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she came down n lawn was full of flowers.

She was so overwhelmed with his sweet gesture.

She need to thank him na.


Geet was sitting in the balcony of her room, the birds were chirping, like conveying the message of her love n wishing her birthday. Bt she wants to thank him, for the beautiful day n she was sitting with gloomy face.

Thinking the ways how to make him feel special too.

Its 2 in the noon n party is at 8pm.

She is still out of clue.

“think u dumb, vaise toh khud ko perfect kehti firti hai.” She mentally said to herself


Ruhani came n dragged her out of the home, for shopping, she said she will get her gift of her choice.

Both went to mall n checking out evrythg.

Maan knew about her each n evry move, where she goes n vt she is doing. Not big deal for him to find.

He too reached the mall. N kept secretly admiring his dream girl.

He keep on hiding somewhere, starring her, without making her notice his presence, he was having his mob in hand. 



A branded watch caught geet’s attention. She smiled seeing it. She thought for a while n packed it.

“it will look perfect on him” she thought.

She called her driver, n dn couriered it to adi’s home. With note “for ur friend” she smiled reading note. N then blushed.

Maan’s heart skipped a beat seeing her cheeky dimple smile.

Both were checking out the dresses, maan got the call of adi of getting a parcel. He said not to keep it safe till he comes.

Maan knew tht she had send it n vts in it.

When geet was reading the note, maan had zoomed his camera n could clearly see vts written on it. N he know vt she bought,


a girl came to geet n gave a bag to her.

Before she can ask she went away.

Ruhani again had a teasing smile on her face. Geet glared her to shut her mouth.

It was gift wrapped box with written “THANKS


She hurriedly unpacked it

Box opened n its another box in it. She opened , her lips formed in a wide smile. She saw here n there.

Ruhani saw the gift n then teased her again by pushing her slightly on her arm.

“he is too quick na” ruhani exclaimed.

The box had similar type of watch for women which geet had send for him ,

She was again overwhelmed with his gesture.

He is truly a charmer geet thought. Any girl would fall for him

nhi nhii” geet screamed. Ruhani asked vt happen why did she screamed

She shrugged it saying nothing.

“nhi nhi any girl nhi.. only me, geet” she thought in her mind.

She was passing by a shop that she stopped seeing a dummy of boy, its wearing a mahroon hat, red jeans with white t-shirt with grey coat over it.  She imagined him wearing it.

Now maan was eager tht he is unable to knw vt she is thinking.

He wanna know the reason of her blushy smile, the scarlet clr of her cheeks, though somewhere, his heart screaming thts only him n him.

Geet went into that men’s store n bought tht.  Alongwith it, she bought 2-3 more dresses for him. In which she wishes to see him.


{{m jst drooling over himEmbarrassedEmbarrassed}}

She then came out of shop when she bumped into some1, a current ran in her body when the skin came in touch with him. But ruhani dragged her out. She handed over 1 packet to her driver to deliver it to same place.

Maan went to shop n tried the similar dress tht dummy was wearing n clicked pic.



She then went to hav coffee, so goes to CCD in the mall.

Sisters giggled n chit chatted.

A small girl came there n gave her a n envelope. She wished her too. To which geet replied n gave a kiss to her cheeks.

She opened the envelope n here it was his pic wearing the suit, his face cropped 😛 in which  she had  imagined him, but she had send him another,

(stinna- remember ruhani work for maan, so if she see maan, she will tell geet na)


Geet checked here n there. How he know tht she bought this 1 too. Pakkaa he is here.

She made a grumpy face not finding him .

Maan smiled seeing this. When she bumped in him. Maan had attached a small chip type black thing on her dress. Its glued to dress n its lasers went to the skin, near the veins  tht directly connect to ur mind.

So now maan can hear vt she is thinking.


(me- using my writers liberty. Lolzz)


“hmm so u wanna knw where I am?? Missing me” maan thought with a smirk on his sexy face.



(stinna wondering ,… bad maan. kisi ki mann ki baatein nhi sunte)


Ruhani showed her time, its 4pm already, still she havn’t select a dress for night..

Then both went to check dresses. Geet want a unique dress, tht wuld help her to flatter the sexy.

Bt kon btaye, he is already more than enough flattered, blown away from her cuty.

Maan wondered “sexy” to whom she calling???? Omg!!!! Maan geet finds u sexy.. he blushed.


Stinna wonders hayee rabbaa eh munda ta Sharma gya.. ishhh!!!


Here geet got another bag, omg!!! This guy is smthg.. making her feel sooo special. She never imagined.


Maan thought- tere sochne se phle har khwahish puri krduWink


Here comes a beautiful red 1 piece dress. On ruhani’s instance she went to try it. She came out n was looking gorgeous in it.

Maan was stealing glances from far, zooming the camera.

When she came out ruhani was havng one more bag, its another dress from her sexy.

It’s a black shiffon jump suit, net flower sleeves with golden neck chains attached with it.

Both were left speechless with his taste.

Geet winked saying indirectly “m his choice, offcourse its best”

Maan chuckled with his thought.

She tried that dress n came out wearing it. Its perfect.

“geet, I guess we dnt need to buy, he is sending u evrythg” ruhani send excitedly.


Geet thought ” so sweet of him, lgta hai he want me to prop…??”

Maan with his device can hear vt she thinks, he immediately cut it off.. dnt want to hear tht from this device, its more fun n overwhelming face to face.

“maan bs kar ab, aur mat sun..” giggled n went out from there.

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9 thoughts on “PART 9- ITS MANIPULATING

  1. wow loved the dresses
    and like you even i was drooling over our maan
    he looked hot
    he was listening to her thoughts
    naughty naughty maan
    thats not good thing to do
    but hell with that
    he is gifting her such wonderful gifts
    what a birthday she has had
    but she still doesnt know what he looks like
    her sister sure does
    shame she doesnt know its her boss
    gift exchange going on
    but when do they meet
    proposing huh
    well that i will look forward to
    but for that they need to meet face to face
    maan is stalking geet
    kya baat hai

  2. Stinna it’s soooo much fun reading their thoughts.I wish all dis could happen in real.hayee plz update fastly.cnt wait to see what happens when dey meet..both r so smart..

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