She then heard some1 calling her name. she turned to see maan sitting on a big stone near a stall. 

Geet was feeling something, a happy feel like he waited for her. She smiled with the thought 

She went near him

“ow vt r u doing  here???” geet asked

Maan showed him the plate that he was holding, full of maggi n then smelled it closing his eyes, relishing the smell of hot hot maggi errupting from it. 

“having my fav food, tumhe kam dikhne lga hai kya???? Maan replied alwz in mood to tease her

“btw where r ur specks? Tabhi I guess u asking such silly questions. ?? Maan asked

“why u cant give me simple answer” geet asked getting irritated

 “coz u alwz ask foolish questions yr” then maan pulled her from arm n made her sit on the stone near her n forwarded her the maggi. First she ignored bt then gave into maan’s will 

They had their maggi together 


Then maan said to come on horse with him, by walk she will get tired. 

Geet agreed n both sat on the horses.. 

After 15 min they reached their. The view left all dumbfounded. So many ppls gathered their. 

Some ppl ridding on the tubes, some doing skiing, some clicking the pics on the decorated area. 

People  throwing snow balls on eachother 

When maaneet entered they saw a big para-glide in  the air n coming towards their side. 

Geet got scared seeing it n nthg came to her mind to what to do. 

Slowly she saw it coming closer then her fingers got entangled with some1. Awe she recognized the touch. Who it can be?? Maan. Who save her evrytime when she is in any trouble. 

Suddenly she was pulled to the right side n both fell on the snow n the paraglide passed her by touching her feet n then it rolled further 

Stinna- guys this incidence happened with me when I went their, that time my sis actually pushed me to other side n saved me, bt my legs got fully into the snow LOL

Geet fell with maan underneath . 

Her hat was thrown  away with sudden pull n her hairs flung open n fall on maan’s face. 

Her hairs covered both their faces n maan saw her angelic eyes. 

Maaahiii maahiii ve maaahiii

Maan removed the hair tendrils falling on their face with his slick finger, then maan’s touch send shivers in geet’s body. She was feeling Goosebumps with such close proximity. Then geet tried to stand up bt then again fell on maan’s chest. geet struggled to get out of the grip. Then maan sat their as his legs were dug into the snow. N helped geet in standing. Then geet gave him her hand to help him in stand. Then both stood their 

Unknown to them some1 clicked pics of them in such position. Who it can be??? Sweety n kritika. 

Prem came their running asking how they r??? he saw them coming n also then getting into all this mess.

Something chilled touched geet’s neck n she turned too see her sister with a snow ball in her hand n with a wicked smile .’the next target was maan. He turned n glared sweety. 

He collected some snow n throw it on sweety, bt she escaped n ran then she came behind geet. 

Maan took some more snow n throw it n it fell on geet. 

Geet got angry n next all were fighting n throwing snow alls on eachother. Giggling playing n laughing

Next they went to hav a ride on tyre tubes. 

For this they need to walk at lil height from where u will sit on the tube n they will push u down n u will come down sliding. 

Sweety n rosy went first. Then maan n prem went. Karan n kritika was not trying this n they were talking to some other side 

Kriya was accompanied with tanu. 

 Only person left was geet. Who was standing down n seeing all of them n clicking pics. She was afraid seeing it. As while coming down the tube can hit into anythg. 

Kriya n tanu both hit with some persons. 

Stinna- again this happened with me n I n my sis came out of the tube n fell in the snow. I take this ride 2 timesBig smileLOL

Then maan litrely dragged geet n made her to try this 

prem was from very beginning thinking abt smthg being fishy, n now their bonding n maan’s concern for geet proved evrythg rite tht maan liked geet. 

Kriya was fuming like why maan alwz behind geet to made her do things. 

Maan n geet sat in the tube n they were pushed down. Geet screamed loudly n closed her eyes. Maan asked her to open n she screamed more loudly seeing the speed with which they were coming down. 

sideee.. hat jaooo” geet sacremed telling the ppl to move aside tht were standing.

Maan laughed seeing geet.

Soon they reached down n both actually fell in the snow with geet underneath maan. 

Geet’s back got hurt with the hit. Maan moved aside n hold her stomach while laughing. Geet rubbed her back “ouuchhh” 

She stood up n went from their .

“aree geet it was soo much fun” maan followed her

Sweety asked “did she enjoy” 

Geet said it was okk

Next thing was skiing. No1 knows how to ride it. So firstly maan tried n he fell back on his knees. 

Evry1 laughed seeing maan. 

Geet was the one who laughed loudly. 

Maan got angry n stood up “geet” he said greeting his teeth. 

Geet ran from their n maan behind him. Maan was faster n he catches geet n then hold her from back on her stomach n then twirled her around. 

“maan plzz leave. U too laughed na, so tit for tat” 

“no geet m not gonna leave u. wait”

Maan bend a lil down holding her arm n took some snow n put it in her suit. 

Ohh some sensations came into her body n she shivered. 

The same geet did with maan. 

Both were again throwing snow on each other. 

All of them tried doing skiing bt none knew how to do it. 

Next maan walked ahead with prem to try paragliding. They need to walk at some height to fly on it. . 

