips.. they moved up n down n she was watching them without any hesitant..

Boy noticed this n says- yaa I knw. No1 can resist MSK charms

Girl- ohh pulse.. haan.. nthg like tht

MSK- ya ya I knw.. btw u too r not less yr.. he check her out 4m top to bottom..

Girl- hy look up.. into my eyes.. signals him with her fingers.

MSK- uff these killer eyes r like ocean I will drown in it yr.

Girl- shutupp!!!!!!!! She strted moving ahead n he follows her

MSK- oh ho sexy tell me ur name na

Girl- vt did u call me????

MSK- y ur ears r nt working kya???? Okk i don’t hav habit t repeat my words agaIn. Bt only for u lady.. he came close to her.. n whisper in her ear SEXY.

She pushes him back with all her strength bt he was enough strong to get  hold on her.. she tried to get herself free bt the hold only gets tighter..

Girl- don’t mess with GEET HANDA. Unless u will regret why u came to my way. Her eyes were spitting fire. There was no fear in her eyes..

He loosened the hold

MSK- ohh easy easy.. so geet.agr pehle bta deti I don’t hav to do this na

Geet- vtever!!!!!! Now go away 4m my way

MSK- ohh rhyms..

Geet- vt????

MSK- uff sab kuch maan ko hi btana padega.. he hit on her forehead with his middle finger.. ujst now rhymed.. “go away 4m my  way” n winked to her

Geet- omg!! U r soo irritating yr.. y u r following me??

Maan- coz I too was walking n u too.. I got bored so thought to hav a talk to u

Geet- no ways.. m nt gonna talk to u

Maan- oh ab kya stars count kr rahi ho.

Geet without giving any answer started walking..

Maan- btw.. r u on midnight walk kya???

Geet- none of ur business.

Maan- ya I knw.. I hav sm other business yr

My father hav a huge company n he wants me also to work their. Its s boring yr.. doing all day work n scolding on other ppl’

Geet- y u r telling me this??

Maan- see.. u too r walking alone n me too.. so we r soo similar to each other na.. I thnk hmari khoob pategi.. frnds n forwards her hand for handshake

Geet smiles at his cmnt n don’t knw why she gave in n shook her hand with him.

Maan- vaise u girls r vry much like tht animal..

Geet- u call me animal???

Maan- aree 1st tell me name yr.. tht who changes clr evrytime.. where he goes.. smthg like giirvt.. kyat ha yr

Geet- grasshopper???

Maan- aree m talking abt it in hindi yr.

Geet- mje itni hindi nhi aati

Maan- let me thnk na then.. wait wait.. think maan think.

Oh yaa.. girgat.. u all girls r like girgat.. chages evrytime.. jst few mins u was nt agreeing to evn talk to me.. n nw she bcm my frnd.. too fast haan.. btw aise itni jldi kisi pe bharosa nhi krti

Geet-who told u tht I believe u??? Its jst to get rid off ur talks.

N yaa don’t evr call me with the name.. vt is. Girgat..

Geet(self thought)- abhi ye monkey thnks tht m tht animal yaa grasshopper. Bt vy to tell him tht m scared walking alone.. 4m his dressing n way of talking he seems a gud guy so I jst thought to be with him.. when I reached smwher will leave him.. jst save me 4 his non stop blabbering god. Help!!


She was in her thoughts.

She came to senses whn he wave a locket right to left in front of her eyes

Maan- tumhe neend a rhi hai’ um so rahi hai

Her eyes got shocked n she made them big..

Geet- vt u doing????

Maan- stop talking. M hypnotizing u. jst look at this. Indicates towards the locket hanging in a chain with his index finger. Tht was moving left to right n 4m right to left

Geet snatches it 4m his hand.. vt u doing. R u mad??? Or vt??

Maan- oh ho yr.. u was lost so I thought make u completely lost.. so tht I can

She saw in his eyes.. ‘ so tht vt????

Maan- nthg meri maa.. u tell vt r doing here???

Geet- mn kyu btau.. 1st u???

