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After some days from maan’s proposal


Geet suddenly landed in maan’s office to give him surprise.

Maan was in board meeting n geet barged in, instead of all her hurdles of receptionist stopping her, bt she dnt give a dam to anyone,

Ruhani is out of town for some work purpose from 1 week. N she too want to complaint about this.

When maan saw her there, his eyes twinkles jst by her one glimpse.

N then the imp meeting went in vain, he cant make her princess wait, n meetng was dismissed.

Hearing this she gave smirk smile to receptionist who was stopping her.

Then maan took her to cabin. Geet overtake him n she herself sat on the chair/

“so m ur boss, so follow my order” geet said with attitude

“ohh yes yes, anythg for u mam” maan smiled.

“so vt u want??? Maan asked.

“elloo tht I hav to tell??? U urself guess” geet said suppressing her inner laughter

“ohhh no prob, I knw vt u want”

Maan started cmng closer towards geet. He put his hand on table start bending towards her. Geet was starled with her sudden advancement.

Geet got scared. Bt who can stop him

“Maan we r in office”

“I don’t care”

“Maan some1 will come”

“I don’t care”

wht they will say”

“I don’t care”

Voo. She saw backward n thre was no escape now. Maan was leaning on her. There was only some difference left between them.

Thn thre was a knock on door.

He stood up n geet chuckled.

“come in”

“sir vo, designer is here to meet u”

Geet whispers “I guess some1 dnt care at all.

Maan– did u say smthg???? He asked keeping his one eyebrow up .

me , oh no no, I dnt care u knw” geet said.

Maan glared her. N then he said to his PA to make them sit, I’ll come in a min.

“oh hello where u going???” geet asked

“u hav some work???”

“a haa haa, phle to u say my time is urs. Now???

“its still ur baby, jst give me 2 mins, u wait here ok. Love u, he went out not after giving her a small peck on her cheeks.

Geet sat there waiting., opps she cant sit idle, hmm she thought to check out all around.

She open the drawer there were files, other shelves, cupboard in left. Evrywhere work related stuff

“Uff geet u r in love with a workaholic, elloo I thought him to be some naughty, issh my sexy”

The was checking out books, when suddenly after pulling out 1 book, a door opens .

“Oohhh secret door”  she came in . there was another door of glass beside the door opened. When she passes by her image came in the glass. Then it appears suddenly

Written beautifully “mrs geet khurana” she lovingly brushed her handover it.

When she passed ahead, the letters gone. She got amused. Then she came infront door again n similar letters appeared.

She smiled, thts it, the music played “I love you” she again was confuse, n her smile was gone, then she again smiled n music strted again

“uff his gadgets.. really lovd them”

She came in. there were pictures of her on the walls.

In the centre a table. On the back of which there was a portrait of them with maan on his knees, her birthday day.

Below written MAANEET

 She sat on the chair there was a photo frame in with no picture n  in centre written “engagement” again below of the frame written “maaneet” geet couldn’t get vt this mean

She thought how much he loves her. There is no limit to his love

On right side another blank frame with “marriage” written with graved word below “maaneet”

She opens the drawer. Nt different thre lies another frame, in which written “babies” geet chuckle reading this, her eyes were lil moist.

Then she heard footsteps n she got alert. She hurriedly came out n closes the door.

She sat on the chair bt facing the wall, maan came there n could her back. Maan thought he took long time n she might be angry.

He came n encircled his arms around her. Kissed her cheeks “sorry shona”

“Turned her to face her. So vts order for me?” Maan asked

“hmm nothing for now, she stood up, I hav some work, now gotta go” geet strt to walk

Bt she was stopped, he was holding her arm then in nano sec geet was lying in maan’s lap. 

Maan pulled her towards him “kya hua, naraz ho”

“no no. nthg baba. Papa ka call aya” geet excused

“pkka”maan asked not sure of her answer

“han han pkka.” Geet said while freeing her hand.

She was overwhelmed with his gesture, so she thought of a surprise.


2moro is the engagement day, so she need to do it fast.


Geet dressed in lehnga. N maan wearing shervani.

They exchanged the rings n evry1 clapped

(not writing in elaborate as I think it will only lengthen the epilogue)


The lights got dim , the projector came over n thre he is. MSK on the screen. Maan looks towards her n she gave a flying kiss to him.

First scene of him sleeping in the black vest on chair

 Then came up the maan in towel, his wet hairs. Water droplets oozing out.

 Girls in the party were ogling him so geet forward tht clip. Then maan in office attire. Wearing tie, uff still the girls with same reaction

Geet pulled his arm “kya zaroorat hai itna hot dikhne ki??? Dekho sb ko. Chi”

Maan being puppy face now vt he did in this

Then the scene of maan geet at their home, maan holding geet n twirled her.

Maan was confused from where she got this???

Bt geet is geet she didn’t answer. She said “socho socho” n maan kept thinking.


(stinna- if u guys remember abt the helicopter device??? It had a camera installed n geet watch maan in it)


Their marriage, big pop n show type.

Geet used to send maan his videos on his phone many times. He keep on asking from where she got. Bt geet always say “socho socho”

Poor adi, maan thought he helped geet he didn’t talked with him for week.

He checked in his room weather thre is any camera or not?? He didn’t get anythg.

Their marriage done with this unanswered question.