It was really worth to watch view form tht height. Ppl will be seen like ants walking. Evrythg jst white. N the weather uff too cold. Both were shivering. 

They tried it n it was grt fun. 

It was getting the time to leave the place. 

So they all sat on the shop to hav some food. 

Maggi is the main thing u should try if u r going to some hilly areas, they r the most delicious things. 

So all ordered maggi n hot tea, to get some warm. 

After spending such a grt time their they returned to the bus n moved back to the hotel.

It was evening 6pm by then n all were hell tired with the day event n retired to their respective rooms 

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All got ready to leave for their nxt destination

That was rohtang tht was around 50km journey  from their current place. One visiting manali n dnt go to the mountains clad with snow is not possible. At this  time the slopes r snow clad n they turn into perfect skiing slopes. This  point is the centre of attraction.

All settled down in the bus. After abt half hour they stopped at the place. At a shop from where all hav to buy the clothes tht needed to be wear when they reach their, or u can wear from here too

It includes a full suit with long shoes, gloves n hat.

Some students also took skiing boards.

These r not available at government rates so u need to bargain it, n best in bargain may get at cheap rates or other may become a bakra of the shopkeepers n mode of their earnings.

Geet was trying a full pink blue suit n sweety was fighting with shopkeeper to lessen the price.

Rosy- bhaiyaa see, we’ll buy 4 suits, so u need to give us discount

Sweety- aree bhai lga lo na

Geet- han han bhaiyaa.. ur prices r way to high.

Bt shopkeeper was not reducing the price

Then maan came their who was holding a cool skiing board n was abt to get it .

Maan- aree chlo bhai hum ye bhi le lete hai, abhi btao kitna lgaoge????

They will buy all these stuffs at rent n then after coming back they need to return them their things

Maan dragged sweety, geet to out of shop “chlo yr we’ll not get it from here, lets see another shop”

Then shopkeeper stopped them n reduce the price a lil

Maan- aree no no, itne mei toh hume piche vali shop vala bhi de rha tha, u need to lower down the price. N we r taking so many things. Now tell the price, or many shops r there

After some more drama, they spent around half hour in selecting their costumes n wore them .

They click pics with different poses.


Now they r heading towards the mountains covered with snow n snow n only snow. The way was vry dangerous. U need to be very careful while driving.


While in bus.

Sweety- hmm kriya where was u??? while we were purchasing the dresses???

Kriya- ohh I dnt like the way u guys bargain, so I went ahead to get this


Stinna wonders such a attitude, gadhi agr inke sath hoti, u hav to pay less.


Sweety- how much did u pay???

Kriya- hmm 350/- n 100 for shoes. She gave a smile n then all others brust into laughter hearing the price

Maan- oh hoo kriya.. we paid jst half of it, n as we wre taking so many dresses so got some more discount. 


This made kriya’s mood foul n she sat with a pout on her seat.

Maan being best buddy of her went to her, exchange the seat with the person she was sitting

Seeing him there she smiled bt didn’t turned to his side.

Maan tried to manofy him. He promised to take him to her fav place when they will return n her mood was all fresh

“drama queen” geet muttered under her breath



Soon they reached to their place, bt due to vacations many visitors were their n they need to park the buses at some distance n have to walk to reach at the main point.

U can also ride on horses, so it was decided in this way as it was abt 2km by walk.

2 horses were tagged with a rope .

Geet said she will come by walk as she is scared of horses, n she cant sit on it. Maan, sweety prem all were trying to make her agree to sit, nthg will happen.

Tanu hurriedly sat on horse n she called maan’s name

“irritator” maan said in low voice.

“chipku” said by sweety n geet

Geet was not liking the way tanu was alwz near maan, n trying to flirt with him

“hy maan, plzz click a pic of mine n gave a toothy big smile to him. Maan cant do anythg so he was abt to take out his mob when rohan came n said he will do it.

Maan mouthed a thanku to him from saving from her

All went on their horses n geet was walking.

Maan went to get the skiing boards he left in the bus.

When maan came no1 there. He then climbed on his horse thinking others went ahead n he will catch them when reach there.

Maan saw geet walking with a stick n he coolly sitting on the horse n riding in between. When he was near geet he tapped on her shoulder“hy darpok”

Geet shot an angry glare to him

oh hoo.. u look oldy type yr” he said pointing towards the stick she was carrying

Then in return he got another daggers from geet’s eyes

“come geet, there nothing to worry. Like this u will reach their late n also get tired”

no m okk, u carry on” geet said n walked passed him


Maan ride further leaving geet

When geet saw maan going she stomped her foot “huhh mje chod k chla gya??”


Stinna- elloo khud hi toh usse bhejdia. Ab pachtaooo


After 5 mins of walk

“hayee geet vts need to be so adamant. Yr when I’ll reach, moreover no1 accompany me. Babaji. Why???”


She then heard some1 calling her name. she turned to see maan sitting on a big stone near a stall.

Geet was feeling something, a happy feel like he waited for her. She smiled with the thought

She went near him

“so vt r u doing  here???” geet asked

Maan showed him the plate that he was holding, full of maggi n then smelled it closing his eyes, relishing the smell of hot hot maggi errupting from it.