Maan- noo.. ladies 1st.. u dnt knw. Chlo 1st I’ll u smthg ok..

“once a girl n boy was going to commit suicide..  they reached to a mountain 4m where they r going to jump.. 1st boy jump 4m there n dn girl was abt to bt dn she back off n goes m thre.. the boy came up with par shoot n says’ alwz says ladies 1st.. 😉

Ehhehehheeh tabhi m saying..

Geet- vry bad joke haan

Maan- kya bad???? Vo girl.. kitni kam.. oh sry.. she cheats

Girl ‘ achha toh vt did boy do haan???? He was havng tht parashoot na .. so he was nt cheating kya??

Maan- ohh freak.. I idnt thought abt it.. oh man. He was so clever na

Girl- ohh yaa.. now tell me vt u doing here???

Maan- nthg yr.. got bore while driving so thought t walk.. dn got bored while walking so thought to talk n I got u

Geet- hmm u r ur car.. where it is????

Maan- its following me.. maybe at distance of 1 min.. wait.. he turns back dn signals her ‘ here it is.. there BLACK BMW was slowly slowly going. Cmng towards them

Geet- wow . nyc haan

Maan- ur turn

Geet- nthg.. ghr se bhag rhi hu..

He stops while walking..

Maan- tum apne ghr se bhaag ae?? Bt why??

Geet- oh ho.. typical boy.. hunn.. aree my father wants me to marry an arrogant n akdoo boy.. n I dodnt want it now.. I want to do smthg by my own.. nt to so soon to get maary yr. nt ready 4 it.

Maan- ohk.. so tell ur parents, they will agree n hw u knw he is akdo n arrogant

Geet- my frnds told me.. they met him..

Maan- ohhkk.. u didn saw him????

Geet- nopss. N I nvr want to.. my frnds peeped into his home with lame excuses n met him..

Maan- omg!!!! U girls..  hw he looks???

Geet- hmm they said he is quite hot..

Maan- then its grt yr.. hotty hubby. Hmm

Geet- shutupp!!!

Maan- dn vt will u do now???

Geet- ja toh rhi hu

Maan- kha?????

Geet- seedha.. heheh. I mean where destiny takes me

Dn a hard light cms to his eyes n she put her arms on her face to protect herself 4m tht light

Dn it went off. A car was there. Driver came n opn te backseat door n feet step out 4m it.. an old man of 50 was standing there with big angry eyes..

He came forward n took geet with him..

She made her sit in car.. geet protest bt fails so she sat in car.. maan was standing there n seeing  her going..  soon the car vanished 4m thre..


“fir dada vt happen??” a lil girl of 5 yrs ask her father who was sitting in his lap n his father saying her to sleep bt she wants a bed time story from his dada

“hmm aage tumhari mumma tumhare dada ko maar dalegi.. plzz princess now go to sleep. She is cmng is few mins. U don’t want ur dada to be beaten up by ur devil mom..”

She giggled seeing his father n nodded to no.

“so now close ur eyes” she closed her eyes..

He crases his hand in her hairs n on her milky n chubby cheeks.. soon she drifted to sleep.. he tuck her lil princess in duvet n stood up 4m their to found the devil standing at door.

“devil haan” she said rolling her eye balls.

Opss geet!!!!!!!!!! Nw u r gone maan.. he said this in whisper.

“vt did u said????” geet asked him by cmng forward

“kuch nhi g.. meri itni himmat aapko mn kuch kehdu.. na g na” said making cuty pie face.. hs cute antics alwz melt his devil in sec..

Both moved to their room.. geet hold maan closed to her heart.. she slept hugging his hot hubby..


Some rose petals were falling on her face slowly’ she smiled in her sleep n her cheeks turned into crimson red clr..

“happy anniversary jaan” she smiles with the cute wish.. she slowly open her eyes tofind his hubby close to her with a cute smile on his M shaped lips. He is in his vest n looks dam sexy. She crases her hand on his jaw line.

“happy anniversary sexy” took his arm n hold it tighter made maan slip on bed. With this their foreheads bumped..

“ouch geet.” Maan said rubbing his forehead.

