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Then smthg stuck “wait!!! How she got to knw that adi is my frnd??” he was not getting this answer.

“maan how u can forget. She is most intelligent person. Afterall she is maan’s love”

He blushed saying maan’s love.


Both spent the night thinking abt the nxt day.

Geet was moving around in the home like  manic. She want evryhtg to be perfect, no chance of any mistake.


The party’s preparation are going on in full swing

The fire is being blown on both side equally, both r eager to meet their love. The time is like moving so slow. They were waiting for nxt day evening.

Maan want the birthday to be a special for his lady love, afterall she is the would be mrs,khurana, she is special. The thought itself brought a smile on maan’s M shaped lipsEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

If his lady love can surprise him by finding out of his whereabouts. Sending him a personalized invitation card, dn he need to do smthg special for her too.

The clock was soon gonna stuck 12 n the birthday gonna start any moment.

His heartbeat rose with each passing moment.

Geet was sitting in her room, thinking about him only. Her laptop in her lap, glaring  at the screen to catch his jst one glimpse, bt he.. he is nowhere to be seen.

How he can be at home, when he is sitting in his black audi infront of her house at some distance.

She got pissed off not catching his any glimpse.

“huhh, where he goes at night???” made a pouty face.  “meet me 2moro, m gonna beat u” she is jst complaining.

Then the doorbell rang. The servant open the door n they received flowers n card with it, “geet”

The servant gave it to geet by knocking on door in return to disturb her he got good scold from geet.

Poor servant.

She received the flowers, bt she is totally pissed off, so throw them on couch. Then sound came

(m wondering- first check na geet, so angry u are)


“why so angry sweety” the voice jst left her awestruck. She was shocked. She checked here n there bt no one was there. She thought maybe she is dreaming, she need to catch some sleep.

The sound came again “tick tock tock birthday girl”

No she is not dreaming, need to find out. She again checked. Then smthg caught her attention, the flowers. She picked it up n read the card

for a geeky frnd” she smiled with his mention

Then the singing sound came along with birthday jingles with guitar music.

Maan had attached mike in b/w flowers n he is singing for her in his melody  voice.. aweee thts soo sweet n cute.. yes yes she know, who it can be. His dream man. Awe she is so much in love with him. His loving gesture of him.


She read the card further

“happy birthday to u.

The moon is shining, but not brighter than ur shine

The stars twinkling, but not more than ur eyes

The winds blowing fast, but not more than ur heartbeats.

Come n let them wish u geeky”


(me- tried a boring rhym, I guess nt tht bad. Lolzzz)


She hurriedly went near the window n moved out in balcony.. her face was glowing. She took a deep breath closing her eyes. To let the winds touch, she open her arms wide to let the wishes embrace her.

Then suddenly she felt a tickling sensation, it grew more with passing seconds. She slowly open her eyes to witness the beautiful view infront of her naked eyes.

Thts so alluring. She never dreamt of this ever in her life so far.

rose petals were showering from sky. A small helicopter though not tht small bt enough to carry such flowers.

Maan was so much relieved, happy seeing her face adorned with smile. Finally mission accomplish to start her birthday with her cute smile.

Geet twirl felling the scent of flowers.

She screamed loud “thank you” she gave a flying kiss. When maan saw, he immediately catches it.


(stinna wonders maybe u guys expecting him na??? oh hoo.. not so soon darling. Patience!! For amna samna)


Maan while sitting in his car wishes her again  n bid adieu “hav a beauty sleep” returned to his home.

As soon he reched his home, he thumped on the bed, dam he is soo tired. He need to get sleep so tht he can meet her there.

Geet too was feeling sleepy after such a beautiful surprise. She too dozed off to meet him in her sleep.


In morning, she wokeup  at around 10am. Her room was full of beautiful fragrance of fresh flowers.

She lazily open her eyes n saw it filled flowers n flowers. Then her mom came there with another bouquet of roses. She placed it on table.

She hugged her baby princess n wished her “happy birthday bachhaa.. god bless!!!”

Geet yawning “thnxxx mummaa.. ummahh” kissed her mom  she looked around. “vts need for all this” she asked

“baby I didn’t. dnt knw who did this, from morning these r cmng for u” her mom said

Hmm here eyes were now wide open.  She excitedly moved towards them n caressed them lovingly . for sure its her best birthday ever.

Her mom said her to get ready as tody is party day.

She went to take shower n all time she was jst thinking abt him only. She then realized she havn’t seen him from so long. Thn decided to check her lappy first n catch his glimpse. She slammed her forehead, she is acting like a teen.

She was taking shower when there was knock on door.

Ruhani was banging the door. “happy vala birthday my shona”

She peeped out a lil from door n gave a toothy smile to her sis.

Ruhani asked raising her eye brows “kuch toh hua hai.. hmmm” geet cut her off “both kuch ho gya hai” the clr of her cheeks turned crimson

I didn’t knw my sis knws how to blush.” Ruhani commented

Geet the glared her n eyes caught gift in her hands with flowers again.

“some1 has given for u n written “open before taking shower. Ahaannn..” she said with teasing smile.

u knw geet I wanna evry bit. I mean it, very single bit” ruhani said getting impatient .

“plzz open it na, for me plz” geet said pleading.

She opened it n ther comes a new pink bath robe with matching fluffy footwears n here comes the card.

Which geet snatched n shut the door not before grabbing her gift.

“apne khoobsurat pairon ko zameen pen a rakhiye, mele ho jayege”she hide her face in b/w letters

She thought does he too like me??” she wonders.

She came out wearing bath robe he had send for her.

When she saw ruhani was sitting on bed with another gift in her hand n again teasing smile.

She took it from her n sat there while opening towel from her hairs n moved her hands in hairs.

She opened the gift n there was a beautiful knee length black clr dress

Card “morning birthday girl uff lazy bum. Wakeup!!!” she made a pout with last set of words bt she liked it.

She clicked her pics in his both gifts n then she came down n lawn was full of flowers.

She was so overwhelmed with his sweet gesture.

She need to thank him na. 

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4 thoughts on “PART 8- ITS MANIPULATING

  1. welcome back dear
    well thats one birthday she cannot forget
    no way
    wow he was the one to wish her first
    isnt that sweet
    awww wish flowers raining on her
    then bouquet of flowers
    not to mention bath robe
    and then that killing dress
    maan is set to impress
    and that he did
    hmmm now how will she thank him
    and when will they meet

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