Maan gifted her tht secret room on their nxt day, she asked vt is MAANEET” maan was abt to answer vn she set a condition “when u will tell me from where u taken the clips, then I’ll tell u this”

“Houuu, not fair”

“evrythg is fair in love n u n me”

She kept asking bt he didn’t tell.

“ok fine I’ll tell you. Then she told him about the helicopter she once send” maan strted laughing.

“ohh its still thre, I dnt evn knw”

“now ur turn”

“oh hoo okk.  Its u and me.” Geet got confused.

“ye dekho. There was a touch screen in maan’s cabin. He wrote MAAN GEET thre

N then join them MAANEET

“ohh acha. Vry smart han. Aree mera G kha gye???

Their cute fight starts bt in end they were hugging eachother.


After about month. Geet had a fight tht who will take bath first. Geet hurriedly went in, showing her tongue to him. Geet then switched the hot water button. Bt alas cold water came, she asked to maan. Maan being naughty says “if she want he can join”

She hav to take bath with cold water.

Next day she goes to take bath n there was cold water again. She checked in the evening it was hot water.

She called the plumber too, to see the problem.

Next day similar thing happened. Tody she called maan in. she was wearing her bath robe. Her sixth sense was saying maan is behind all this

While coming in. maan took time near the door. She guessed smthg fishy. Then hot water strted cmng.

“achaaa ji, mrs geeky se panga, let me show u how to play”


Maan sat in his car, he started the car with the key, when chilled water straightly splashes over his face.

Then the music screen displays “TIT FOR TAT”

He came out n when he was about to enter the room he opend the door n a bucket with ice cubes n water fall over maan. Opppsss poor maan.

 “now u knw how I bath in cold water.” Geet asked him

Maan glared her. Geet gave her hand to make him stand, as he fall on the ground by slipping. When maan too pulled her.

He took the ice cubes n put it inside her kurti. Geet was literally jumping on the floor n was tryng to take it out.

“maan help na” geet said who was smiling seeing her

Maan stood up n scoop her in his arms n take her to the bathroom.

“maan vt u doing?”

“helping you” he winked

“vt kind of help is this?”

“wait na..” he slowly made her sit in the bath tub full of water, this time warm.

He too joined her there.

(ishh me getting naughty naughty so better to stop here)


Finally m done.

 Their cute pranks continues to add some taste in their love story

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Its manipulating – part 11

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The lights got dim. All the guests came forward for the dance. Slow music started playing. Geet was also dragged by her sister to enjoy.

Then everyone twirl their partners n partners got exchanged. Maan passes by touching her arm. Geet felt it n it send shiver down to her spine.


The dance again with some steps. Again partners exchanged. Now maaneet are together. Geet felt it n look itno the deep ocean like eyes, now she is sure that its him. When she was about to open her mouth to say smthg. Maan came to her back n while dancing he filled her milky neck with a red pendant with diamonds outside it n whispers in her ears “u forgot the theme is red n black”he puts stress on red color , as she is wearing black only n now maan made her wear red too.

(assume black colr, n now with pendant)

geet blushed. its danced as per the music beats. 


He came forward.

Slowly he dragged her to the corner. Geet was following him. She dnt knw vts happening around her, evrythg is happening on his accord. But she is liking this.

Maan takes her outside the mansion.

Cool breeze touches her exposed skin n she realized they r outside n not in mansion. She stopped n was about to ask when his finger touches her soft lips n stopped her to speak. Maan moved his head in denial not to speak

He came closer to her ears “do u trust me?

Geet nodded to him n smiles. N they moved ahead. After 5 min walk. He takes her to garden. It was all decorated. its stairs ahead. Both climbed it up. There was a table set for two. White n red curtains dancing in the air. It is decorated with red n white rosses. Aroma is filled with fragrance of his scent,

 Geet saw it n was liking this.

Geet asked him through her eyes abt it. N maan pulled the chair n made her sit there. N them he also settled down

Finally geet asked “vts all this???”

Maan replied “dnt u knw???” geet chuckled with his answer

“bt we need to be in the party” geet asked him.

“I wanted to spend this moment with u alone” maan answered her looking into her eyes.

Maan had removed the mask long before after coming out from the mansion.

“but evry1 will get worried not finding me there” geet argues

Maan pressed the button of device lying on the table.

Projecter screen appears n was of the party display. There she saw n was flabbergasted with vt she was watching.

Then she turned towards maan. Hows this possible.

On the projector she saw,  geet was their in the party dancing. Bt she is here na.

Maan then without wasting anytime attended to her confusion.

Its ur birthday gift sweety. I had made this for you. The neck piece u r wearing. Geet touched the neck piece.

Yeah tht, it’s a micro device tht makes the similar figure of the person wearing it or if any picture installed. It instantly makes a robot like image of the person n also have all the characteristics of the person whose robot it becomes.

So when u r here with me, no1 can know about it. Evry1 gonna think tht u r there in party. So

 do u like it..

Geet get really excited listening to this n she hurriedly stood up n hugged maan tight “thank you, its indeed really special n different gift I evr got” then she realized she was hugging him

N was about to get up when maan didn’t let her to do so,

He made her sit in his lap.

“I guess u r comfortable here” he had a mischievous smile on his face

Geet blushed with his comment.