“kya hai maan.. let me sleep..” geet closed her eyes n plead him to let her sleep.

Mama dada. Mama dada.. she is having a card in her hand..  see vt I made..

Happy anniversary dada n kissed on maan’s cheek. Happy anniversary mamma dn kissed on geet’s cheek n sat in b/w them.. geet sat on the bed.. maan took her in his lap..

“ohh my princess wake up.. so soon hmm.. apni moma se bhi pehle.. seekho geet kuch”

Maaneet laughed with his dada’s cmnt n geet shot an angry glare to maan tht was enough 4 him to shut his mouth’

Mamma dada ko drao mat haan,.. n she with her small eyes glared at her mom.. see mn v aisha kr skti hu.

Both maan n geet laughed n hugged their lil princess..

“dada aage story btaoo jldi” maaneet said twisting her lips tht were same as maan M shaped..

“princess aage ur mom will say.. say her to tell..” maan said to her patting her hand on his cheeks.

She moved to her mom.. mamma btaoo aage vo uncle le k gaye aapko fr kya hua???”

“maan aap bhi na.. u r telling our story to her.. ufff”

She took her into her lap n dn sai..

“aage fr vo uncle jo aapke nanu hai mje le gaye.. hum ghr aa gaye. At home I hav to listen a lot only coz of u. geet said looking at maan..


Geet’s father take her to home. They did a lot of emotional black mailing n made her agreed to marry.. at last she agreed.. she didn’t saw the pic of boy nor met him.. she decided tht she will tell him tht she want divorce. With this she will be free..

At marriage day.. geet got shocked seeing maan at groom’s place. She married him. At night. .

Geet- mne tumhe pehle kha tha m nt happy with this.

Maan-ohh so m akdoo n arrogant.. wow. I idnt knw abt this yr.

Geet- yes u r.

Maan- bt m hot too na. n winked to her

He jumped to the bed.. geet took her legs back with sudden action of him

Maan- aree yr.. ok u don’t want to marry na. bt u did.. u don’t want to live wih me na. bt u will.. chloo n laid on the bed.. m feeling vry sleepy.. gd nyt sweatheart.. hav ur hotty hubby dreams.. n closed her eyes..

Geet took the pillow n saw here n there.. a voice came

“u can sleep here..  he open his 1 eye .. bt plzz thoda door rehna n keep ur legs straight n don’t disturb me. N dnt anythg with me. Ok.. n closed his eyes.

She stamped his foot on floor. N slept on bed.

Nxt day she told him tht she want divorce. Maan said tht it will take 6 months. She agreed. Their family send her to honeymoon..

With passage of time she bcm frnds.. n geet strted having feelings for him.

When maan gave her divorced papers aftr 6 months she confessed tht she loves him .she tored the papers n hug him tight

Maan- I told u no1 can resist MSK’S charm.  She playfully hit on his back..


Geet was narrating story bt maaneet was sleeping in her lap n maan too by holding her hand.. she kissed on maaneet’s cheek n dn came to maan n kissed on his n cheeks bt maan moved his face n signals with his finger on his lips. She hit on his lips.

“apne khwabon mein mr.MSK.. hunn” geet said n stood up 4m their..


In evng their was a grand party of their anniversary.. they look beautiful together.

Its their 7th anniversary bt no1 can say tht its so many years of their marriage. Till now they behave like newly wed couple..








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Hellooo’. M back ‘. Again with a new OS’. It’s a strange OS.. m trying this type of concept 1st time’ its new 4 me n maybe 4 u all also’.’ hope u all like it’Plsss shower ur love as alwz to my other writings to this 1 also’



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A white light came 4m upward at corner of room”surrounds the area’ slowly slowly sm stairs of gold formed their.’ having diamonds in between.. sparking’ light is full pure’

With the light the whole room shines’