“having my fav food, tumhe kam dikhne lga hai kya???? Maan replied alwz in mood to tease her

“btw where r ur specks? Tabhi I guess u asking such silly questions. ?? Maan asked

“why u cant give me simple answer” geet asked getting irritated

 “coz u alwz ask foolish questions yr” then maan pulled her from arm n made her sit on the stone near her n forwarded her the maggi. First she ignored bt then gave into maan’s will

They had their maggi together 



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Next day,

Sunlight hit the glass door of maan’s room, though its really rare tht sun came in the sky, bt its one of tht day.. soon maan got up.. maan being a lazy lad woke up this early tht was more something new.. its jst 6am, he yawned n rubbed his eyes with the back of palm. He lazily stood n sat on the comfy bed, his eyes were closed. Prem was an early riser, he jst came back from washroom, n was shocked seeing maan. He rubbed his eyes to check weather its real or he is seeing a dream.

He called maan to get confirmed n maan jst hummed in monosyllabic tone.

He jumped on the bed n asked vts the matter tht he is awake???

Now how to tell. Actually maan had a dream n with sudden realization he got up at 3am in night n from tht time he was unable to sleep. Now jst he got some sleep bt he again woke up with some sound n tht dream..

He turned towards prem to tell him

“actually prem I had..” he was abt to continue then stopped.

“no nothing..” he shrugged the though of telling him abt his wired though. Then he stood up

“hy dued where????” prem asked him, he thought he wuld again went to sleep bt he was moving towards his bag. Vts the reason.

“gonna hit the gym yr” maan answered taking out his new tracks n went to change .

They were in hotel which had their own restaurant, gym n swimming pool.

Geet being the early riser was now taking the shower.. she washed her hairs n came out. She tried to wake sweety bt she didn’t evn move her lazy bum n covered her face with the duvet.

She took out the one knee length black doted dress n wore it, yeah its cold weather here so she wore denim jeans with long black coat, n pulled the socks n wear black flats with them. Then she wore a red colour woolen hat with while her hairs left open. She adorned her ears wih small studs tht complimented her face, then her eyes with the kohl tht made here eyes evn more beautiful.. usually she avoid applying kohl, bt tody she felt like doing this. She was all ready now. She thought to take a tour of hotel n the get the feel of nature. She moved out n carefully closed the door.

He went to gym.. n stated walking on the treadmill.. slowly he strted increasing the speed. His body was badly sweating. He was still in his thoughts. As the speed increases his muscles flexed in response

He closed his eyes. N same thing flashed infront of his eyes.

“he is dancing holding her protectively from her waist, holding her hands tight, they dance was not jst a mere dance, bt it was passionate yet with a tint of romance. Her brown hazel eyes. Tht smile adorned on her lips. His slowly came close to her neck n blew some air, she arched her neck feeling the warmth. Then he twirl her n now her back was touching his chest, her hairs falling over his face n then move on rhythm, he twirl her again n then they were confronting eachother, bt her strands blocked his way to her face.. he moved his slick finger towards her face n then tucked those strands right behind her ear. Then he saw her. Smiling n blushing.

Tht was it. He was shocked to see geet behind those hair tendrils.

“vts happening maan.. control”

As soon he opened his eyes, he saw her again

He chided himself. “maan vts wrong, firstly u was dreaming her in sleep n now in day time too, u asshole jst shut ur weird thoughts..

Geet was passing by the gym n maan saw her through the mirror glass. It was two sided glass. Person from inner can see u bt the person outside cant see u.

He shut his eyes n then flung open them n there was no1.

“see maan, no1 is there”

Then he moved towards the weight lifting n spend 10min there when his eyes moved to the time, oh shit he is so dam late. They need to report to teacher at 8am, he rushed to his room when he got bumped with her.

She was also coming back catching her breath as she realized she need to wake up sweety, the lazy lad.

Then she bumped with the person, closed her eyes n waiting to get hurt bt two arms encircle her n like she know the warmth, she felt it before too. Like she belongs there.

Slowly opend her eyes to meet with his seductive ones. They were over flowing with emotions. She had never witnessed them like this before.

Awe dam again geet.. bt she was lost in her beauty. She was lost in her touch, then dnt knw how his hand moved against his will n moved those strands behind her ear tht was blocking his way,

The dream flashed infront of his eyes in nano seconds n it was gone. His closeness with her in the dream was smthg he dnt knw.

He made her stand on er feet n went to his room, leaving her all startled.

She didn’t think of it too much n went to her room





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All students entered n then took the blessing,

There is a separate place where where boiling water is there n ppl cooked rice in them. Then students vsited there. They proceed to to hav langar.

They enjoyed it having it.


Then they explore the near by market n took rest for sometime


It was evng 2pm when they took leave from their bt didn’t forget clicking pics.

All the time tanu was behind maan, she took many pic. Sweety geet rosy made titanic pose on nearby big stone. They climbed up vry carefully. maan saw, then came towards them.

“oh hoo without hero titani???” maan cmnted

Geet- we dnt need any hero.

Maan- aree rosyyy, where is ur jack. Hmm????

Rosy- oh ho, when u r here why wuld I need any1 else..