Geet tried to freed herself but with evry try his grip got tighten. her all attempts are futile. 

Geet glared him n he freed her saying “ur wish is my command”

Geet had a big smile on her face n her cheeks had turned crimson color a long before.

Then a waiter came there with the cake. He placed it on table.

There was shaping also. Maan gave it to geet to opn it.

Geet shaked n opned it, geet poured it in the glass, she was then about to pour it in another glass when maan stopped her from doing so. Geet asked thru her eyes.

Maan jst smiled n nodded to no.

Then they cut the cake. N fed eachother. Both drank sipping from same glass.

They watched the party scene from the projector. The robot geet had also cut the cake.

“I think we need to go now” geet said

Maan nodded. Both started walking towards the mansion. They reached there n geet turned suddenly n banged in maan. Her lips brushed off his stubble.

Then she moved backward,

“if I go inside there will be double role na?” geet questioned.

First maan didn’t understand what she is saying then he

Got it. They watched the party scene in his mob. Then maan passes some instructions by typing to go in corner alone, the robot got this instruction n started moving in corner carefully watching no1 sees her.

Then maan came closer to geet, really close, looking direct in her eyes. geet was starled, she was moving back. then she closed her eyes to feel the moment. she thought soon she will get her first… ishh geet stop ur dirty thoughts. 

but then she felt no warm near her. 

maan presses the pendant geet was wearing n the robot got disappear.

“done” maan replied to geet.

geet was jst seeing him. maan got confused n asked her vts the matter.

“vo u was doing this, i thought.. oopss slip of tongue

maan came closer with smirk, vt u thoought hmm????? 

he dragged her from her waist n she collided into his chest. 

if u want i can by moving closer.

shutupp” geet moves backward smiling

Then both moved inside.

When geet entered she turned but maan was all gone.

Then ruhani came over there n dragged her inside tht her father is calling her.

Geet followed her sister.

He called her on stage saying he wanna gift a special present to her princess. Geet thought in her heart tht she had got the bestest present bt sm1 special. But where he gone???

He announced that he had opened a company for geet that deals with the stuffs she likes that are the electronic devices. It had a research centre where she can do all the mad experiments

Geet immediately hugged her dad for this.

“u knw why I did this?” geet’s father asked. Geet moved her head in denial

“so that my house get save from ur experiments blast” her father said. N then hugged her.

“love you papa”


Then lights got dim. The flash light focused on geet, sudden light get into her eyes n she put her arms infront of her face.

Then the voice echoed, she know whose this.

He taken his name

No1 has any idea about it.

Then other flash light focused on the maan facing his back. She knows who it can be.

He turned n came to the stage.

He kneeled down infront of geet n ask for her hand.

Geet without any second thought gave her hand n maan put a pearl finger on her ring finger.

Ruhani was dumbstruck seeing her khadoos boss here with her sister. N that too kneeled down infront of her

N her sister also blushing seeing him. Vts happening.

With the blush on her face she gussed tht his boss is her mystry man. Bt how???

Her father was coming ahead when he was stopped by ruhani

“so do u accept to spend ur life with me???”

Geet asked “ye kaisa proposal hota hai??”

“its my style to ask sweety, the will u marry me line has gotten old n cheesy”maan answered with a devilish smile on his M shaped lips.

“do want me to answer?” geet asked him

“I already knw it” maan exclaimed n stood up.

He picked her up n twirled her. Geet was on cloud 9 getting him all for herself.

Evry1 clapped for them .

The lights turned on of the hall.

He made her stand on her feet.

Then her father came up. Maan came close to him n foot wish him n her mother.

” I really love ur daughter, I hope u dnt mind for dragging her from this house to her own house, n yeah I dnt mind her doing any blast there” maan winked n geet blushed with his comment

Geet’s father smile n said. If u guys r happy why wuld I have any prob mr.????

Ruhani came over “maan singh khurana.

Geet was dumbfounded that how she knws his name when she herself dnt knw it. Ooh wait a sec ye name toh kahi suna hua hai.. where where????? Grrhhh


Ruhani got evry1’s attention , yes papa he is MSK as in my boss.

Maan came over to her side “no boss anymore” he said angrily

Ruhani was shocked seeing change in his tone. She thought how he can be polite when she knws he is the most khadoos.

“I mean m ur jiju now” maan smiled saying this

Ruhani too smiled.

Geet came over there n came in between n stand to maan’s side

Wait wait wait, u all forgot me. Vts this???

“u r here na to remind about urself” maan said



So finally the journey of two geeky’s meeting n falling in love story ends. opps not end but  the beginning of their love journey 

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Geet thought ” so sweet of him, lgta hai he want me to prop…??”

Maan with his device can hear vt she thinks, he immediately cut it off.. dnt want to hear tht from this device, its more fun n overwhelming face to face.

“maan bs kar ab, aur mat sun..” giggled n went out from there.


So everythg was set For the party.

She came home n directly went upstairs to her room, she was having butterflies in her stomach

She then took the smily face cushion laid beside her n put it in her lap

Put her elbow on it n her hand on her milky chin. She goes towards her dreamland thinking about his sexy. How he made her day special, he has done the unexpected things. He made her feel like a princess. Aree she is already a princess na. bt smthg different she felt

So he surprised her, so she need to do the vice versa na.

So miss geet think think na, vt u can do for him.. she told herself.