Beautiful feet wearing diamond heels

 n anklets stood on steps’ it came downward n slowly the white gown seems’ it is soo beautiful gown’ fully white like pure soul’ shining.. the figure is seeing till its waist’ n a girl hand is their’ wearing a big diamond ring n a beautiful bracelet’ her hand is milky white’ seems so soft.. it was like a rose petal’ she stops on the way’ after a moment she again strt walking cmng downward’ taking the steps slowly n more of all vry elegantly’.she is holding a wand  it was a magic wand’. It’s in shape of a heart.. have a small diamond in the center’. She is holding it vry securely yet softly n in a elegant manner’ her neck is seeing’ she is wearing a beautiful diamond small neck piece.. only a small pended’ of heart shape’ sparkling with all its light’ nw her beautiful face appears’ she can be fully seen’ her head has a crown’ wearing small ear rings’ her eyes r so deep’ dy r mirror of her heart’ she is a fairy descended 4m heaven’ any1 can tell tht by seeing her.. her clothes’ her posture’ her manner speaks tht she is truly some a fairy or pari.. she is so beautiful’ he skin is milky white n soft like rose petals’ her beauty can make any1 crazy’ she can also turn an devil into a true person’ she has the ability to fall any1 4 her’ her beautiful supple lips.. 4 which any1 carve’. She is like tht 4 which any1 can die 100 deaths’ yes she is’ she is a fairy.. the pari.. she is like a rajkumari’ wearing crown.. beautiful gown with matching & amazing accessories’. She is shining’ like she is drenched in the  bowl or tub of diamonds n pearls .. n covered with all over diamonds n pearls’ she slowly came down of stairs..



Bt smtimes“jo dikhta hai vo hota nahi aur jo hota hai vo dikha nahi”

Smtimes the thing which seems r not true .. u nvr knw vt can happen at any time, any moment..


 within a sec all stairs disappear’. She moves ahead’ n came near to a bed.. where sm1 is sleeping.. she pulls the duvet 4m is head’.

 Boy was sleeping peacefully dreaming’ he is so handsome’ his eye lashes r beautiful’ when she pulls the duvet a small smile carve on his lips’ his M shaped lips’


she stares at the boy’ n patted her fingers softly on his face.. on jawline slowly coming 4m his head to his chin..  tht boy open his eyes’ he was so much seeing a divine beauty infront of his eyes.. he stood up.. sits on bed seeing her with love.. he was speechless n couldn’t even utter a single word 4m his mouth’ seeing a fairy or goddess in front of his eyes’ he saw around.. the full room was  shining’. There was light all over’ fairy hold his hand n takes him with her’ he didn’t even utter a word kept following her’. He didn’t even blink is eye lashes 4 once’ he was so much lost in her’ soon dy were in a garden.. their was greenery all over.. droplets of fog were on the grass’ both were walking on grass’holding hands.. seeing in each other eyes’ actually lost in each other’ big trees were there’ beautiful  flowers were singing their’ sounds of birds was cming’. Soon fairy leaves his hand strt running on grass’ stretch his arms’ n strt revolving around the boy with full happiness’. She was very happy.. seeing her boy too feels happy.. joy, excitement’. Like his moto of life is this’ nw his life is free.. he got everything seeing her smile’..


she went to boy n whisper in his ear’ maaan’.. I want u’

Boy was shocked hw she knws his name’.

Maan- who r u???? hw u knw my name????

Fairy-  main’ she lower her eye lashes.

Maan was waiting 4 her to answer..


She smiles’.. n place a small peck on his cheeks’.

She pecks his another cheek’. She was moving back suddenly stops n came forward.. near to him..  so close’. N bite his cheek so hard’ maan wince in pain’ blood ooze out of it.. she was nt leaving him’it was paining him a lot..

Bt  she was like glued on his cheeks.. don’t want to apart away 4m him’

Maan- chodo mje’ its paining’ stoppp’. Leave’ aahhh he wince in pain.. aaahhh’.


Suddenly he woke up’. He was sweating’. Soo much scared’. He saw around no1 was there’. No fairy’no girl.. no light’.

Ye kya tha’. N touches his cheek where she bite’. There was a small line’ a scar.. he touches it.. its paining’

Agr vo mera supna tha ‘ toh ye nishaan kaise???? He was standing in front o mirror seeing his cheeks’ the wound’.