Sweety whispered getting close to her ear-aree vt abt prem yr??

Then she playfully hit on her shoulder “shut up”

Maan winked.. rosy gave him his hand n he too climbed on the stone. Then sweety  came down n kritika who was clicking the pic joined them.

They clicked pics with maan in titanic pose ,showing tongue, then thumbsup pose.

They had a lot of fun doing it.

Geet also enjoyed a lot.

Then they headed towards their next destination n the main one.  Manali.

Bus journey was a quite affair, as all vry lil tired.

They reached there at around 7 in the evening.

It was lil darker n cloudy, chill winds were blowing giving the atmosphere a feel of romance too.

They reached to the hotel they gonna reside. After some rest they thought to go out n took the tour of near by markets.

Some group of frnds only decided to roam about.

They wore their long jackets n went out in chilly weather.

They visited the hadimba temple tht was on the way to market..

Then they were checking on the stalls on the road to buy something.

Kriya called maan who was walking ahead with prem, actually checking out he girls of manali, awe man they all of fair complexion, quite beautiful..

Kriya- maan see hows this hat??? She wore a pink flowery hat n asking abt it making a pose to him

Maan- its superb kriya, u lukng cute in it.

Kriya smiled n grabbed tht hat.

Geet checking out some anklets on the stall. She jst love the chime sound of them. N luv wearing them.

She is not getting which to buy, the white stones anklet or with only a plain chain.. she asked sweety.

Both were left behind coz of the selection n others were heading ahead. Then rohan realizes both sis r not with them

Maan- ohh fish!!!! Poor sweety, hope she didn’t die with geet’s glares.

Then burst out laughing.

Rohan- lets get them back.

Prem- I’ll rush into a restaurant n order food. Vt say??

All agreed n they headed to restaurant for dinner while rohan n maan went back in search of them .

When they reached geet was holding both the anklets in her hand n showing to sweety. Sweety was bored with her.

Rohan tapped on sweety’s shoulder

Rohan- kya yr.. is it necessary to buy evry single thing

Geet- nhi we were jst seeing yr.

Sweety- madam is confused which to buy.

Maan- lets get going guys. M famished sachii.

Sweety- ohh me too…

Maan- uff now where did rohan eloped?? I guess all r havng the effect of  mr.india.

Geet pouted n she strted going ahead on their way.

Sweety asked her why she is not buying. She answered saying she is confused. Then sweety chided saying let it be, uy any of them.

Maan was silent spectator of the girly talk. When maan’s eyes saw geet’s gloomy face.

Then maan hold geet’s hand n drag her to the stall.

Sweety called out loud where going??? N she too followed them

Maan picked the anklet n gave it to her

Then came close to ear. His breath was falling on her bare exposed neck. It was sending shiver in her petie body getting so closed to him.

“this gonna look beautiful on ur milky feet”


stinna- hy frnds these r my feetLOL n i love my ankletsWink

 n he came to his later position saying it.  It happened in fraction of second tht geet didn’t get time to realize vt happened.

But sweety saw this from far n she was smiling wickedly.

Then there was tap on sweety’s shoulder n she turned to geet scared to hell. A person was standing in front of her wearing a ghost mask, tht hav red big eyes.

He was making some sound n showing his hands tht hav gloves with big nails.

She took off the mask n then she was giving deadly glares to find rohan there.

She scraemd “youuu” rohan ran saving his life

“you r so dead” she ran behind him catching him.

Soon they both disappear in the crowd, in between some of the passers by.

Geet called her to stop, bt she hear nothing.

So now maaneet left alone in new unknown  city, in romantic weather n this time of night,

Geet rubbed her hands feeling the cold while moving to their destination

Maan flushed his hand in his pocket n took out his gloves n forward to geet with a smile.

Without hesitation she grabbed them from maan’s had. With the process their hands come in contact.. then withdrew it back, unknown to the growing sensation within n look on the ground to avoid the eye contact with him..

They walked further when they saw they had lost the track, maan saw here n there. Geet sensed tht smthg was wrong n she asked him the matter.

Maan scratched his head n said cutely “voo I dnt knw the way” geet chuckled seeing his cute expression. 1st time she had an sudden urge to pull his cheeks.

Hy wait vt did he jst say, they r lost???

She rubbed her temples getting stressed.

“are dnt worry yr, chillax, I’ll call prem”

Ohh god geet how stupid is tht, in such a century u hav got phones yr, how u gonna lost. She thought for a while n smiled at her stupidity to think of such thing.

Maan was on a call while prem gave him the directions to the restaurant, he called geet when he saw her smile,

One word left from his mouth seeing her,”beautiful” background was dark n the moonlight was falling over her angelic face, she look no less than a fairy, her face was glowing n due to cold her cheeks had turned crimson color.

Prem’s sound brought him back to reality n he chided himself to hav lost his mind in her.

Then prem told him the way n maan hold geet’s hand n followed prem’s instruction.

Geet kept mum n just followed maan. She was first shocked seeing such a tight hold of maan over his wrist then shrugged though thinking it as he is concerned n as frnd holding her.


Stinna wondering… hmm he been protective n she cant understand. Sigh!!!!