N now its getting dark, the stars have come again to wish her. N the black sky is ready to witness their meeting of togetherness,

She received another gift from mr mystery n SEXY. It’s a long black gown with matching heels.

Geet thought “ellooo yha I cant think anythg n here he snds another gift, mummyyy!!!!!!!!

Chlo first I’ll get ready han.

Are haan idea, suddenly smthg popped. “hmm itni jldi aj nhi milugi mai afterall its my day na n she winked.


Soon she got ready.

She wore the gown given by him with matching high heels, her hairs were tied up in a bun. The curled hair strand were on her face slightly aside of her eyes. The dress had a deep back cut n its off shoulder dress showing her milky white skin.

She wore the watch given by him in her one hand n in another she wore a diamond bracelet gifted by her mom.

She highlighted her eyes by putting the kajal n mascara that make them more beautiful, adding grace to her face,

The dangling she wore where touching her neck slightly.

Ruhani called her giving her a check on time, n she turned.

Ruhani was awestruck seeing her sis looking ravishing. She hurriedly came closer n being a elder sister first hugged her n dn like a mom put kajal behind her ear as a symbol to protect her from all evils.

“hey u oldyy” geet joked seeing her.

“chl come down guests started cmng” ruhani told her.

“yaa cmng” geet assured her. Then she looked in the mirror to check is everythg is ok, does she looks charming???

Then “mirror mirror on the wall tell who is beautiful in the world, no no universe” she asked from her mirror.

Then the mirror yes being the geeky geet’s mirror the reply aslo came up .its  a cartoon image saying “yes you my majesty geet”

That’s enough to make her flatter.

She had installed a device on the back of mirror, it responds when geet posses in a thankyou manner with slightly bends down n her feet backward.

She thought “next time m gonna replace this with ur image” yesss



Here maan is also getting ready,

He had a shower thinking about his geeky

Then came out, water droplets cmng down from his wet hairs n his toned body making him look sexy. He had specially ordered a similar matching suit for him, its alsooo black.

he wore a black crisp tuxedooo with white shirt.

Then he wore the watch his geeky gifted her n smiled seeing her expressions at tht time in the mall. He checked the time n its 7:30pm. So some time left.


He had a loopside smile thinking about the present he gonna gift her.


So the party theme is masquerade   n the color theme is black n red

Geet was checking all the preparations, as the time was passing a strange sensation was forming inside her stomach. She was tooo excited to meet him.


When geet had send the mask to maan, she send the different mask from all others. She acted smart tht with this she gonna find him.


But maan played smarter n he had arranged a similar kinda masks n send them to handa house. So all the masks were similar. And hence the theme is black his lady love need to do some work to find him, not so easy to catch mr.khurana opps but easy to take away his heart.


Maan reached outside the mansion, when he reached some winds blown near to geet n her hairs flattered n she turned around. Like sensation ran inside her giving her the clue of his presence.

When geet clearly saw the men’s cmng she noticed the similar mask’s everywhere.

Hows this possible?????

Her plan backfired. She thought of finding him now how she gonna find him, all are wearing black. N similar masks. Dam geet who told u to make this theme.


Maan entered the hall n was observing her all the expressions, from smile suddenly changed to anger n then normal .

He was following her from far, keeping an eye on her.

Then geet was passing by a mirror on which a message popped“find me”

Maan sprayed a powder kind thing on which message appears after image inserted in it through phone appears are passes by n then disappears after 5 sec. 


(stinna- m having my writers liberty guys, n writing such kinda devices. Lolzz)

PRECAP- think about the present tht maan gonna giftWinkWink


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she came down n lawn was full of flowers.

She was so overwhelmed with his sweet gesture.

She need to thank him na.


Geet was sitting in the balcony of her room, the birds were chirping, like conveying the message of her love n wishing her birthday. Bt she wants to thank him, for the beautiful day n she was sitting with gloomy face.

Thinking the ways how to make him feel special too.

Its 2 in the noon n party is at 8pm.

She is still out of clue.

“think u dumb, vaise toh khud ko perfect kehti firti hai.” She mentally said to herself


Ruhani came n dragged her out of the home, for shopping, she said she will get her gift of her choice.

Both went to mall n checking out evrythg.

Maan knew about her each n evry move, where she goes n vt she is doing. Not big deal for him to find.

He too reached the mall. N kept secretly admiring his dream girl.

He keep on hiding somewhere, starring her, without making her notice his presence, he was having his mob in hand. 



A branded watch caught geet’s attention. She smiled seeing it. She thought for a while n packed it.

“it will look perfect on him” she thought.

She called her driver, n dn couriered it to adi’s home. With note “for ur friend” she smiled reading note. N then blushed.

Maan’s heart skipped a beat seeing her cheeky dimple smile.

Both were checking out the dresses, maan got the call of adi of getting a parcel. He said not to keep it safe till he comes.

Maan knew tht she had send it n vts in it.

When geet was reading the note, maan had zoomed his camera n could clearly see vts written on it. N he know vt she bought,


a girl came to geet n gave a bag to her.

Before she can ask she went away.

Ruhani again had a teasing smile on her face. Geet glared her to shut her mouth.

It was gift wrapped box with written “THANKS


She hurriedly unpacked it

Box opened n its another box in it. She opened , her lips formed in a wide smile. She saw here n there.