Suddenly smthng appears’ it was 1st like a shadow’ it was nt clear’

Maan came close to mirror’ touches it where tht shadow was making’..

A whisper came out 4m her mouth’ maaannn”

Maan in a jerk moves back’.

Girl – maan’ aao na mere paas’ tm kha chale gaye???? Plz come back na.. ur geet is waiting’. Her voice was sweet tht can melt anyone’ her beautiful shining face can attract any1′. Maan nodded to yes’

Maan- he nooded’. mn auga tmhare paas’.

He turn back’.

There was no1′. Jst only darkness’. No1 is in the room’.

Maan- ye kya ho rha hai mere sath’. Kuch samj nai a rha’

Mje uske paas jana hai’ jana hai mje vha’.. vo mje bula rai hai..

Sound was coming’  “maan.. maan.. aao yha.. mere paas.. mere sath”

Numerous sounds’ it was infinite’. Maan got irritated’. He closed his ears with his palms’. Bs bs karo’.


Maan got faint n fell on the bed’ n went into a deep sleep” he suddenly dozed off’


Nxt day morning’.

He was sleeping’ with a sudden jerk he woke up’. Screaming loud geeet’. His right arm was stretch straight’.  Like asking sm1 to come.. carving 4 sm1′  pain was in his eyes’. A silent tear slipped 4m his eyes’

He touches his eyes’ n took the drop 4m his his face to his finger tip n got scared.. his eye balls were moving right left with full speed’

 his eyes got widen seeing a black clr tear’ hws tht possible??? He was sweating badly even the ac was on.. he runs to mirror’ n saw her face.. check his eyes’ nthg was there’.

Maan- vts this all happening to me???? Omgg!!!! M going mad’ grhhh”..


He rush out of room’.

All was white’. There was nthg.. no furniture’. No curtains’ nthnggg..

Whole hall, the lobby, drawing room was white’. In kitchen there was nthg’ he goes there’ a jug of glass was jst there’. He took the jug n gulp the water suddenly’fastly he was gulping it’ like he havn’t had it since 1 week’ when he was done’ he place the jug on table’. N up his eye lashes n saw around’. Evrythng was on place’ furniture, curtains, utensils’. N nw clr was also nt white.. it was of smwhwere red, cream, light green, textures’. 


He went into room n rush into washroom

Put his hands under the water tap’. The water came’ n strt splashing it on his face’. Washing his face’ does it 3-4 times’ n open his eyes’ n saw the water was red’. His eyes widen in scare.. he moved back in a jerk’. N saw up’ thre was  smthg written on mirror

” m waiting 4 u”   its written in red.. like with the blood’..  he gulp his saliva’ n saw down n again up’ the same shadow was there’ asking hi m to come to him’.. he took the vas 4m near n throws it on mirror in frustration’ the mirror broke’. The pieces of it fell on floor’ one piece fell on maan’s hand’ blood strt oozing out of it’. He shakes his hand’ n blood strains fell on ground’..

He goes out n jump on bed’. N dozed off’..


The blood strains were there’ on the floor’. Sm footsteps came there’ she bend down’ rub her hand on it’.  Blood was nw also on her hand’  she licks it’.



Nxt part sooonnn’ wait 4 it’





want u all to write there.. TongueTongue









Hehehehheheh’.. all the rotten tomatoes’ juttis’. chappals’ are most welcome’ plzzz jo mann mn aata hai bta do’ I knw its wired’ soch rahe hoge k kya likha hai ye???? Bt aisa hi hai’. Hehehehe  *evil laugh* ‘. Kyuu lga na zor ka jhatkaaa??????

Ab plzz btana zarur kaisa hai???? Do like n cmnt mere dosto.. mere silent readers’. If I don’t get, mn nxt part port nai karugi’ hmm’ mn both chalu hu’ ab kuch toh krna hi padega na,.. vrna aap to cmnt aur mje btane se rahe’

Chlooo bye bye’. Luv u all.. thnks 4 tolerating me sooo long..

Ur frnd..