Finally they reached their n had their food.. it was delicious.

They had ordered all Punjabi food.

Then time for some sweet, so they had kheer.

When they returned to hotel it was already 11pm or more.. n were hell tired with the walk. So as soon they hit the bed they went into deep slumber.


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teacher said to sit quiet on their seats.

All were surrounded them. When teacher came all moved to their seats.  all were dispersed to different positions.

As a result maaneet were left sitting together.

Geet had done the dressing still she was concerned for maan’s wound. She asked him twice abt hows it n maan alwz replied politely tht he is fine, though there was some pain.

Geet took her handbag from sweety n took out a pain killer tablet from it n gave it to maan

Seeing the big tablet tht seems like a monster to maan he made a pleading n yucky face like how maan’s small mouth able to gulp tht big tablet.

Geet glared him with her big eyes. Her face was stern  n maan was left with no other option n gulped it down shutting his eyes tight,


Stinna wonders maan babu u r a big boy bt still afraid of tablets


Then geet srted reading her novel n put the glasses on her hazels

Maan was seeing her first time wearing glasses.

Maan- no wonder u r soo studious. .

Geet gave keep-quiet look n maan was like a child whose mother refuse to buy his fav lollypop.

Maan- y u sitting beside me, when u r not evn talking to me n making me hell bore.

Geet- m reading maan

Maan- ohh really!!! I thought u r digging the earth. Gave a sarcastic look.

Then a sound came from behind 2 seats, tht sound like a irritating sound to geet

“maan u r fyn na??” tanu asked loudly

“yaa tanu m okk, bs getting bore u knw” maan answered

“ohhh” tanu said in a low voice.

Next moment tanu was standing near geet with a wide smile

Geet(st) huhh teeth toh aise dikha rhi hai like giving add of colgate.

Tanu- u can talk to me maan, m too getting bore

Maan- its okk tanu. U shd sit, aise yha ??? n look towards geet who gave a stern look to maan

Like m-not-gonna-stand look.

Tanu was seeing geet like she wuld stood  up n she will sit beside maan n tht golden opportunity to be close to him

Bt geet was not liking it

Geet- tanu u shd let maan rest, u knw I gave him pain killer. N if u getting bore then I recommend u to play some game na.

Yoo geet gave answer with anger tone.

Maan too nodded as he dnt want to be with chipku.

A champu boy with whom tanu was seated, he was wearing big glasses n hair oiled  wearing check shirt.

“tanu m ready to play with u”

Tanu cursed him under her breath who is ruining her plan.

Alas she had to return to her seat as teacher didn’t allow to stand in bus as its not safe as they r heading towards mountains n roads r bumpy.


Stinna- guys I dnt knw how much time it wuld take for reaching manali from delhi, so m taking writers liberty n writing time as per my assumptions. I knw timings from my residence lolzz


Time passes n it was nearly 1pm. All were hungry n they stopped at near by dhaba on the way.. when all were going out geet saw maan who was sleeping peacefully lying his head on geet’s shoulder. Geet didn’t realize before as she was engrossed in reading.

Sweety n kritika winked seeing them n gave each other a hi5.

Prem- I think we shd wake him up.

Geet- bt I think we shd nt.

Prem gave startled look by picking his eye brows up .

Geet- I mean, actually its after effect of medicine, thts y he is feeling sleepy. Vaise m not hungry, u guys carry on.

Karan- no geet u shd hav smthg.

Kriya- u go, I’ll be with him

Kritika- bt kriya if geet wuld stand maan will wakeup na.

Geet- u goo, if I feel like havng smthg will give u a call. Fine

All agreed to it n went to hav smthg .


All had their lunch, geet messaged sweety to pack 2 pratha’s with pickle n she will have it later when she will feel like eating.


Bus started n their journey started again.

As they are heading to great height the weather was pleasant. Cool breeze, blue white clouds n green trees, the view was overwhelming.

It gave a peace of mind, geet closed her eyes n was enjoying the weather, the cool breeze n the smell of wet mountains hit her nostril. She liked the nature a lot. There was a content smile on her face.

Maan stirred in her sleep n he slowly opened his eyes to get a beautiful view infront of his eyes. Geet sleeping with a smiling face.

He admired her angelic face, awe her  nose is cute. Her cheeks r rosy, some hair strands were coming in her face n blocking his view to face, he made a face n moved it behind from her face.

Her lips, awe soo luci.. he was abt to complete when reality hit him hard n he smacked his dirty mind. “uff maan wat r thinking dued, she is geet. Ur sherni. If she will come to knw abt ur thought she gonna eat u raw”


He then saw towards his watch it was showing time 4:30pm.. ohh dam he was sleeping from so long.

When his stomach made some sound.

Ohh he is starving. Maan texted prem “m hungry”

Prem replied back “u awake???? U kumbkarn kitna sota hai”

Maan “u shd wake me up yr”

Prem “vt to do, geet didn’t let us”

Maan “bt why??”

Prem thought why he is messaging him when he sitting jst on back seat. Prem stood on his seat.

“msg kyu kr rha hai mje??” prem asked

Then maan signaled to speak slow signaling to geet saying she is sleeping dnt disturb

Prem whispering “kabhi tu sota hai , kabhi vo”

Prem gave maan wrapped pratha’s n said him to eat it.