Ruhani saw the gift n then teased her again by pushing her slightly on her arm.

“he is too quick na” ruhani exclaimed.

The box had similar type of watch for women which geet had send for him ,

She was again overwhelmed with his gesture.

He is truly a charmer geet thought. Any girl would fall for him

nhi nhii” geet screamed. Ruhani asked vt happen why did she screamed

She shrugged it saying nothing.

“nhi nhi any girl nhi.. only me, geet” she thought in her mind.

She was passing by a shop that she stopped seeing a dummy of boy, its wearing a mahroon hat, red jeans with white t-shirt with grey coat over it.  She imagined him wearing it.

Now maan was eager tht he is unable to knw vt she is thinking.

He wanna know the reason of her blushy smile, the scarlet clr of her cheeks, though somewhere, his heart screaming thts only him n him.

Geet went into that men’s store n bought tht.  Alongwith it, she bought 2-3 more dresses for him. In which she wishes to see him.


{{m jst drooling over himEmbarrassedEmbarrassed}}

She then came out of shop when she bumped into some1, a current ran in her body when the skin came in touch with him. But ruhani dragged her out. She handed over 1 packet to her driver to deliver it to same place.

Maan went to shop n tried the similar dress tht dummy was wearing n clicked pic.



She then went to hav coffee, so goes to CCD in the mall.

Sisters giggled n chit chatted.

A small girl came there n gave her a n envelope. She wished her too. To which geet replied n gave a kiss to her cheeks.

She opened the envelope n here it was his pic wearing the suit, his face cropped 😛 in which  she had  imagined him, but she had send him another,

(stinna- remember ruhani work for maan, so if she see maan, she will tell geet na)


Geet checked here n there. How he know tht she bought this 1 too. Pakkaa he is here.

She made a grumpy face not finding him .

Maan smiled seeing this. When she bumped in him. Maan had attached a small chip type black thing on her dress. Its glued to dress n its lasers went to the skin, near the veins  tht directly connect to ur mind.

So now maan can hear vt she is thinking.


(me- using my writers liberty. Lolzz)


“hmm so u wanna knw where I am?? Missing me” maan thought with a smirk on his sexy face.



(stinna wondering ,… bad maan. kisi ki mann ki baatein nhi sunte)


Ruhani showed her time, its 4pm already, still she havn’t select a dress for night..

Then both went to check dresses. Geet want a unique dress, tht wuld help her to flatter the sexy.

Bt kon btaye, he is already more than enough flattered, blown away from her cuty.

Maan wondered “sexy” to whom she calling???? Omg!!!! Maan geet finds u sexy.. he blushed.


Stinna wonders hayee rabbaa eh munda ta Sharma gya.. ishhh!!!


Here geet got another bag, omg!!! This guy is smthg.. making her feel sooo special. She never imagined.


Maan thought- tere sochne se phle har khwahish puri krduWink


Here comes a beautiful red 1 piece dress. On ruhani’s instance she went to try it. She came out n was looking gorgeous in it.

Maan was stealing glances from far, zooming the camera.

When she came out ruhani was havng one more bag, its another dress from her sexy.

It’s a black shiffon jump suit, net flower sleeves with golden neck chains attached with it.

Both were left speechless with his taste.

Geet winked saying indirectly “m his choice, offcourse its best”

Maan chuckled with his thought.

She tried that dress n came out wearing it. Its perfect.

“geet, I guess we dnt need to buy, he is sending u evrythg” ruhani send excitedly.


Geet thought ” so sweet of him, lgta hai he want me to prop…??”

Maan with his device can hear vt she thinks, he immediately cut it off.. dnt want to hear tht from this device, its more fun n overwhelming face to face.

“maan bs kar ab, aur mat sun..” giggled n went out from there.

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Then smthg stuck “wait!!! How she got to knw that adi is my frnd??” he was not getting this answer.

“maan how u can forget. She is most intelligent person. Afterall she is maan’s love”

He blushed saying maan’s love.


Both spent the night thinking abt the nxt day.

Geet was moving around in the home like  manic. She want evryhtg to be perfect, no chance of any mistake.


The party’s preparation are going on in full swing

The fire is being blown on both side equally, both r eager to meet their love. The time is like moving so slow. They were waiting for nxt day evening.

Maan want the birthday to be a special for his lady love, afterall she is the would be mrs,khurana, she is special. The thought itself brought a smile on maan’s M shaped lipsEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

If his lady love can surprise him by finding out of his whereabouts. Sending him a personalized invitation card, dn he need to do smthg special for her too.

The clock was soon gonna stuck 12 n the birthday gonna start any moment.

His heartbeat rose with each passing moment.

Geet was sitting in her room, thinking about him only. Her laptop in her lap, glaring  at the screen to catch his jst one glimpse, bt he.. he is nowhere to be seen.

How he can be at home, when he is sitting in his black audi infront of her house at some distance.

She got pissed off not catching his any glimpse.

“huhh, where he goes at night???” made a pouty face.  “meet me 2moro, m gonna beat u” she is jst complaining.

Then the doorbell rang. The servant open the door n they received flowers n card with it, “geet”

The servant gave it to geet by knocking on door in return to disturb her he got good scold from geet.

Poor servant.

She received the flowers, bt she is totally pissed off, so throw them on couch. Then sound came

(m wondering- first check na geet, so angry u are)


“why so angry sweety” the voice jst left her awestruck. She was shocked. She checked here n there bt no one was there. She thought maybe she is dreaming, she need to catch some sleep.

The sound came again “tick tock tock birthday girl”

No she is not dreaming, need to find out. She again checked. Then smthg caught her attention, the flowers. She picked it up n read the card

for a geeky frnd” she smiled with his mention

Then the singing sound came along with birthday jingles with guitar music.

Maan had attached mike in b/w flowers n he is singing for her in his melody  voice.. aweee thts soo sweet n cute.. yes yes she know, who it can be. His dream man. Awe she is so much in love with him. His loving gesture of him.


She read the card further

“happy birthday to u.

The moon is shining, but not brighter than ur shine

The stars twinkling, but not more than ur eyes

The winds blowing fast, but not more than ur heartbeats.

Come n let them wish u geeky”


(me- tried a boring rhym, I guess nt tht bad. Lolzzz)


She hurriedly went near the window n moved out in balcony.. her face was glowing. She took a deep breath closing her eyes. To let the winds touch, she open her arms wide to let the wishes embrace her.

Then suddenly she felt a tickling sensation, it grew more with passing seconds. She slowly open her eyes to witness the beautiful view infront of her naked eyes.

Thts so alluring. She never dreamt of this ever in her life so far.

rose petals were showering from sky. A small helicopter though not tht small bt enough to carry such flowers.

Maan was so much relieved, happy seeing her face adorned with smile. Finally mission accomplish to start her birthday with her cute smile.

Geet twirl felling the scent of flowers.

She screamed loud “thank you” she gave a flying kiss. When maan saw, he immediately catches it.


(stinna wonders maybe u guys expecting him na??? oh hoo.. not so soon darling. Patience!! For amna samna)


Maan while sitting in his car wishes her again  n bid adieu “hav a beauty sleep” returned to his home.

As soon he reched his home, he thumped on the bed, dam he is soo tired. He need to get sleep so tht he can meet her there.

Geet too was feeling sleepy after such a beautiful surprise. She too dozed off to meet him in her sleep.


In morning, she wokeup  at around 10am. Her room was full of beautiful fragrance of fresh flowers.

She lazily open her eyes n saw it filled flowers n flowers. Then her mom came there with another bouquet of roses. She placed it on table.

She hugged her baby princess n wished her “happy birthday bachhaa.. god bless!!!”

Geet yawning “thnxxx mummaa.. ummahh” kissed her mom  she looked around. “vts need for all this” she asked

“baby I didn’t. dnt knw who did this, from morning these r cmng for u” her mom said

Hmm here eyes were now wide open.  She excitedly moved towards them n caressed them lovingly . for sure its her best birthday ever.

Her mom said her to get ready as tody is party day.

She went to take shower n all time she was jst thinking abt him only. She then realized she havn’t seen him from so long. Thn decided to check her lappy first n catch his glimpse. She slammed her forehead, she is acting like a teen.

She was taking shower when there was knock on door.

Ruhani was banging the door. “happy vala birthday my shona”

She peeped out a lil from door n gave a toothy smile to her sis.

Ruhani asked raising her eye brows “kuch toh hua hai.. hmmm” geet cut her off “both kuch ho gya hai” the clr of her cheeks turned crimson

I didn’t knw my sis knws how to blush.” Ruhani commented

Geet the glared her n eyes caught gift in her hands with flowers again.

“some1 has given for u n written “open before taking shower. Ahaannn..” she said with teasing smile.

u knw geet I wanna evry bit. I mean it, very single bit” ruhani said getting impatient .

“plzz open it na, for me plz” geet said pleading.

She opened it n ther comes a new pink bath robe with matching fluffy footwears n here comes the card.

Which geet snatched n shut the door not before grabbing her gift.

“apne khoobsurat pairon ko zameen pen a rakhiye, mele ho jayege”she hide her face in b/w letters

She thought does he too like me??” she wonders.

She came out wearing bath robe he had send for her.

When she saw ruhani was sitting on bed with another gift in her hand n again teasing smile.

She took it from her n sat there while opening towel from her hairs n moved her hands in hairs.

She opened the gift n there was a beautiful knee length black clr dress

Card “morning birthday girl uff lazy bum. Wakeup!!!” she made a pout with last set of words bt she liked it.

She clicked her pics in his both gifts n then she came down n lawn was full of flowers.

She was so overwhelmed with his sweet gesture.

She need to thank him na. 

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“I must owe u a treat then. So lets meet, in 2 days, its  my birthday

Maan again came close to her, really close, that no space for air left n touched the corner of her lips with his M shaped ones.

“as u say” he whispered getting close to her n left from there

Leaving geet having Goosebumps. Her cheeks turned to crimson colour.

aweee dreamy!!!!!!! M in love” she smile n too left from there.


Geet reached her home humming in her dreamy la la land.

“aj mai upr, asmaan niche” she was blushing n twirling around in her home.

Like her feet not touching the ground remembering the touch of his lips to hers. Its was jst a sec moment evn though it had certain imprint to her heart.

She told her mother that she want a big birthday party. Her mother readily agreed. She jst want her daughter’s happiness. She was so much delight to see her daughter this happy.