Maan grabbed it n when he opened he was happy seeing alloo pratha’s his fav. He strted eating it.

Maan’s cell beeped “bhukad there is geet’s share too, dnt eat full”

When he saw down he already had 1.5 paratha n only half is left.

Maan rolled it back n kept It for sherni.

Maan saw towards geet “u look soo innocent while sleeping, bt jaise hi bolti ho u become a wild tigress”

Geet slowly opened  her eyes yawning

Maan tuned his face to window side, fearing she didn’t hear it.

Geet sit properly on seat.


Time passes.. it was getting darker outside. Geet had the half parath left by maan cursing him tht it was her.

Kritika gave her chips tht she was carrying.

Soon the bus stopped infront of hotel, they reached the place named“mandi”

They went to their respective rooms after teacher telling them to be ready at 6am, so tht they can strt their journey again.

All had their dinner n went to sleep.


Next day.

They chit chatted in the bus, enjoying n playing games.

Their first destination was at religious place “mani karan sahib”

They reached there at 11am.


(stinna- I went to manali 2 yrs back,  so we went to gurudwara, so m taking this trip also their)


Mani karan sahib is located in near parvati valley. Gurudwara is near the parvati river, the speed of water is vry fast, when we crossed the bridge to reach in gurudwara the sound is tht high tht sound of our companion is hardly audible. Tourists r attracted to this pilgrimage bcoz of the hot water springs .


All students entered n then took the blessing by folding their hands infront of SHRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI. they prayed for their well being. 

rohan- hy babaji koi achi c ladki de do

geet- hy babaji plzz alwz keep evry1 happy n they shd keep smiling. take out all their stress from life. she smiled. 

maan was standing beside geet n praying. he opened his eyes to see geet still praying. he smiled too seeing her angelic face. 

maan- plzz god fulfil vt she is praying Smile

There is a separate place where where boiling water is there n ppl cooked rice in them. Then students vsited there. They proceed to to hav langar.

They enjoyed having the langar (food)


Then they explore the near by market n took rest for sometime.





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Bus started n all students strted hooting loud.

N teacher gave them deadly glares. Like it gonna put any effect on them

They shouted again

When . suddenly sm1 came from behind n put his palms on maan’s eyes

Guess who??

Maan was not getting who it could be. With the sudden person closing maan’s eyes all other too divert their attention to him.

Geet turned when maan was moving his fingers on the hand of the person n don’t knw why she didn’t like it


Stinna wonders ahaannn.. kuch jalne ki smell ni aa rhi???


Kritika fumed too seeing the person.

Uff here she came again.

Kriya- uff ye maan ka picha kyu nhi chodti??

Sweety pari n geet dnt knw abt her at all.


Maan first told kritika, the girl nodded no no.. “try harder”

Maan humed “okkk”

“is it u kriya”

“no dued, so it mnz u lose??”

“in ur dreams girl, maan nvr taste defeat”


Stinna wonders ishhh this attitude make girls gaga over him, no doubt. Wink


Now maan had said those words n he not even 1% know whose it?? Now he hav to think smthg or else his repo is on  stake.  Maan chided himself mentally “think dued think, smthg to trap her”


Then the girl screamed with the sudden pain she felt in her palm.

“u jerk”

Actually maan pinched her on the palm harder so tht she can remove her hand from his eyes, she  did remove 1 hand n in meantime prem hurridy whisper name in his ears.

Girl put her hand back on eyes.

“no cheating mr. accept ur defeat. Play fair” girl said

“no no.. I was jst playing dear.. jst making u desperate” he said with smirk on his face.


“okk tanu now stop n come” he decalred..

Tanu was starled how come he recognized her. She stomped her feet n remove her hands.

“u.. hw come u knw??” she happily asked him.

Maan stood n turned n sat on his seat “hw come I dnt??”

“so hows u here???”


Meanwhile on girls side.

Sweety tapped to kritika n she turned to give them a piece of mind.

Then she tell abt her to them

Rubina Dilaik – TV Serial Actress – Chhoti Bahu – Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

Tarunam kapoor uff tanu uff chipkuu uff chudail.. omg!! I soo hate her. She is maan bhai’s neighbor . she is 2 yr younger n she is head over heels behind maan. She make excuses to sneek to his house. They r also client of maan’s father so he nevr said anythg to her. Many times she came to her parties also n jst keep following him. She is crazy. She evn propose him twice. Bt evn after denial she is here.  Bt dnt knw how she is here in clg trip???

When she finished her biography of chipku, geet was shocked tht dnt knw how many grls r behind this cartoon.


Stinna “oh hello geet, weren’t u the 1 who was fuming a sec ago seeing the grl behind him, now calling cartoon, vry bad han.


“vaise maan u looking hot in this t-shirt..”

Geet’s ear automatically were now listening to their not-so-interesting convo.

Then actually geet saw the t-shirt, vt so special tht she is complimenting. It was a normal blue t-shirt he was wearing. 

Then she shrugged.


“thankuu. U too look gud”

Ohh she was flattered. His maan complimented herr. She gave him a dreamy look

“ohh r trying to woo me??? Btw no need as u knw m already. She winked.

Prem too stood on his seat folding his legs.

“achha come to point.. how u here in our clg trip” prem asked her

She shoot a glare to him

Then rohan came to her side

“oh ho prem u getting rude yr”

“so here comes the flirt. Cant spare any girl” sweety said under her breath.

Tanu smiled to rohan

“oh hoo.. actually not so difficult u knw, I got permission .i asked papa to arrange saying I hav project to study there n he talked with princi n here I am”

Prem- so actually u lied???

Tanu- aree nhii.. project toh hai, bt we hav 2 weeks. I thought to join u guys so earlier doing it, n I can do it through net though bt I told him tht personally I shd go through all this to get gud grades.


She winked to maan telling her story.

Maan turned her head getting irritated with this witch around her

 He whisper to prem “save me dued, she gonna spoil me trip”

He hav no choice so he gave a toothy smile,

Then both were back to their position.

 Tanu too seated there.


Sweety earing to geet- uff actually she is a chipku. Poor maan.

Pari- yeah!!!!

Geet didn’t say anythg. Like nthg is effecting her bt she is not having gud feelings.


Time was passing. All were chit chatting n rohan flirted with tanu too. He came n sat near her seat by exchanging it with other student,

Karan didn’t like this as he hav to sit with a grl. He was giving deadly glares to rohan. Then getting no choice he came back to his seat.

Then all thought to play antakshri with dancing too.

It was fun .

  Geet said she is not interested. She took out novel “I too had a lovestory” from her bag n strted reading it.

Maan came n snatched her book, her interest at tht moment.. geet jst fumed with this.

“geet dnt be a spoilsport n play yr”

“maan.. uu.. give it to me” geet angrily said to him trying to get back her novel.

She struggled to get it.. both stood up trying to snatch from eachother giving deadly glares no1 was giving up. They stood in centre space tht was in the bus.





Others placed their hand on their forehead “uf they strted again with their silly fight”

Geet greeted her teeth “maaannn”

“I knw my name.. n yaa u reading vt??? He hav a look on novel .. ohh so miss.geet reading n lovestory. Oh hooo

Other studnts strted hooting with this revelation

“give it me back, now” geet exclaimed.

Maan snatched it from her. Geet tried struggling. With thisthe driver suddenly applied break  both lost their balance n both fell in the middle space of bus. with geet underneath maan. Geet closed her eyes bt maan was encircling geet from her waist to stop her from getting hurt. Saving her maan’s hand hit the seat’s hard iron n he winced. She opend her eys n saw maan.

All were shocked to see them. Two girls fumed. As u knw none other than kriya n now new entry tanu too.

Sweety kritika gave eachother dreamy look.

Geet asked maan in concern “vt happen??”

Maan nodded noo. He tried to get up. N after getting up he stretched his arm fro geet. Geet stood up with his help. When her eyes saw some blood on his arm. Her eye balls became bigger n she took her arm in his soft palms n checked it was bleeding.

Prem too came close to them

“oh gosh!! U got hurt man” prem said.

They immedailtey get the first aid done, yes geet did it.

Her face was so tensed.. maan saw her getting restless. She blow air while applying the detol on his wound. Strange geet winced when maan didn’t, how come he can feel the pain when he was busy admiring her. Staring the strands tht were falling on her cheeks n touching her cheeks. He put them behind his ear when geet saw up n their eyes met. Maan saw pain in her eyes. Dnt knw why bt he liked the concern in her eyes.

then teacher said to sit quiet on their seats.

All were surrounded them. When teacher came all moved to their seats. Lolzz all were dispersed to different positions.

As a result maaneet were left sitting together.


PRECAP- Dnt knw folks.








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They entered the lift. With them there was a couple too inside.. they went out when it nxt stopped.

Now maaneet left alone.




Geet- vaise maan, u really watch cartoons???

Maan nodded.

Geet didn’t say anythg. There was complete silence.

Then there was sudden jerk in the lift n it stopped, as it was not expected, geet lost her balance n was abt to fall

She thought she gonna touch the floor hard n will get hurt bt nothing of tht sort happen as two stron arms engulf her petty waist protectively

Geet slowly open her eyes to meet with the deep ocean like eyes.


Maan- I knw u not gonna thank me as alwz

This bring geet out of trance n then she stood on her feet properly.

Lift was stopped. Now the lights too strted blinking.

Maan pressed the buttons bt nthg happened n dn the blinking lights got off

There was darkness only

Geet got scared.

She called maan name

Maan jst said hmmm

Geet- u thre na?

Maan- uff geet is ther any way??? Or m a angel tht I’ll get disappear with my powers

Geet cursed him under her breath why to ask him, he alwz give him unusual answers.

Not angel bt pure devil.. grhhh!!!

Maan- did u say smthg??

Geet- when lift will get start

Maan- geet m not a mechanic yr, n yaa repeat of my dlg, m not angel ohh actually m an angel. U see m sooo handsome

He said in melo dramatic tone

Geet- ohh plzzz.

Maan smiled.

Geet’s phone buzz.. she received the call it was sweety

Sweety- where r u both???