Geet went to her room n her eyes caught her laptop sight. She hurriedly picked it up to get his one glimpse, his hotty

She checked the video. Bt he was nowhere to be seen. She waited n waited bt still no sign. Getting no other option. She rewind the morning clip n saw the video when he came out taking the bath. Geet gave a dreamy look by putting her hand on her chin. She lazily took one cushion n placed it her lap n laid on the big comfy couch while the laptop on the table.


On the other hand, maan was busy in doing some really important work, working on project. Bt morning incident was still fresh in his mind. He kissed her. Oh gosh!!!! N she didn’t evn said anythg. He mentally slammed himself.

{Listen to the song}


Aww.. Jaane kab hothon pe
Dil ne rakh di dil ki baatein
Samjha nahi yeh dil
Isko hum toh rahe samjhaate

“bt maan through her look vt u can say??” he asked himself.

“maybe she too likes u dude?”  he thought for a while imagining how she was fully lost in him. She was also saying something.

He tried to recall but nothing came to his mind.

Maine dekha tujhe bhula ke
Har ek tarqeeb laga ke
Har nuskhe ko aazma ke
Par dil se kabhi na utre 

“m missing her dam!!!” he sat on the chair n thought of something, vt she might be doing??? Is it possible tht she too thinking like him??

“dude she invited u on her b’day, it is special.. yeah!!!” he smiled thinking abt the her.

Then he went to his transparent screen big laptop n pressed some buttons over it.

An application opened. He filled her number GPS system flashed, it showed the map of area, showing her location.

He followed it n then he with the help of satellite system open the cameras. He was so dam missing her, so cant wait for 2 days to get her glimpse.

Hangover teri yaadon ka
Hangover teri baaton ka
Hangover teri yaadon ka
Hangover teri baaton ka

The screen showed a big mansion, alongside showing the location of the phone.

“hmm so u live here, waiting to meet u again”

He focused the cameras bt he was unable to get her any glimpse.

“maan.. ufff u dnt hav any clue where she is in this big house. U hav to wait”

Dejected he switched off the laptop n thought of getting back to home.

He took his car keys n went home. Its dark outside n lil drizzle also. The weather was romantic. He want her by his side, he want to hold her tight from her waist n … He is getting wild thoughts when he halted infront of his house.

He went to his room. N thumped on the bed to get her dreams.


Geet was uncomfortably sleeping on the couch. She slept waiting for him .

She yawned trying to open her gloomy eyes.

Jaane kab meri neend udi
Soyi soyi raaton mein
Jaane kab mera haath gaya
Soneya tere haathon mein, aww

“where he was whole night??” he thought. N then saw the laptop screen. It got switched off as its ON whole night n need to be charged. She plugged it n went for shower. She was taking the bath while singing.

“m gonna meet u.. la laa.. I gotta hold u tight.. yeee yeee”

“m sooo carving.. yaaa yaa”

Her bath was over alongwith the singing session. She was wearing her bath robe n her hairs tied with towel. She throw so many clothes on the bed n then ran to her laptop.

She switched it on.

Chal badhte teri ore
Main jab bhi kadam uthati hoon
Jaaun tujh se door door
Toh paas tere aa jaati hoon

 She moved the cursor to find where he is??? He was again not in room.

“uff!!! If he dnt want to be in his room, then  why he built it?

She made a pouty face.

A smile appeared on her lips  n her eyes twinkled. She saw him finally. Uff again that hot look. He is driving her insane.

Hangover teri yaadon ka
Hangover teri baaton ka
Hangover teri yaadon ka
Hangover teri baaton ka

Maan came out taking shower. He throw the wet towel on the bed n moved to his dressing room, he came wearing a white shirt with blue denim jeans, he dressed to kill.

He moved near the mirror n gelled his hair, he left the 3 buttons of his shirt open

Geet gasped with his looks.

He checked himself in the mirror n was to leave

“aree wait.. apne button toh bnd krooo” she fumed thinking other girls would drool on him, no that should not be happening.

Stinna wonders geet abhi se possesive haan????WinkWink

Bt hw he can hear her voice. So he went out leaving geet behind.

Geet went n took while shirt  n blue jeans n wore them.

She checked herself “perfect” n blew a flying kiss.


She was now preparing for the party in full swing when she realized that she didn’t tell him where she live, how come he will come for the party?? Nor she knws anytg abt him.

ohh fish!!!”

“move ur bloody ass geet n think” she chided herself.

. it suddenly clicked in her mind n then she prepared a invitation just for him by her own. N then send it.


Adi opened the door to receive a box.

He took it inside n it was like a mystery. Vt can be in it???

Geet again fitted hidden cameras on it. bt this time alongwith mike.

Adi tried to open it when sound echoed

dnt… not for u, for your frnd. Deliver it to him”

Adi was taken back with sudden voice. He thought for a while. Maybe again some1 is playing prank with him. He called maan n told it abt him. Maan said him to bring it at his home n he will check it, he is heading back home.

Again voice echoed “deliver now”

Geet was laughing loud holding her stomach seeing such terrified adi.

She prayed that evrythg shd happen as per her plan.

 So the box was lying in front of maan n geet was jumping n smiling on her victory n on her assumption being correct.

stinna wonders geet n her plans. quite fall right

Maan checked the box, it seems ordinary.

“maan maybe ismei bomb ho??” adi said.