Geet- aree we r stuck.. hloo

Oppss!!! How come there r signals in lift so call got disconnected

Geet tried calling her bt in vain

She slammed the phone on her palm “dam it”

Maan- chill sherni. Show some pity on poor phone. It hav feelings u knw

She gave bewildered look

Maan- now dnt give me tht looks okay. I cant see ur m-gonna-eat- u-alive look. Spare me yr.

She murmured n cursed him again- vts need to buy tht shirt,dumboo

Maan took his phone n turned to geet’s side. Maan was now seeing geet’s face in tht only phone’s light. It was glowing. There was shine in her eyes. Tht makes her look beautiful.

Geet was starled when she saw light n dn maan’s face caught her attention

In tht mere light geet saw maan’s face, his sharp features. His cut to cut perfect face.

Maan- geet stop cursing me, hav some patience.

Maan turned n then he strted playing candy crush in his phone.

Geet- maan its sound is so irritating,,

Maan- bt its fun. U wanna try.

Geet nodded to no.

Bt geet couldn’t take the sound so she warned him to low the volume by showing her index finger pointing it to his face.

Tht exact moment lift opened.

They were in pose like geet ready to kill him.

Ppl around were staring them.

Then geet straighten herself.. both came out of the lift.


They moved to parking n maan took keys of rohan’s byke from security as per told by rohan.

Geet sat on it

Maan- geet hold me

Geet- no m fine.

Maan- as u wish. Dnt say me afterwards.

Geet gave whatever look


They moved out of the mall. When geet got sweety’s call.

She told tht they were stuck in lift now they r on their way.

Sweety said tht they r in ABC restaurant.

They hung up.

Maan speed up the byke n as usual geet hav to hold maan form his shoulder. Maan smiled.


(stinna- kya planning maan babu??)


They reached the restaurant. Orders hav been arrived n they were abt to strt eating.

Maan- akele akele khaoo bhukadooo

Sweety- if u both can shop alone why not we can eat

They both took seat

Rosy- vaise why u both stopped?

Geet- voo..

All were staring her like she got 2 big thorns on her head

Geet- vt??

Maan- aree yr shopping kr rhe the. Now lets eat m starving.

They had their lunch talking abt trip. They gonna njoy a lot

Its their 1st outing together.

Make the best of it.

They returned to their respective homes bidding gud bye n promising to meet 2moro morning in clg. Their trip was schedule  for day after 2moro


Reaching home, geet’s mom was shocked seeing soo much shopping bags.’

Rano- aree r u both planning to flew far way for like a month

Sweety hugging her mother from behind. – Areee aisikismat kha meri.

Geet- aree mumma. Ye aise kuch nhi hai

Rano- itna kya shop krlia meri bachion ne

They both showed evrythg to rano excitedly.

Geet showed her purse tht she bought for her

Rabo- learn smthg from geet sweety. She nevr forgets to get smthg for me. N u.. she hit playfully on sweety’s head

Sweety paid no heed n went to her room saying she is super tired

Rano- geet u too take some rest

\she took all her bags n went to room.

Geet was placing the things in room. When sweety’s eyes caught on beautiful pair of footwears.

Sweety- oyee when did u get these?? She excitedly took it from geet. Then eher eyes caught the price tag

Geet- aree I was not taking it, bt maan..

Sweety- ooohhh… in a teasing tone.

Geet- now ur not tired.

Sweety- yaa yaa.. she gave a cheeky smile,


Nxt day in clg was like all were bunking again bt with geet the exceptional case.

She bunked 2 lectures on others insistence.

They chatted where they were to roam, which places to see.

They googled the visiting places.

All were excited for trip,

Rosy n prem used to steal glances in b/w. their love story was in progress

 N karan n kritika were fighting in b/w



All students were to reach there at sharp 5am, as it’s a long jourey, so they need to go early.

Early waking up.. ufff hell  difficult for maan.

Phones phone buzz with his alarm tone. “fevicoal see” he  snoozed it, it beeped again. He took the pillows n cover his ears.

Then he got continuous call from prem. He knows him tht he not gonna wakeup so soon. Thts friendship .

Geet’s mom prepared prathas for their trip. N both were ready. Brij dropped girls at clg.

Rosy kritika were carrying chips, cold drinks with them. Typical trip things.

All students were abt to go, as usual there were some late comers, who didn’t reached till now. Maan was 1 of them.

All seated in the bus its 5:10 am. The teacher gave warning to call their frnds or else they r leaving.

Kritika- bhai bhi na.. prem u didn’t wake him up??

Prem- I did yr.

They heard his sound. “m here guys” he climbed up in the bus..

He hugged prem “hy buddy”

Kritika- uff again late.

Maan- sorry.. prem mistake. Usne phle call nhi ki

Prem- oye jhoote.. 5 call k baad u picked ur dam phone.

Rohan- chlo leave. Lets get seated.

{ Rohan karan     kritika kriya

Maan prem         geet sweety kriya

Hope u get their seating plan}


Bus started n all students strted hooting loud.

N teacher gave them deadly glares. Like it gonna put any effect on them

They shouted again

When . suddenly sm1 came from behind n put his palms on maan’s eyes

Guess who??













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