Maan glared him .

There was a button under the box n while maan was checking it, it got pressed n it opened . a mask appeared up n a card came out n fell on the floor.




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Geet hurried to a place not before changing

She reached to the destination.

It’s a hill type area .many people gathered over the place, all were the spectators of this race.

The winner of the race is to be awarded a certain amount of money.

geet was wearing a tight body fitted black jeans with black spaghetti n jacket over it. With matching 3inches heels. Her wrist was adorned with steel grey coloured set of 10 bangles. As she reached their on her byke, she was wearing a helmet . as soon she removed the helmet , a glowing smoky look appeared n all whistling n hooting started seeing such hot girl in the racing area. Her hairs were left opened.

She gently massaged her hand in the hairs n shook her head, hold the helmet to left side near her waist, then walked elegantly like she is the show stopper in some show. Reached to the stage.

Race was announced n all other contestants or u can say participants were on their respective bykes, geet shows first a thumbs up n then it turned to thumbs down.

She knws her abilities n believe tht no1 can beat her, she is the best.

Person showed the flag n the race started.

As per her instincts, she knws n she won the race.

All people gathered clapped for her, she alwz participate in such races n she is the ultimate winner.

She was soo happy, she loves to win. After removing the helmet she gave flying kisses saying thanku thanku.. awe she is flattered.


After the break there was another race organized.

Meantime she called her sissy ruhani n darling mom telling abt her winning.

Soon persons gathered then race started again.

She was again the one beating others.

But soon the tables turned.  A byke came close to her, she was startled with sudden arrival as no1 was any way near to her, how come this byke came??? The person too was wearing the helmet, he saw towards geet side when geet was seeing him, carefully.

He with his slick fingers open up the helmet glass n saw her like winked to her. Then shut it down.

Geet saw his eyes, really they were dreamy.

Then in matter of 2 sec the byke zoomed passed her. She saw ahead, the gas was emitting from the byke, it was nowhere to be seen.

“freak!!!!! Dhoom byke???” geet said.

Then she geared up her byke n speed up. Then she saw the byke ahead of her

Both started giving attitude to each other. No1 chose to lose, so much similar. Bt the winner has to be one.

The finishing line was coming close.

Then suddenly the byke slow downs n with the speed geet going she crossed the finishing line n won the race.

People clapped n hooted for her again.

She stooped the byke with loud sound n turned it round, then  saw the other byke moved to other side.

She removed her helmet n moved to stage to gather the prize amount. N jumped.

Bt her eyes were stealing glances to some other person. She was keenly watching to his side. Decided to meet him up.


He was sitting on his byke with his back facing her.

She stood beside him n tapped to his shoulder.

As soon he turned she was shocked to see him

The same person on whom she was drooling shamelessly in the morning. He is actually sitting infront of her naked eyes.


When maan reached their , he saw she gonna start the race, he was awestruck to see her, she is looking  dam sexy in this attire, he felt like falling for her all over again.

When the second race was abt to start, he thought to show her his glimpse.

He immediately punched some numbers on his phone n called some1. In next 5 mins, he got his desired high speed, technological byke beside him.

He hopped on it n joined the race, that was already started, bt he reached close to her beating evry1, n leaving them behind.

Reaching close to her, he winked to her n zoomed away, 

Bt he dnt want his lady love to lose, so when they were reaching to finish line, he slows down n she won.

He was happy seeing her glowing face with the victory.


When geet tapped on maan’s shoulder, he turned to witness the shocked expressions of her. He didn’t knw the reason of that kinda face.

So he asked by bringing his brows closer.

Maan then forwarded his hand n congratulate her for winning.

She was still numb n absentmindedly shook her hand with him’as soon  their skin came in contact with eachother.

A shiver ran down through her body

Geet was gawking at him

awe he is more hot in reality” she said in low voice.

Maan didn’t get it “did u said smthg??” so he asked

That brought geet back from her la la la land n she straighten herself.

“voo..” she was now back to normal to her attitude self.

btw really nice byke, with latest instant speedup, jst launched.

Maan nodded.

“vaise why did u lose??” she asked out of blue.

Geet knew he did it intentionally so she asked.

Maan came close to her, nearly a mere inches away from her. The breath was fanning on her face,

coz I want u to win” he said smirking n then moved back, while geet was lost with such close proximity,

Then maan snapped his fingers infront of her eyes to bring her back from dreamland.

Maan moved closer n moved his hand near to her waist n dn pulled her close, with the pull she crashed with his big broad chest. her hairs came infront of face blocking the way to see her angelic face.

Maan brought his hand closer n tucked those strands behind her ears.

Moved near to her ear “btw u were good” 

When maan’s hand came in contact with her skin  she was back to normal n was staring him with attitude.

I know that” She replied back

Getting instant reply he stepped back.

Geet opened her mouth to say smthg bt then chose to keep mum .

Maan turned to leave when she called

“hy” she ran to him n came face to face.

I must owe u a treat then. So lets meet, in 2 days, its  my birthday”

Maan again came close to her, really close, that no space for air left n touched the corner of her lips with his M shaped ones.

as u say” he whispered getting close to her n left from there

Leaving geet having Goosebumps. Her cheeks turned to crimson colour.

“aweee dreamy!!!!!!! M in love” she smile n too left from there. 

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